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Flow of the Embassy Interview - by mgcr168
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Hi to everyone I just wanna share what happened to me when I went to CFO today. And sorry if my post will be kinda long. Crying or Very sad Anyway I attended the 10:00am seminar and we watched a video from MGB ( Magandang Gabi Bayan ) where there’s 3 women got abused by their foreign fiancé/husband ( its so sad ). Then we went upstairs and had our sharing. I kept on participating while we had our sharing because they said that if U don’t participate they will really scrutinize u. So what I did was I kept on answering the questions and the old lady was very pleased. Smile

Then after that the old lady interviewed us one by one with another lady (> she’s very mean ) Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad .The younger lady was mean because she's so snobbish and I really dont like the way she talked to me. I was very shocked because heller she’s supposed to be good since her work requires her to deal with different people and shes a counsellor Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes. I don’t know though if I am the only one who noticed her bad attitude.

Anyway I was so pissed today because they told me to bring my Mom next Thursday because they wanted to talk to her. They asked for that because of my age, they said that I am so young to get married. They also kept on telling me that there’s still a lot of opportunities out there for me since I am young and I have a degree. Im so mad because I hope they put that on their website that if u are 23 years old below, U need to bring your parents with u. I was very pissed because they wanted my Mom and dad to be there.. HELLER I couldn’t do that since both of them are so busy with work. So I just told them that I will just bring my Mom and then they said Ok.

I dont know though why they are very surprised when I told them that my Mom is an Accountant while my Dad is an Engineer. Then they were also shocked that I am only child. I was very straightforward when I was answering them and I was really looking on their eyes when I am talking. I really don’t know what is their problem about my age. I am done with my studies and I think I am old enough to make any decisions for my self. If my Parents didn’t liked my relationship from the start with Mike they will confront me for sure immediately but they didn’t because they really like him.

The only thing that hurt me the most while I was there, when they questioned the work of Mike. (BTW if u don’t know he is a driver at UPS) I think they didnt liked the work of Mike. They really didnt said that they didnt liked it but I felt that, they are feeling that way. I truly think that they don’t have the right to do that since Mike is earning enough and his job is decent. Correct me if I am wrong here in our country if u are a driver , people tend to think that u don’t earn a lot and that u are poor. I hope they know that its different abroad. Rolling Eyes

I am hoping next week that their gonna release my certificate because I am really gonna contact the head of the CFO Twisted Evil . I will tell her that the other girl was so mean and that they need to put on their website that if U are 23 years below u gotta bring your Parents with u.

Now I gotta talk to my Mom that she needs to take a leave on thursday... GRRRR Mad im so mad. I really dont want to disturb my Mom because she's very busy with her work. Crying or Very sad But anyway I know I cannot do anything about it but to follow them or else they will give me a hard time about it. Rolling Eyes

In spite of what happened today, I am still thankful that I went to CFO ahead of time before I will have my interview at the embassy ( actually very ahead of time since heck we still don’t have yet our NOA2..LOL. But I am hoping that very soon we will get it also Smile )

That’s all…. I am gonna go now because I am very tired. I need some rest! Take care everyone!


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I arrived in Manila embassy around 4am and on window Y the girl gave me number 7074...i was a bit nervous because she never received my passport and just told me to wait for my name to be called.Day before that i went to US embassy to borrow my passport to get the Japan clearance in Japan embassy,they will not give it without the passport.Embassy always tell my fiance that they don't need any documents from me coz i just lack signatures.It was a little weird for us because there's no such thing based on what i read here on asawa.So we decided to do our own thing and be prepared.

Around 10:30am my name was called to window 24 and the Filipina asked me:

F: why you get your passport yesterday?
Me: I need to get my police clearance in Japan embassy Ma'am

F: Did you know why you're having second interview?
Me: I don't know Ma'am,i just want to be ready

F: You lost your passport,why?
Me: My employer in Japan lost it last 2003 and i just traveled back here with travel documents

F: Do you have the affidavit of loss with you?
Me:Yes Ma'am( i'm glad my employer was very helpful about this.Well,that paper was already with me because the japan embassy needed it also).

F:How about your certificate of travel records from Bureau of Immigration?
Me: Yes Ma'am and i gave it to her.( they said they don't need any docs anymore but look what had happen so don't believe them!

F: Okay,go back to your seat and wait for number to be called again. I will refer this to the consul

I'm soo glad i have everything ready considering they never told me what to bring.From 10:30,i'm anticipating for my number to be called.It was lunch break already so they let us go to eat our lunch and let us back around 1:15...I'm back there around 1pm and to make things worst my friend whose having second interview too like me was called to window 35 and she said she was denied.I saw the denial paper and it says the divorce of her fiance was not valid.This add to my nervousness coz i thought i'm the next one to be denied.It was 4 in the afternoon already when my number was flashed on window 27.I suspected that maybe they verify the papers i passed that's why i was called late already.

The consul was soo strict to look at so i'm shaking inside when he started with his questioning.It was fast and he really try to intimidate me

1. You lost your passport,why?
2. why you still have the certificate of loss with you since it was lost last 2003?when you submit those documents here?
3. what's your work there?
4. when you went there?Give me the dates
5. what kind of work was it?
6. what's the name of the establisment on your first trip?on your second trip?
7. you were not married there?
8. how about boyfriends?
9. where you stayed?
10. Give me the address of the establishments you've worked for that 2 trips?
11. what's the name of the establishments?
12. What prefecture is that?
13. What kind of song did you sing?
14. Give one example of japanese song?
15. So you're self employed now,what you do?
16.Oh candle making and piggery.what kind of candles? where's your piggery?
17.what's the name of your petitioner?
18 what's his work?
19.can i see your pictures together?
20. what's his address in US?

Gosh! I don't know until now how i survived it.There's still a lot of questions he asked that i forgot, it focused mainly on my work in Japan. Maybe because i was an entertainer...Well,i'm glad i'm done and i could see that even he let me feel he did'nt believe me but i'm sure he's satisfied with my answers because i answered him well and full of honesty.I think their approval depend on how you answer it and how you conduct yourself in front of them.It was not easy but if the relationship is true and you know in your heart you've done nothing wrong in the past,you could make it!

I was called in window 35 and saw that approval sticker again.She let me pay the delbros but i told her i paid it already on my first interview so she said,okay just wait for your visa to be deliver and yesterday i received a text message from delbros that my visa is out for delivery..Oh my i can't wait to be with my Baby soon.Thank you soo much guys for all the help with this journey

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i had my medical last 14th of july i woke up so early even though my schedule is for 8am but i found out that u can hav ur medical already b4 ur schedule so anyways i went there b4 5am and i got the number 69 the guard took the requirements (appointment letters, passport & 2 visa pictures) after that we fill up the form given to us dont worry guys u will be guided with instructions on where to go nxt coz upon ur entry u will be given a copy of instructions so nothing to worry about and besides the stuff will tell u were to go nxt so on.... so i paid 5,415 pesos well i felt so shy when i had my physical exam coz i was told to get naked and so on geeeeezzzzz.... nothing i can do and u guys will not be exempted too hehehhehehe u'll see. on the second day i already got the results and im so happy when the stuff told me that "u can bring this x-ray already on ur port of entry" so that mean i pass the medical wwoohhhhhooo..... guys u dont hav to bring the x-ray film at the embassy because they hav already the copy of ur medical results so just prepare more pictures because i was ask another 2 visa picture during the releasing of medical results....

tips: just take some vitamins and food supplment or fresh milk b4 medical ok. GOOD LUCK

i had my COW/CFO last 15 of july guys u can attnd that even b4 ur interview or medical so better ahead so u wont forget this ok coz u will be ask for the certificate upon ur entery to US requirements r (2 valid id and 500 pesos for the certificates) guys i suggest u can take LRT 2 from recto to katipunan so u wont spend that much it will only cost u 14 pesos one way 28 pesos round trip coz based on our experience we spend 200+ by taxi that one way only coz that time we dont know that theres LRT station just infront of the Good Sheperd Convent para tipid.... hehehehhe

i had my interview last 21th of july and im so happy i made it i pass the interview... just follow this steps

- my appointment letter was checked
- 1 valid id will be ask also
- i leave my cellphone with baggage number correct me if im wrong hehehheh!!!
- my things was checked too
- i prepared two copies of DS-156 & 157 and one copy of DS-156k

- the staff took my appointment letter
- he also took all my DS forms
- then he will instruct u to just want and that ur name will be called

- my name was called to window y
- i was given a number 7003 wich will be use for there whole process so make sure u will not mis placed it
- make sure u aquiant urself to ur surroundings
- watch ur number will be flashed on the blinking board u should pay attention otherwise u will be acknowledge by the staff (bka pagalitan kpa)

- my number was flashed together with the counter (window 14) im supposed to go (pay attention)
- the filipino staff does the first interview
- he took my authenticated live birth
- he took my NBI clearans
- affidavit of support & (form 1040 & W2 latest)
- pictures with name of ur place and landmarks
- start asking questions like i was ask the ff:
* when was the last time u see ur fiance?
* did u go abroad already?
* where did u meet?
* how long did he stay with u?
- tnx he only ask me some few questions, then i was told to sit down and wait for my number will be flashed again

- i was called to window 38 for finger printing
- then told to sit and wait for my number to be flashed again

- my number was flashed at cubicle 28
- i take my oath
- then she start to ask me questions like:
* when did u met ur fiance?
* how long did he stay here?
* where did u met him?
*what website?
*what room?
* how old r u?
* why did u go to that room?
* tell me about ur educational background?
* your love story?
- tnx shes so nice and friendly i like her so much coz shes so approachble and only ask me few questions
- then i was told to sit and wait for my number to be flashed again

- my number was flased at window 35 then i was given a pink card
- i was instructed to proceed to the embassy pavillion to pay for the delivery of visa
- then i ask the person who gave me the forms to be fill up "appoved po ba yan?" he answer "eh gusto kanang paalisin ng kano eh" hehhehehe i gave him a big smile
- IM APPROVED yeeegheeeyyyyy hehhehehehhe

- i txt my fiance first that im approved coz hes so nervous too more than i am hehehhe he deserve to know first...
- then i txt my family....
- i didnt know than later that my fiance also txted my family and relatives that im approved hes so proud of me hehheh my mike is so sweet and so loving man. i love u honie so much il give u a big hug and big kiss when i get there !!!!! i cant wait baby

tnx guys tnx to all members and to this site most specially to JAH who help me alot...vv mike & jheng

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June 23, 2005

I just had my medical exam yesterday in the afternoon. Everything went fine. Actually it took me 1 hour and a half to finish it. I did not even have time to reply the text messages of Les (my fiance) maybe he is worried because of what I let him read about the medical exam. I was not able to get the result and vaccination today because they declared June 24 a holiday in Manila and that includes St. Lukes Medical Extension. It seemed that every staff at that time seemed to be in a good mood. Except for the radiologist. You were right about her, she wants to intimidate people. I guess it is her personality. She even shouted at her co-worker at the reception asking for the envelope for the x-ray film. But whatever her mood is...dont let her get into your nerve. So here it goes... the medical exam process:

GROUND FLOOR....Arrived at St. Lukes with Ate Judy 1:35 pm. The guard smiled at us. He is respectful and friendly. He said 'Ma'am how did you know that this is our last day this week?' I was surprised and told him I did not. He pointed at the notice of no work tomorrow. Oh no! I have to go back next week! He smiled and asked for my appointment letter with the photocopy and attached PDS forms for me to fill it in. After which attached one visa photo, submit the accomplished form at the RECEPTION AREA where encoding of data and digital picture taking are also done.

5th FLOOR... Paid 5,320 pesos for the medical fee

3rd FLOOR...X-ray Department. Receptionists are friendly. They even chatted with me while we wait for my turn for X-ray BUT the radiologist is unfriendly.I did not mean to be rude but we are paying them $95 for their service. Anyways, my hair (quite long) is down and she did my hair up. That surprised me. In my perception, she is trying to be cold and unfriendly.

4th FLOOR...Blood right arm did not provide enough blood so she took another in my left arm. She told me that I will be sore later and advise me to hot compress it. My arms are sore when I woke up. I forgot to hot compress it he he. Urine tests...I washed the container with cold water. Its a good thing she saw me and told me I am not supposed to do that so we quickly wipe the container. I took off the cotton she placed on my arms after she pricked it with the needle. She told me not to and plastered another fresh cotton on both arms. The funny thing was...the lady is sooo nice and patient with me. Laughing Laughing

5th FLOOR...The receptionist at the US Counter is also accomodating. She gave me a form to fill in and the others take my vital signs. After that, she told me to go sit beside cubicle number 9 and fill in the form while wait for the doctor. I saw the famous number 5 room Twisted Evil Twisted Evil . I am glad they assigned me to room number 9. The doctor was in a good mood and smiled at me. She asked me to disrobe and lie down on the bed. Check for my breast as she asked for any operations, my stomach if ever get pregrant, given birth, or had miscarriage. She look at my behind. Asked me to take a sit and checked on my tonsils. That process took only less than 3 minutes. She asked if I ever get sick, used glasses, did dental, what is my highest educational attainment and that was it. She requested me to go back to the receptionist. I was surprised when the receptionist told me I was done with my medical exam. She smiled at me and repeat it again. Maybe she's amused on my facial expression. At the time she said that am done, i told myself 'so that was it? How come it so fast?'

2nd FLOOR...Immunization History Interview then Check out counter. They requested me to return on Monday for the result and vaccination shots. I am out of the hospital at exactly 3PM.

June 27, 2005

Arrived at St. Lukes at 2 pm. Vaccinations at 4 pm. Release of X-ray film, vaccination record and brief interview. 5:20 pm...I am out of the hospital *whew*

To the people in this forum, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Les and I are nervously waiting for my interview. We are hoping everything will go smoothly. Confused Confused Confused Confused


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June 30 & July 1 Medical Experience at St Lukes

I am so thankful to Almight God who made everything to make this medical successful Smile . To all the asawa and VJ people, Maraming Salamat po. All the tips I have read in the forums were truly a BIG help to me and I even shared to other people in St Lukes. Smile

I won’t elaborate in detail by detail but only those I remember (I missed to note the time kasi sa sobrang dami kong ka chika hehehe) coz it’s the same with the others who shared experiences. I will just share tips instead:

> Bring mentos or something to chew while waiting for the next step/s
> Be attentive when your number / name to be called
> Bring tissue hehehe
> Use stairs instead of elevator so that u wont waste time
> If you will be asked to wait in the afternoon for vaccination, ASK them again coz they did that to me and yet when I came back, they told me to come back the following day grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (good thing was I came back earlier)

1st Day:
I arrived at 5am and was #19. The security guard took a copy of my Appointment letter, checks the original copy of it and gave me a PDS (Patient Data Sheet). I filled up the first 3 pages of the forms that required me to do so. Don’t be scared in filling out the succeeding pages too like I did. I wrote my name in the succeeding pages coz I read in the forum that it will be asked to fill out later so I did it while waiting.

6:30am my number was called and verified the forms. The woman asked me to submit 1 VISA picture and was instructed to proceed to a certain room (near the reception area) for Digital picture taking.

Don’t worry for the next steps coz they will tell you where to go next and it’s so easy.

I finished my 1st day at 10am

2nd Day:
Gosh! This is the terrible one. I was told to come back around 8:30am for vaccine and results. I arrived at 7am coz I was thinking that if I come earlier, I might be having vaccine early too (grrrrrrrr I am wrong). It was almost 12nn when I approached the woman inside the immunization room if my paper is in line coz I was really hungry considering I didn’t take breakfast. The woman said I can take my lunch coz my paper is still not in. Thanks God, I am able to take my lunch hehehe I came back around 12:20pm. At last I got my shot at 12:45pm.

Another waiting in ground floor for the results. Called 1:35pm and was asked to submit 6 VISA pics and original copy of passport. Atlast I was called again around 4:25pm by the woman in counter F. The woman in the counter asked me few things like my middle name, age, birthdate, if its me in the picture (digital picture taken during my 1st day) and asked to sign me on the 2 forms. Then WAITING time again till I was called around 4:25pm

Tips during the 2nd Day:
> Don’t forget to take heavy breakfast
> If you will be scheduled by 8:30am for MMR, then go there around 8:30 to 9am coz you will still surely wait.
> Expect long waiting before you will be called for your MMR shot coz according to them; it depends on your medical records (The doctors sometimes haven’t complete yet your records nor turn-over to Immunization Room that cause delay which happened to me grrrrrrrrrrrrrr again ). Evil or Very Mad
> Bring some biscuits like skyflakes and water so that you wont get irritated while waiting (mahirap maghintay ng gutom ah)
> Bring pain reliever like biogesic coz after my shot, I got fever while waiting for the results hu hu hu Crying or Very sad
> Stay Cool

Wait, about the physical exam? Hahaha Laughing it was so easy for me and I was in room #6. Though the doctor was strict hehehe so if she’ll say get naked or “hubad” do it or else she might scold you Razz . Don’t worry she don’t care whatever she sees hehehe. My PE took less than 3 minutes only. Wink

Goodluck and God bless to All who are next in line. Smile

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TRANSPO : QC – Katipunan


8:00 AM

Gave my NBI ( personal copy) to guard in exchange for the gate pass.

STEP 1 Application Form Issuance
Proceed to Table 1( Left side upon entering the door).
I was asked for my Passport , 1 photocopy of PP and visa ( since I have it already ),verified the photocopies with originals ( passport ). I was asked to write my name on a logbook. I noticed there’s more Japan fiancees/spouses than US fiancées/spouses logged on the book. That’s how they determine applicants for their first-come-first-serve basis. I was just lucky to be included in 10 AM session. Some came earlier too but were assigned 1:30 session. An application form was given to fill up but before filling it up…..

STEP 2 …..i was told to proceed to Window 2 for picture taking and data encoding.

STEP 3 Fill up application form at Door 2 ( canteen ) Each door has a written number. A lady staff in the room will ask you if you’re done filling out the form and will verify it and will also have a mini interview with her. Make sure you have everything filled out. Prepare for the ff: to be filled out in the form and for the short interview by the staff:


· Citizenship of previous wife ( asked by the staff but not included in the form)
· No. of times got divorce
· No. of children from previous marriage
· His citizenship, age. Address, contact nos abroad
· Educational Attainment


· What happened with your past relationship ?
· No. of children with past relationship
· Any relatives in the country where you’ll stay, address, contact nos, cp nos, email add ( just write none if none )
· How did you met ? with choices from a-e.
· If you met in person ( PI or abroad )
· What’s your plan abroad ? with choices from a-e
· Where will your children stay abroad ?

STEP 4 Pay P250.00 to cashier Window 3. Since I still have 1 hr, I decided to eat breakfast in the nearby Jollibee. Went back by 9:30.

10 AM-1:30 PM

STEP 5 Film viewing room. We watched 4 stories of abused Filipina wives. What a horrible experience. "VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" includes the ff:

· Physical abuse
· Social abuse
· Psychological abuse
· verbal abuse
· Emotional abuse
· Sexual abuse
· Financial abuse

Im really praying it won’t happen to anyone of us. Spouses/fiance’/fiancées were all in the same room for watching the stories. After watching the stories, we were asked to go upstair. Now they have a separate room for Japanese/US fiance’/fiancées/spouses.

STEP 6 We are now in GROUP Counselling sessions. We’re asked for reactions then the counselor lectured of what to do incase being abuse, adjustments, culture differences, airport procedures, etc..etc. After the Group Counseling, we were ask to stay out in the room and wait for the name to be called for the INDIVIDUAL Counseling… second to the last. Prepare for some of personal questions like…
Why him ?
Are you sure you know him well ?
How many times/days he visited you ?
How long have you know each other ?
Why do they got divorce ?
How old is he ?

I had a hard time convincing her that age doesn’t really matter for me as long as we love each other . After counseling, she ask me to signed the form, then wait downstairs. I started to worry that they might not issue my certificate .I've read a story I( i can't remember now ) that an applicant was not been issued a certificate because of a large age gap with her fiance'. She was asked to have more time to know her fiance' well which of course she can't leave anytime without the Certificate & sticker.That should not be Evil or Very Mad Our life should not be on their hands Exclamation Evil or Very Mad

STEP 7 2:00 PM My name wasn't been called yet for my certificate Shocked ! All of the applicants on our batch got there certificates already except me Mad ! I still kept on praying. After 5 minutes , my name was called and my certificate was given… Very Happy HAY !!! I hurriedly went to CFO Manila.

TRANSPO : Katipunam – Recto- Doroteo -Quirino Station


3 PM
Gave NBI to the guard in exchanged for gatepass.

STEP 1 Proceed to Counter 1A (For fiance’(e)s/spouses of foreign citizen) presented the ff requirements :

· Passport w/ visa & SMEF-COW Certificate
· Photocopy of my PP/visa & certificate
· Valid ID ( surrendered to guard in exchange for gatepass.

Know your mother-in-law’s middle name. The staff will ask for it.
Photo taken, data encoded to the computer.
A registration form was given to be fill out again.

FOR MY CHILDREN to be registered :

STEP 1 Proceed to Counter 1B ( Registration for Emigrants) and presented ff: requirements :

· Each passort with visa
· Photocopy of each passort with visa
· 1 Passport Photo of children

Two reg. Forms were given and stapled their passport photo to each form.

STEP 2 Fill out all the forms. Same forms with my children


· Passport nos/date issued
· Visa nos/date issued ( numbers written in red on your )
· Email add
· Address in PI and abroad, contact nos, zip codes
· Highst Educ. Attainmnet ( for my children : “ not of schooling age “ )
· Economic Status ( emplyed/self-employed/unemployed)
· Name of nearest relative in PI, contact nos, zipcode, email add ( optional )


· Full name ( know his middle name )
· Address, contact nos abroad, zipcode, cp nos, email add
· Occupation
· Citizen
· Year of Migration

Submit to Counter 2 for verification.

STEP 3 Counter 3 for payment :

Reg fee and P 250 x 2 ( for my 2 children , stickers included)
For my stiker P250

Wait, be seated and wait for the name to be called.

5 PM --- Atlast our names were called. Presented CFO Official receipts. Returned gatepass and had my NBI back to me.

GOODLUCK FOR THOSE WHO WILL TAKE THEIR CFO SEMINAR Exclamation Get your self well prepared

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It’s my turn to share my interview experienced, I arrived to the embassy at 4:30AM since my schedule was 6:30AM and I was no. 32 in line, We were able to enter the embassy at 6:30AM, then a Filipino staff asked for my DS156 (2 copies), DS157 (2 copies) and DS156K, as he checked my forms I was given a good point since my forms were properly filled up (thanks to the asawa members, you helped me alot), I was a bit worried before because I filled up the DS156 3x thru online and have different barcodes but I decided to use my downloadable forms. So I guess it doesn’t matter whether you fill it up online or hand written as long as it is properly filled up. Then he told me to seat and wait for my name to be called. As I waited in my chair I was able to chat with other applicants, they asked me who prepared my forms and why do I know that in DS156K you have to fill it up also the blank under DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE, then I introduced the asawa website that helped me a lot in preparing and arranging my documents for the interview. Then my name was called in window X, then gave me number 7032 and told me this is your number for the rest of the interview. Be attentive, to the number flashing on board, they are not chronologically display I noticed they flashed first 7079 instead of 7001, then skip to 7052. Then my number flashed for window 26... first interview was conducted by a Filipino, she asked me for my BC, NBI, evidence of relationships and financial support evidence, I was surprised coz she only get my fiancé 2004 ITR and I-134 affidavit of support and didn’t asked for the past 2 years, even for the bank certificate & certificate of employment which my fiancé gave to me, then she asked me the ffg. Questions.
Name of your petitioner?
How did you meet? What website?
Have you travel to other country’s before?
Did you meet in person, when?
How long did he stay here?
Then asked me for the pictures together and told to be seated again and wait for my number on the board. It only took 5 minutes for the interview. My number was called to window 37 for fingerprinting then told me to be seated again. A few minutes my number flashed again for window huh! I forgot for my second and final interview…. I was assigned to Black American lady consul as I proceed to her window I gave her my sweetest smile and greeted her good morning then she smiled back. She asked me to raised my hand for the oath. then asked me to sit down….At first she asked me if I speak English and I said yes ma’am and asked me the following questions
Name of your petitioner?
How did you meet? What website?
Who emailed first?
Why did I join that website?
Why did you choose him instead of other guy?
Is he married before?
Does he have siblings?
Does he have child
When was the last time he saw you?
How many times did he visit you?
How long did he stay here in the Philippines?
Nature of his job? His position?
Tell me about your fiancé?
What happen if you go there and your marriage didn’t push through?
Are you working, what job?
Did you work outside the country?
Is this your first passport?
Huh! I prayed she’ll stop to asked me more questions, I noticed to other applicants that they only stayed at their consul 5-10 minutes and when I finally done, I was relieve, huh! But before I left I asked my consul about the status of my visa coz, I’ve been looking for the green sticker with APPROVED IV in my folder but I didn’t see it but she said that so far everything is okay you may now go and wait again for your number to be flashed in the queuing board for other instruction….
Final window….as the lady returned my photos I asked her again the status of my visa but she said that so far the consul didn’t ask for any other documents and she gave me pink paper with my case number and told me to pay it to Delbros at the back and I saw green sticker with APPROVED IV note on top of my folder….I’m praying that I was really approve. I finished at 10:30AM then I decided to go to CFO at Good Shepard to take my seminar. I took the 1:30 PM session and finished at 4pm with my certification. God Bless to all ASAWA and thank you very much for all your inputs, it was very helpful…….


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Just like jsbaylon, i won't go into details of which window i went through first....

1st interview with a Filipina

What's my full name?
The petitioner's full name?
What's my relation to him?
Checked my previous B1/B2 visa and asked why it was cancelled? (It was cancelled without prejudice coz it's expired already when i tried to reapply last year.)
My parents' full name?
How did we meet? First and last meeting after he migrated to US, where and for how long?
With whom does he live with?
Job of his mother?
Nature of his work?
Asked about the countries i've been and for how long, what's d longest stay and how many times ive been there?
Asked if i'm somewhat related to my fiance? (of course no, that's incest..hehe)
Asked for the affidavit of support, 2004 ITR and W2?
Other documents asked: BC, NBI, PC
Pictures, snail mails and emails
Phone bills - i said we use fon cards, and asked for those, good thing i have d pldt budget cards and its receipts

Second interviewer with the US Consul

I was asked to take my oath first...
My full name?
Petitioner's name?
How am i related to him?
Tell me how did u meet.
So, from March 2001 up to the present, how many times did u see each other?
What's his work? and where?
What's your work?
Any other country u have visited and what's d longest stay?
What did u do in Canada?

I think it only took me 5 min to get interviewed by this consul. I just talked fluently straight into his eyes (imagining a patient-doctor encounter, hehe). The interview went very smooth. Actually the first interviewer somewhat relieved my anxiety so when i was about to be interviewed by the consul, i was not really nervous. Try to be calm and confident and say a little prayer.

Final window

The usual "If there's no other problem, your visa will be delivered...blah blah blah", and he handed me down all the pix, mails and fon cards. I saw the green and white stripes IV Approved attached to my file. I returned to my seat and to my surprise i saw a 221g (?) white and blue form, and was thinking if i was on AR, but for what reason... nothing was checked on the form. So i went back to that window and was given to me by mistake, the guy crumpled and threw it on the trash can. And that's it...i guess i'll be waiting for my visa... and to everyone here in asawa, thank u so much, i will continue to post here and help others who are still in the beginning of their visa journey.

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To All:

I will no longer establish the time and specific window's that I had gone this morning, because just like in St Luke, everything are being instructed. Just listen and watch out with your number carefully to avoid any delays.

Requirements needed:
- Original copy of appointment letter
- BC/NSO Authenticated
- DS156, DS157, DS156K
- Sample letters, emails, cards, chat logs, and etc
- I-134F (affidavit of support, must be authenticated)
- Fiance's employment certificate, stubs, bank statement
- Pictures
- Judgment Certificate or Divorce Certificate (if applicable)
- Last 3 year of Income Tax Return

1st Interview encountered from a filipina staff; while gathering all my documents:
- Your name?
- Petitioners name?
- What is my profession?
- What is his work?
- How did we meet?

2nd and finally interview from the consulate:
I made an oath before I started my interview
- Am I (she mentioned my whole name)
- Tell me about your petitioner?
- What do I think I can do for living when I get to USA?
- When is his birthday?
- Is he married before?
- How many times?
- Does he have a child?
- How old?
- Is _____ his first wife?
- What is his nature of work?
- What is his job?

Then I went back to my seat and wait for my number to be called at Window 35.

When i left the area, an american guy ask me if how was my interview? then i said, i dont know, i haven't seen my result... then he said, you wait there i'll go and check... then he glance saying that "you made it, you were approved".

Wow that was the happiest feelings i ever felt. I really thank you awasa member for being part of our success. I will surely keep this website to help others who just started their applications too.

God Bless to all Smile

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I would like to share my CFO seminar from last May 30, 2005. I hope this experience will help some other ladies who are still planning to attend CFO seminar.

8:45am. My fiance and I arrived at Good Shepherd Convent Quezon City (and NO, your fiance does not need to be there). I gave one valid ID to the guard in exchange for the gate pass. I was the 3rd applicant to register for 10:00am session. The lady asked for another ID. I used my passport which already had my visa inside (visa is not needed to attend seminar).

You need to take the following with you to CFO for the seminar.
* 1 valid ID
* Passport with visa/ if without passport be sure you bring extra valid ID. Make a copies of your visa and passport (needed for CFO office to get stamp).
* NBI Clearance and 1 xerox copy of your NBI.
* BC
* 1 Photo Passport size (just in case? they never asked me for one)

The lady told me to go to window 2 to have my digital picture taken. The photo will be attached/printed on the certificate after the seminar. After the picture was taken the lady instructed me to go to window 1 and there I filled up the form that the lady gave me.

NOTE:Be sure you know the following:
* Nationality of your fiance/spouse
* His phone number and cellphone number/if applicable
* His job title/type of job
* His home address

9:37am. I was done filling up the forms. The lady verified the form, making sure I didn't miss anything in there,then she told me to pay 250 pesos to the cashier.Since it was still early for my 10:00 seminar I asked the lady to go out just to check my fiance outside.

10:00am We have a film showing from Magandang Gabi Bayan (MGB) about some of the Filipina who were abused by their foreign husbands. It was just a brief viewing then one of the staff instructed us that US applicants will proceed to the 2nd floor for the group discussion with the counselor. I noticed that day the most of the participants for the seminar were spouses of Japanese nationals.

I went upstairs and proceeded to the US room. We were 12 US participants that day. We started our discussion with a prayer. She asked 1st what we felt after we've seen the film from MGB. We responded and shared our thoughts/feelings with the group.

She discussed with us first about domestic violence:
* Verbal and physical abuse
* Financial abuse
* Emotional abuse

Then she told us that child abuse is very rare in the US, and they really give value to their children unlike here in Philippines. Next was cultural differences and their way of living. She even mentioned about how many kilos allowed per suitcase and it's dimensions.

We were told not to take fresh food nor pirated CD's. Immigrant officer will inspect them and if the catch you bringing those pirated thing to the US they will interrogate you as how you got those items. The group discussion took only 30 minutes. She asked if we had any more questions. We waited our certificate downstairs. After few minutes my name was called and the lady handed me the certificate.

1:15pm. My fiance and I take the taxi going to the Citigold building, at Quirino Avenue Manila, where the CFO office is located for CFO stamp . I had to fill out another form that was similar to the one I had filled out earlier at the seminar. Pay another 250 pesos.

4:35pm. Finally I got my stamp (the same day). PLEASE NOTE ***I don't think you can do both the seminar and get your stamp at the other CFO office all in the same day unless you attend the 10am seminar. So plan your time smartly.***

10:30pm. William and I flew to San Francisco, CA.

Good luck and God bless!!!

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Flow of the Embassy Interview

Since many of the members have posted their interview experience, I have decided to make an overview of the whole interview process. I have also made a drawing of the room where the whole interview process takes place. If this is not allowed (for security reasons), I request the moderators to take out the drawing.

The interview is an orderly step by step process. It will be good if you can familiarize yourself with these steps so you will know what to expect and prepare accordingly.

1. Lining Up: If you come before 5:30 in the morning, you have a looong wait at the waiting shed outside the embassy gates located right across the Miramar Hotel (and not at the Bayview side as I first suspected). You will be getting instructions from vendors and other people who want to sell you all sorts of things. If you did not bring pictures for your forms, no problem, there are people there who can take your digital photo right there at the waiting shed using a white towel for background (Filipino ingenuity ).

By 5:30, the guards will ask you to form a line and after a few minutes you will be allowed to enter the embassy compound.

You will need your appointment letter and a valid ID in order to get in. The guards will check your appointment time and tell you which line to join. (If your appointment time is 7:30 or 8:30, you need not come very early because you will not be allowed inside the embassy building anyway.)

You will then be seated at the waiting shed inside the embassy gates. By 6:30, you will be allowed to enter the building (if your appointment time is 6:30, otherwise you will have to continue to wait outside). Again, your appointment letter and valid ID will be checked. When you enter the door, you will pass through a security check and your things will go through a scanner. Here, you will have to leave your cell phone and be given a claim card.

You will then proceed into the inside building. The sign at the door says, “press button then enter”. Press the button then pull the door (if you push, it won’t open) and proceed inside.

The guards will ask you to line up at the corridor before you enter the room. Here prepare your DS-156, DS-157 (two copies each with your pictures attached), and DS-156k. Make sure your forms are properly filled up so you will not be delayed.

Here is where it all takes place:

2. Hand in the Forms: When you enter the room, an embassy staff seated at a table near the door will get your appointment letter, one copy of the DS-156 and DS-157. Your appointment letter would be assigned a number.

You will then be made to take a seat and wait for your name to be called.

3. Window X: You name will be called and you will go to either Window X or Y. Here they will collect the second copy of your DS-156, DS-156k, and DS-157. You will be given a number. This will be your number for the rest of the interview.

You will again be asked to sit down. Start to keep a close watch of the numbers being flashed on the board located in front. Acquaint yourself to your surroundings. Know where the different counters are located.

4. Preliminary Interview: Your number will be flashed together with the counter you are supposed to go to. It will be one of the counters from numbers 10-26. A Filipino staff will do the preliminary interview. Here you will give your birth certificate, NBI clearance, affidavit of support and other financial papers, evidence of meeting and proof of genuine relationship. It will help if your files are well organized to avoid delays.

I was asked the following questions:
What is your name?
Who is your petitioner?
What is your relationship to your petitioner?
When did you see each other last?
You have been outside the country many times, did you stay in any of these countries for more than 6 months?
Are you a teacher?
Do you have any pictures together? I gave him my “evidence of meeting” file

Again, you will be asked to sit down and wait for your number to flash.

5.Fingerprinting: You will be asked to go Window 37 or 38 for fingerprinting. (I noticed that other counters also have the machine for biometrics fingerprinting so other counters may also be assigned for this step.)

Another wait

6.Interview with the Consul: Your number will be flashed indicating what cubicle you are supposed to go to. This will be between numbers 28-32. This is where the interview with the consul takes place. The cubicle is a small room with two to four chairs and you will be seated during the interview. You take your oath, then the questions will start.

I was asked the following:
What is your name?
Who is your petitioner?
What is your relationship to you petitioner?
When did you meet?
How did you meet?
Where does he live?
Was he born there?
Does he have any sisters? How many?
What does he do?
When was the last time you saw him?
How many times did he visit?
During his visit, what did you do? Where did you go? (I pointed to the pictures I had submitted earlier)
You have been issued a US visa before, how long did you stay in the US? (at this point, I showed him my old passports the third one had my last US visa on it).

When the questions are over, you will again be asked to sit and wait for your number to be called
7.Visa Instructions: You will be called to counter 35 where the staff will tell you that your visa will be delivered to you if everything is ok. You will be asked to fill out a form where you want your visa to be delivered.
8. You claim your cell phone and leave the embassy.
1. As we were sitting by the waiting shed inside the embassy compound, the guard told us that your form must have a barcode. He said, if you don’t have the barcode, you might be sent out to go to an internet café to download the barcode. Don’t panic if you don’t have a barcode, you will not be sent out. They did not even ask me for it.

2. After the interview, as I was rejoicing with other Asawa members who were approved, I noticed that a group of people seated at another table looked very depressed. Later, I approached them and found out that they were denied. The reason? Insufficient income. The thing was, the petitioner knew before hand that the guidelines on income requirements are very strict yet he did not get a co-sponsor. Instead, he told his fiancee to go ahead and try their luck . I will never forget the faces of the girl and her mother. They felt very helpless and discouraged. I bet they were really pissed off with the petitioner. So guys, please do not put your fiancee in this situation. If you know that there will be problems, do the necessary remedies before they set foot in the embassy because this can be a very stressful and intimidating experience for first timers.

Lastly, my Flying Knight and I are in agreement that Asawa had been an invaluable help to us in getting the visa process. We are both very grateful to all who have shared their experiences and have given good advice.

Good luck to those who are still preparing for their interview. I hope this helps.

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US Embassy Experience

Three of us stayed in City Garden Suites (2 blocks away from the embassy), four ladies stayed in Miramar hotel (opposite the embassy). By 3 am, everyone was scurrying about to get ready for the big appointment.

The first group was there at 2 am and got number 1, 2 and 3 slots, our group got there by 3:30 am, and I was number 20.

The sequence of my experience is almost similar to the others’ experiences here, so I’ll just give you a rundown of steps, my observations and tips.

AFTER a loooooooooong wait at the shed outside the embassy, 3:30 - 5:30 am, you all form a line and traipse on to the embassy entrance:

1. Guard on duty will check your Appointment letter and Valid ID (with picture).

2. Enter the premises (another waiting shed inside the US Embassy)

3. Wait some more.

4. Another guard will check your Appointment letter and Valid ID (with picture).

5. Enter the first guard room. You will go through a scanner and submit your phone. They will give you a number for your phone.

6. Enter the building proper.

7. Take out 2 sets of DS 156 and 157 (stapled sets A and B) and DS 156K.

8. Submit at the entrance: (see DS forms tips here )

• Original Appointment Letter
• Completely filled out DS Forms (all 5 pages)
9. They will give you a Visa Delivery Form. You will submit it during the next step (Window X and Y). This step varies, as in my case, the person in window X took my form, but the person in window Y did not take the forms from the other applicants.

10. If you need to go to the bathroom, go NOW and fast.

11. Overhead speakers – will page your name, and will direct you to either window X or Y. Pay attention!

12. Windows X or Y – will give you your appointment number stub. DO NOT LOSE THE STUB. You will return this during the last step.

13. According to your stub number, you will be called to various cubes manned by Filipino interviewers. Pay attention to the blinking board in front!

14. Filipino interviewers – the first line of defense.
This is where you submit all the documents. Flat-paneled glass between you and the interviewer. The dividing table is high, so you will be standing here. (see “Arrangement of Documents at the Interview”) These interviewers will decide whether your papers are complete or not. They don’t make the final decisions, but they do forward their reports to the consul. Before you leave, ASK and make sure they have ALL the papers they need.

Questions asked by the Filipino interviewers:
a. Your name
b. Petitioner’s name
c. Relationship to the petitioner
d. How and when you met (Dates are important!)
e. Last time you met
f. Your love story
g. Your line of work and educational background
h. Other countries you went to.
i. Comments about your photos.

15. Pay attention to the blinking board again. Wait for your number.

16. Finger printing. According to the numbers on blinking board, Window 37.

17. Pay attention to the blinking board again. Wait for your number.

18. The American Consul – the final frontier.
a. Oath to tell the truth and nothing but!
b. Interview proper – easy as pie! LOL
c. Consul takes the huge diagonally striped green and white sticker with the words APPROVED IV, a stack of it is clipped at bottom of the glass window, facing him. There’s another stack beside it, but I’m just glad he took one from that particular stack.

19. Pay attention to the blinking board again. Wait for your number. Sometimes, they will just page your name on the overhead speakers.

20. Submitted personal documents (photos, snail mails, receipts) will be returned to you, window 35. All financial documents will be kept by them. If you missed seeing the sticker while at the consul’s cube, you may try and take a quick peek during this last step. The sticker should be at the bottom part of your folder cover.

Should you be taken into AR, you will also know during this last part, as they will give you a paper that says so. The person in this counter will also tell you that you are indeed in AR and to wait for further advice from the embassy.

Also, see Ate Gilda’s Flow of the Embassy Interview.

Conversation between the consul and I:
(All lines with*** are mock answers. The real answers are personal info.)

(I entered the room with a silent prayer, and an open smile)

Me: Hi good morning! Having a great day?
Consul: Yes, thank you! (smile) And how are you? (YES! Diwata, 3 points for the smile!) LOL
Me: I’m great, thanks.
Consul: Please have a seat.
Me: Thank you.
Consul: (I saw him raise his hand, so I followed suit) Wshhwshhhwsshhh..
Me: (With eyes wide and questioning)
Consul: (Faintly) Can you hear me well?
Me: Just barely.
Consul: (Adjusted the speakers) The wonders of technology eh? Is that better?
Me: Yes it is! Thank you.
Consul: Can you hear me properly now?
Me: Yes I can!
Consul: Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth?
Me: Yes I do!
Consul: Are you going to answer my questions today truthfully?
Me: (I was confused for a while. I was thinking "isn't that the same thing?" ) Yes I am!
Consul: Please lower your hand.

Consul: Before we start, I have to ask, who prepared your papers?
Me: (With a huge smile) I did! Why?
Consul: Because it’s very well organized! And for that, I have to give you a gold star! (Laugh)
Me: (Laugh) A gold star for my organization is ok, but I’m sure an approval would be better. (NOTE: DO NOT try this line! It was a spur of the moment thing, and I guess I was lucky that the consul was in a very good mood. The way you say things and your confidence that you exude will make an impact. JeffK told me afterwards that I took a chance on that line. Oh well.. LOL)
Consul: (Laughing) Oh we’ll come to that after I review your files. And I have yet to see one that is better organized than this.
Me: I lived and breathed this process for 7 months! I had to be organized!

Consul: Who is your petitioner?
Me: My fiancé, Wolverine ***
Consul: Where does he live?
Me: Xavier Hall ***
Consul: Who lives with him?
Me: He’s alone for now, and waiting for me.
Consul: Where is his family?
Me: In the same area, yahdahyahdah..
Consul: Does he have siblings?
Me: Yes, yahdahyahdah..

Consul: How did you meet?
Me: A mutual friend introduced us.
Consul: Who is this friend?
Me: Batman. ***
Consul: How did he introduce you two? Did he tell you, “I want you to meet a nice, single and available friend of mine.” (big smile )
Me: NO! He actually said, this is my asshole of a best friend.” ( Hey, what can I do? That’s what he said!) (The consul looked up and chuckled)
And I do think our friend set us up and actually played cupid without our consent!
(Then I told him the whole story. And by the end of the story, the consul was laughing hard!)

Consul: Is your mutual friend Filipino-American?
Me: No, he’s American.
Consul: And how did you meet this mutual friend?
Me: (Boy! he asks too many questions!) Yahdahyahdah...
(And some other follow up questions about our mutual friend, etc.)

Consul: What does your fiancé do for a living?
Me: He's a superhero ***
Consul: What does he do in his job?
Me: XXX ***
Consul: I see that you have a university degree. Won’t that be a problem between you two?
Me: No, I don’t believe so. Why would it be?
(By this time, the consul pulled out a sticker that was in-front of him. I did not notice it at first because i was concentrating on making eye contact, and besides, the sticker was facing him, not me. It was the rectangular green and white sticker that says APPROVED IV)
Consul: OK, I believe that your relationship is genuine, and all your papers are in order. Please take a seat in the waiting area and the lady will ask for your visa delivery address and will return your photos.
Me: Thank you very much. So am I approved? (I had to ask!!! And I wanted to delay my departure from the room, as I had to make sure that what I was seeing was real!!!)
Consul: Yes. But I still have to wait for some computer verification. Other than that, I think your case is fine. Me: Thank you very much! Have a great day!
Consul: You too! Good luck with your new life!

Conversation with the lady in window 35 (last step)

Me: Hi! Good morning! How are you today?
Lady: I’m fine thanks. Good morning! (Note: NEVER will they say they’re not fine. So it’s a positive thing!)
Me: Are my documents ok?
Lady: Yes they are. Here are your photos. I will retain the Affidavit of Support folder ok? I won’t take it out from the folder anymore.
Me: Yes please, I expect you not to! (Laugh)
Lady: Your documents are very well organized (the 3rd time I heard it that day) who arranged them?
Me: (Beaming) I did!
Lady: It’s very nice. OK can have your visa delivery address form? We’ll deliver the visa to that address within a week, if there are no other problems in your case.
Me: Oh but I already submitted it to window X!
Lady: (Checked among the files.) Oh yes, it’s here. (Laugh) And I’ll collect the number stub back please. The one that was given to you in window X.
Me: (I handed it back to her, and I saw the green and white striped sticker again.) Is a week a standard time for visa delivery? Can’t it be delivered in say, 4 days?
Lady: It can be faster, but it may take longer to the provinces.
Me: Oh ok. (Joking) So I shall expect it for sure?
Lady: If there are no other problems with your papers, yes. (smile)
Me: Thank you! Have a good day!

Tips BEFORE the interview:

1. If you’re going to be there before 5:30 am, tell the taxi to drop you off right ACROSS UN Avenue (by the waiting shed), opposite Miramar Hotel, and not in-front of the US embassy. Or you’ll walk about 2 blocks back. The guards won’t let you wait in-front of the embassy.

Don’t worry about the long wait. The lady vendor at the shed will keep you amused for the rest of the waiting period. This one character is a MUST meet! Second only to the consul! 3:30 is a good time to be there, so you’ll be one of the first few people interviewed for that day. (I’m talking of people with 6:30 appointments)

Four of us had a 6:30 appointment, and the rest had 9:30 appointments. The others who had a different appointment time were directed to another line, but since they were there early, they took the first few interview slots of the next batch.

2. Bring or buy water and snacks. So you can have a mini-breakfast while waiting for the embassy to open.

3. Bring Mentos or some other similar chewable candies or breath fresheners. Hunger breath is not very appealing. The consul and other interviewers may be safe behind their glass partitions, but your fellow applicants may have difficulty remembering the phone numbers of their loved ones because of this.

4. Always have a ready smile. It lifts up your spirits and does your confidence good!

5. Two days before my interview, Ate G and I were texting, and she advised me to write down the word APPROVED 100 times, to calm my nerves and put my spirits in a positive mood. I even went further with this and uttered the word “Approved! I’m approved!” over and over like a mantra, while I was in the shower and while getting ready to go to the embassy.

6. PRACTICE what you expect to say. The girls and I practiced the afternoon and night before the interview, and played “Consul.” The audible words help retain information in your head.

Tips DURING interview time or at any other time:

1. Approach the interview cubicles with a smile and greet the other person politely. Your smile and positive aura will be infectious, and it will put you and your interviewer at ease.

2. If you should ask a question, word it in a way that the other person should only say “yes,” if that’s your desired answer. ALWAYS POSITIVE! (This advice was given to me by my Wolverine. He's smart eh? )

3. Before my interview date, I was so worried and nervous, but on that day, I actually had fun and bantered with the interviewers. I know my relationship AND my documents by heart, so I was not worried at that point. And I figured, should I forget anything, it would be too late to call my fiancé anyway, or go back to the hotel or my house to pick up any missed documents! The only time I felt the butterflies was when the blinking board first showed my number, and on the way to the Filipino interviewer. But when I saw her smile, it was just like talking to Dhonna! (asianna) So try to infect the other person with positive energy, and smile!

4. If you know that your documents are complete, BELIEVE it! You have worked hard the previous months completing your documents. Worrying about it at the last minute will only make you stutter. You can’t do anything about the missed documents when you’re in front of your interviewer. The only thing left now is to have fun talking about your loving relationship, and make them SEE that you really are in-love!

Funny and heart-warming, behind the scenes anecdotes:

- The night before the embassy interview, the ladies – 7 of us – me, Dhonna (asiana), (RSVMille’s fiancée) Jenn, Luchi (Mareeah), (Ryan T’s fiancée) Lovenia, Lyn (honeybaby), (irwin133’s fiancée) Roni, met at Wendy’s for dinner. I don’t think anyone finished their food, coz we chatted and played “consul” and threw mock questions at each other. By the end of the night, no one felt that they were ready for the interview yet! We all agreed though that we were there “to pick up our visas.” And made plans about our weddings and departure dates.

- Someone woke up in the middle of the night to ask “what’s the zodiac sign for August?”

- Another woke up at midnight to re-arrange and review her fiancé’s papers.

- When others thought that everyone else was asleep… a nervous laughter broke the silence at 12:30, then everyone was in hysterics… too nervous???

- Someone had a 9:30 interview, and was in line at the embassy by 2 am!!!

- Someone left her sandals at the hotel, in a hurry to get home and start packing!

- The May 27 girls were there not only “to pick up” their visas, but to be each others’ support throughout the experience. By the end of the day, we all knew we found some new good friends, and that is always a good thing.

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My Medical Experience at St. Luke Medical Extension Clinic May 23 and 24, 2005

To All girls who haven’t had their medical yet, you have nothing to worry about. Everything is being instructed by St. Luke’s Staff. You’ll be given a flow chart on how to start and end the medical process; however I myself didn’t use the flow chart given to me because every time I finish one step the employees from the counter or even inside the booth/room instructed me to go to the next floor for _______.

Requirements needed:
• Original copy of appointment letter
• Photo copy of appointment letter
• 7 copies of 2x2 visa type photo (1 photo will be given on the US Counter 1st floor and the 6 others will be given on the Releasing counter together with your passport and result of your medical test).
• Passport


• The radiologist from the x-ray division is so rude. She doesn’t know how to calm herself and entertain the patient nicely.
• Please insert all the documents together with the small piece of card and the sequence number in the passport. The radiologist pissed off and even tell you rudely not to touch the card and sequence number as per written instruction on the documents! Hell I haven't read any instruction that says “please keep the documents inserted in the passport and never touch the card and sequence number”.

Everyone complained about how that radiologist acted. But on the other side, these old ladies, which happen to be the same batch as I do is so funny. We are inside the small room where we were asked to take off our upper cloths and change into laboratory gown. While we were waiting for our number to be called, I advise the old ladies together with two more young girls that the physician will check our private parts. And everyone is so surprise and laughs a lot! One old lady said, well the doctor can’t see anything on my genital parts except for white hairs! lol then I was laughing so loud and can’t control myself from laughing! Lol And then one other old lady says “hmmm the doctor can see our kingky part” and even make some funny faces and trying to demonstrate does her genital part look like!lol

Anyway, let me go back to my tips:

• The doctor from the room 5 had inserted her two fingers in my vagina for four consecutive times! My goodness that was really hurt and wonder why she was doing that since I told her that I never gave birth and never even attempt to aboard before. She asked me to keep bend and show my ass for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
• My tummy hurts after she pressed them for 20x.
• She look at my back, front, side both while I was standing and laying on the bed.
• Ask repeated questions for about 20x.
• All in my entire physical exam takes about 18 minutes. So that is really long isn’t it?

After I left her room I told the young and old ladies how she had done my physical exam and they were all surprise why did the doctor did that kind of check-up with me? Some old ladies told me to complain but since I was so hungry and sleepy, I told them that maybe I’ll just write some comments and put them in the box, which I did later on.

I find this doctor as lesbian, sorry to say that. She has short boy cut hair, chingky eyes, and she’s like 5’2” in height. She is in room 5. And one more thing she did not palpate my breast correctly in doing the breast cancer examination. She just touches the upper part of my breast two times, and then she proceeds to check my genital part.

Well finally after that nightmare session. I submitted my papers at the US Counter at 5th floor and was asked to go to x-ray division to pick up my x-ray result. But when I get there the staff issued me a piece of paper and was asked to return the following day to pick up the result. Then I left the floor, however I just realize that I haven’t had my immunization yet? So I went to any counter and ask the staff on what shall I do co’z I was not inform to when am I going to take my vaccination? That guy was so nice and responses to me that just come back tomorrow and bring along with me the piece of paper issued by the radiologist and they will be the one who will instruct me on what to do next.

The following day, I went back to the clinic and had my immunization. Finally, my result is done at 9:18am and most of the young and old ladies I met yesterday was also there and we had made some good conversations and had shared some tips on what will be the consul might ask on the day of the interview I even share the website and they are so glad to have the site as their guideline on what do they need to do next

Well thanks Asawa Members. Next week June 3, 2005 will be my interview date. I am quite nervous but never fail to pray that everything will be just right

God Bless to all,

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Good Day,

I would like to share my CFO seminar yesterday and I hope this will help the other ladies here who are still planning to have their seminar soon…

10:15am I arrived at Good Shepherd Convent Quezon City. I gave one of my valid ID to the guard in exchanged for the gates pass that I wore inside. I was the first applicant to register for 1:30pm session, the lady asked for another valid ID(orig and photocopy) to be attached to their form, BC(orig and photocopy). They will only get the photocopy but be sure to bring the original since they will verify it if it’s really yours. So far that’s all that she asked from me, she didn’t even asked neither my fiancé’s Divorce papers nor his BC. She told me to go to window 2 for digital Picture taken, the photo will be attached once you will be issued the Certificate after the seminar. After picture taken, the guy instructed me to go to the next door(in front to their canteen) and there I filled up the form that the lady gave me. Idea NOTE! Be sure to know the nationality of your fiancé/spouses ex, since it was being asked in the form.

10:55am, I was done filling up the forms and the lady verified it, if I missed everything in there, then she told me to pay 250 pesos to the cashier. Since it was still early, I asked the lady if I can go out and took my lunch first and she said it’s okay just that I will have to go back before 1:30pm. I ate at Jollibee since it was just near at Good Shepherd and I met a lady there who will take the 1:30pm session as well. We became friends and shared our own love story love .

12:20pm we decided to go back at Good Shepherd and the lady told us to wait at the viewing area. We waited there for about an hour. At exactly 1:30pm we have a film showing from MGB about some of the Filipinas who were abused by their foreign husbands. It was just a brief viewing then one of their staffs instructed us that US applicants will proceed to the 2nd floor for the group discussion with the counselor. I left my new friend since she was assigned to Japan room along with other applicants. (I’ve noticed that day, that most of the participants for the seminar were spouses of Japanese including my new friend)

Anyway, I went upstairs and proceed to USA room. We were only 7 US participants that day, 3 of us were fiancés and 4 were spouses of foreign nationals... Our counselor was a retired teacher from a catholic school but she didn’t mentioned to us any religious issues during our group discussions nor asked us about our religous differences. She was very professional and very nice and she even shared us her story while she was in the States before.

Since we were only 7 she didn’t use the overhead projector, instead she told us to come closer as if we were just sharing once idea(it reminds me in my college days, every time we had our group study)…We started our discussions with a prayer…She asked us first what we felt after we’ve seen the film from MGB, we responded and told her what we felt after watching it.

She discussed us first about Domestic Violence, either Financial, emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Then she told us that Child abuse is very rare in the US, and they really give value to their children unlike here in RP.

Cultural differences and their way of living and she even mentioned about how much kilo allowed per luggage and it’s dimensions.

No fresh foods allowed nor pirated CD’s, books and even some bags which are just plagiarize from the original. Immigrant officer will inspect them and if they caught you bringing those pirated things to the US, they will interrogate you as how you got those stuffs.

Our group was very responsive to her and we had very lively group discussions. We even shared our own love story to her and we did very well. It took only 30mins and she asked us if we still have some questions. Since our group were responsive to her she told us to wait our certificate downstairs and we didn’t even have a one on one interview with her. We thank her and we waited our certificate downstairs. After a few minutes my name was called first and the lady handed me the certificate then told me that the stamp will still be at Quirino. Thank God I got the certificate the same day and I have a very nice and good counselor. Very Happy

God Bless...


Very Happy

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K1 and K2 (Fiancee and daughter) Interview Experience

Appointment: May 21, 2005 ~ 6:30am


Arrived at the waiting shed where there were already 13 applicants. So Gilda and I were 14th and 15th in place.


We were ushered to the embassy. Marching in line. To get inside the embassy premises, they required us to present original appointment letter and a valid ID. I was then the 13th. It seemed like some people had to step aside for some reasons in every step.


The embassy started to let us in the embassy building. Again, a guard inspected our appointment letter and a valid ID. Once inside, all belongings had to go thru their x-ray machine. Then at the same time, they told us to leave electronic devices. I left my cell phone and digicam.


Inside the embassy building, still falling in line. The guard inside instructed those accompanying the applicants (fiancés/ees, wives/husbands, children) to get inside ahead and wait. He said only the ones with the documents fall in line. So my daughter was seated inside ahead. A young guy seated behind a small table inspected and took our validated DS157 and DS156. An applicant before Gilda had to step aside for something she missed filling up.

I thought I got a slight problem while standing in line. A very nice lady inspected our papers one by one before the guy started calling us in. She checked if the forms were properly filled up. She said we better get it perfect to avoid delays or maybe having to step aside for anything lacking. It was so nice of her to have done so, otherwise I would have not known that my DS156k download form lacked some text at the back. Under the “do not write anything beyond this line”. I guess my puter thought that she too should not write there! She examined it closely then decided that my form seems to look the same and it should be fine. Oh no, I want it exactly the right thing. I was relieved when I found my packet in my bag and found my forms still intact there (coz I used download forms). So I detached DS156k from the packet and started filling it up so that by the time the guy called for my turn, I was ready! He then told us to take a seat and wait for our names to be called.


I was already inside sitting next to Gilda. We sat at the center. 2 sides of the room are cubicles. In front of us was the queue board.


A batch of names were called for window X. I think we belong to the second batch. Gilda and I walked fast to window X so that we were 1st and 2nd to get to the window . My daughter didn’t have to go with me. Window X took a set of DS156 and 157 (the other set already taken by the first guy) and DS156k. Gave me my number. I was number 8! I was so happy because 8 is a lucky number. Many rich people have to pay LTO to get 888 license plate number! I got mine for free! I was happy for gilda's number too, 7. Then told to return to my seat and wait for my number to be flashed on the queue board.


My number flashed for cubicle Nr (I forgot). This is the first interview. Same interviewer takes and inspect supporting documents. I proceeded with my daughter. We got a lady interviewer waiting for us. She’s very businesslike. She asked me the following questions at the same time looking thru the docs and scribbled some on a piece of paper:

• Who is petitioning you?
• How old is he?
• Where does he live?
• How did you meet?
• When was the last time he visited you?
• When was the last time you last saw him in person? I made a little mistake in answering this. I answered: Last year ma’am, October 2003, when I sent him off at the airport. She had to look up and repeated the year with question mark . I said: Oh I’m sorry ma’am, I mean 2004.

She looked at the pictures closely, ONE BY ONE.

She then asked for the following:

• BC
• Affidavit of Support
I paper clipped, with tabbings on each, the following:

? I-134
? A Special Letter of Intent from Jim which I asked him to fax me a couple of days before my interview stating therein his intentions of petitioning and adopting my daughter. Jim wrote a very sweet letter. I made sure the embassy gets the message so I put it next to the I-134. I got this idea from Gilda.
? 1040 forms for the years 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 (she gave me back 2001 to 2003!)
? W2 forms. Jim sent me 2004, 2003 and 2002. She took everything.
? Letter from employer stating salary and length of service with the company.
? Paystubs. Jim sent me 7.
? Letter from the bank. Letter just said “in good standing since (year)". No figure given.

• Proofs of Genuine Relationship. She asked for the following two only:

? Pictures. Pictures I think got the most weight in determining genuineness. She examined every picture closely. One by one.
? Snail mails. I got a little bit worried. I only have one snail mail from Jim. A 3-fold card that says very sweet things and he just signed his name, not even did Jim write the date! Second mail Jim tried to send me didn’t get to me so Jim stopped sending So what Jim did was send back the envelopes of the 3 cards I have sent him. So I stapled the card from Jim followed by the envelopes to include the envelope of Jim’s card.

The lady then told us to return to our seats and wait for our number to be called again.


My number flashed again for the fingerprinting. We’re called in batches again. We were so amazed, It was Gilda, Joy (Gilda and mine new found friend) and I. So we rushed together to that window. It was fun. Went back to our seats and waited for the most awaited consul interview!


My number flashed for Rm 27. I noticed Gilda, Joy and I take turns on who goes first . This time, my turn. On our way to Rm 27, my buddies Gilda, Joy, Len and Randy, Carol and Cielo wished us the best. Consul cubicles are like small rooms with no door. However, cubicle 27 and 28 are in one room! Two cubicles in one room! A couple of minutes after I got inside, Joy joined me in that room. She’s at 28.

Gosh, her male consul have a very loud voice. Sometimes I get tempted to eavesdrop. Jim said it means I was relaxed enough to listen to others. I had to snap myself out of it coz I started to lost focus and missed my consuls question twice! I had to make the consul repeat the questions. Of course i asked her politely. "I'm sorry ma'am/I beg your pardon ma'am?" My consul speaks very softly. It’s hard to hear her when Joy and her consul started their interview. I have prayed for a nice and sweet consul and indeed my prayers were heard. She’s tooooooo nice. God made an exaggeration there.

Consul ~ Weng and Daughter Convo:

I greeted the consul: Good morning ma’am. She greeted me back. Krista and I took our seats across each other.

Consul asked us to raise our right hand for the oath. Krista didn’t raise so consul told her to raise too. I was tempted to stand because I have never heard or seen an oath being said sitting, however, she started saying the oath already.

1. What’s the name of your petitioner? Slimjim3599 ma’am.
2. What is your name? Weng ma’am
3. Where does he live? _______ ma’am.
4. How old is he? Jim is 40. He will turn 41 next month.
5. And you? I’m 36 ma’am.
6. How did you meet? We met online. (I guess there is no need to elaborate unless a follow up question follows. Besides, I gave the website already during the first interview. My consul nodded)
7. How do you communicate? We chat everyday ma’am. He calls me too.
8. When do you intend to get married? mmm very good question Next month ma’am, June 2th.
9. Was he married before? Yes ma’am he was married and divorced twice. (Consul looked up and caught my eyes while I was talking)
10. Does he have any children? Yes ma’am, he has a 7-year old son, Mason. (Pause) He has the custody of Mason. (Reason I fed info because I wanted her to make follow up questions about Mason! Mason, my favorite subject )
The consul was busy going thru/reviewing our documents as she asked questions. Every now and then checked her computer in front of her. She looked at me from time to time when I answer her questions.
11. (A question about my job)
12. What is the name of the father of your daughter? _______ ma’am. (Special thanks to Ray Bacon for this one)
13. Have you ever filed for a visa? Yes ma’am.
14. What visa was it? Tourist visa ma’am.
15. When was it? Last year ma’am.
16. Was your purpose to visit him? No ma’am. (My answer made sense. That happened just a few months after i've met Jim. I was glad she made no follow up question. This was not in my Q and A list. Anyways, it would have been: I wanted to see your beautiful country! )
17. Do you have relatives in the US? Yes, ma’am. A sister, niece and brother-in-law.
18. What is their address? ________ ma’am.
Consul started inspecting the album. I used one of those 5R size albums Kodak gives you free. Everything I brought for the embassy, to include myself and the answers I have prepared, I made sure it’s strategically set. Everything should make a good impression. Example: I got 2 of these kind of albums, a red one with star fish picture on the cover while the other was a picture of blue skies with white clouds and 6 flying balloons colors yellow blue and violet. I chose the latter coz it’s light-spirited-looking. I put a picture right next to the front cover so that when the cover is opened, consul sees 2 pictures. A picture of Jim and Krista and a picture of Jim and me (Jim on his knees, asking me to marry him infront of my friends!) I presented 29 pictures which the consul looked closely, ONE BY ONE.
19. What is this? (picture) That is Jim and my boss ma’am, in our office. (Consul smiled and exclaimed a sweet oooooooohhhhh
20. Who is this? (2 pictures, again next to each other to make sure consul sees both at the same time. Jim on the drums, brother on keyboards, both with microphones doing the “Rosanna” ) That’s Jim with my brother, jamming ma’am.
21. When do you plan to get married? very good question. Next month ma’am, June 25th.
22. What is his job? He works with ______ ma’am (pause) He is a _______. (She was checking at the same time what the I-134 says) Consul said: okay.
Paused for a few seconds then surprised Krista, who also had divided attention, listening to Joy’s interview as well, with a question:
23. Is this lady your mom? (She said it in a slightly teasing manner. I had to repeat the question for Krista. Then Krista smiled and said yes. I have briefed my daughter to always address consul sir/ma’am when answering questions. Jim said her sweet smile did it.
My answers were brief and precise, however, in a graceful manner so that the consul won’t think I’m hurrying interview up.
It seemed to me that the consul was in such light-spirit that day. All the time her eyes were smiling and kept my spirits high with her sweet smiles in between.
Consul’s parting words: “Alright, everything seems to be in order, you may go back to your seats and wait for your number to be called”
Whenever the consul paused and got busy examining our docs, I got busy too looking around for those stickers. I couldn’t find one. Because Joy sat a little bit longer after told to go back to her seat, to fix things, she saw her consul picked up a sticker which was placed against the window. White back side of the sticker facing her side so that she didn’t know they’re stickers until the consul got one. Joy read the word APPROVED. When Krista and I started to leave the room, I was actually slowing down movements hoping I’d see my consul pick up a sticker, however, she appeared busy with her computer. Length of interview for both Joy’s and mine are about the same. A couple of minutes after we stepped out, Joy followed.
On our way back to our seats we were greeted by Randy and Len, we hugged (Randy and Len are such a sweet couple!). I was so happy. I was crying already when Gilda and I hugged! Oops, Gilda’s number flashed so I wished her the best too.


My number flashed for window (?). This time Joy went first, I followed then Gilda. The lady in the window returned our snail mails and pictures and asked me if I was given a paper where I write delivery address “in case I’d be given a visa”. I said no and she gave me one. The paper asks for your name, case number, address where you want the visa delivered and telephone number. I resisted the temptation of asking the lady if I was approved. She seemed very discreet. I didn’t wanna ruin the great feeling I have should I get a sarcastic reply from her. So far I knew I did a great job already, everyone at the embassy are friendly and accommodating. However, the lady gave me a bonus, prolly for not bugging her , she tried to close and open my folder real quick that gave me the chance to see the green and white sticker on the cover. It was too quick I couldn’t read what was written on it.


Gilda, Joy and I walked our way out together. Picked up or cellphones and cams.

Hurriedly turned my cellphone on. It was almost 9am. I didn’t want Jim to worry coz I promised him I’d give him a call between 8:30 to 9am for the good news. I was talking to Jim on the phone while we were walking, crossing the street heading back to the hotel. Joy and Gilda warned me about using telephone, for snatchers. Uh uh, they couldn’t stop me from calling.

Tips (that worked for me):

1. Make a good impression by being one of the early birds and dressing appropriately. Smart casual attire is about right.
2. If all the required documents are complete and genuine, Affidavit of Support (with 1040, W-2s, etc) and proofs of genuine relationship all covered, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE NERVOUS ABOUT during the interview.
3. Arrange your documents according to the order they are needed at the embassy:

First ~ Original appointment letter and ID. These are presented twice. First before you enter the embassy premises, second before you enter the embassy building.

Second ~ 2 copies of DS156 and DS157 and 1 copy of DS156k. I stapled a copy of DS156 and DS157 together. So I made 2 sets. I have not read from previous experiences about a staff (the guy) collecting a set ahead and the rest for window X (or Y). However, that was their procedure that day of my interview.

Third ~ Birth Certificate, NBI, Affidavit of Support (I paperclipped Affidavit of Support, Special Letter of Intent from Jim for my daughter, Forms 1040, W2s, Letter from Employer, paystubs, letter from the bank), divorce papers, Proofs of genuine relationship (pictures, snailmails, phonebills, chats/emails, money receipts, wedding gown and entourage dresses receipt and sketches, proofs of Jims travel to the Philippines consisting of boarding passes, hotel folio and receipts of restaurants. The papers are in order however I suggest the use of tabbings for added comfort and easiness. I pasted each tabbing right at the exact document. I was asked only for pictures and snail mails.

I inserted all these documents in just one folder which I safely put inside a shoulder bag, so that I was handsfree. There is a waiting period in between steps so that gave me enough time to pull out necessary docs needed for a particular step (I carefully studied the steps the ladies here shared, especially cris_cely’s experience). I did not have to take the folder out from my bag until the first interview where they took most of the documents. The shoulder of the windows are wide enough to hold folders and documents so during the first interview, I just laid my folder open there, ready to pull out anything I am asked for.

I had a separate folder for the following documents:

a) NOA2 (Approval Notice) and NVC. Reason: My appointment letter misspelled my name. NVC made the typo. NOA2 bears the correct spelling.
c) My daughter and mine Baptismal certificates.
d) Transcript of Records
e) Clearances. Mine was an overkill. 3 Police Clearances (city, town, regional) Barangay clearance, city, municipal and regional trial court clearances lol I advise ladies not to punish yourselves this much
f) Original copies of money recipts, paystubs, phonebills, divorce papers, W-2.
This separate folder proved its use only during my last phase which was filling up the piece of paper for delivery address. The paper asked for my case number. I found it in my NVC letter
4) During the interview, answer with a little bit of excitement. It was easy for me because I was really excited. More excited than nervous.
5) Choose pictures that speak well of the relationship.
6) Write down possible questions and your answers. What I did was copy and pasted all the Q & As of the ladies' interview experience and answered them all! Jim approved all my answers
7) Pray pray pray. God knows what our hearts desire. However, be specific with your prayers. I prayed for a sweet consul and smooth Q & A. Just to share how I did mine:

• Talked with God everyday, telling Him how much I love Jim and how much Jim and I wished for a happy family together with our children.

• Visited the Carmelites Church in Mabolo, Cebu. My first time there ssssshhhhh The priests and nuns there pray for you! I wrote my petition and the time and date of my interview between 6:30 to 9:30am. Aint it a great feeling being inside the embassy, doing your part, while at the same time they say your prayers in chorus. Angels all around you while at the embassy!

• I did the same thing with “Our Lady of Frechuo” in Chicago. My friend (my maid-of-honor) gave me the site. I found a link for petitions. So I wrote them. It’s cool, they replied! My friend actually visited that church too for me!

• And of course the prayers made by my friends and by the members in this wonderful forum.

• Went to Sto Niño church with my daughter. Lighted candles. Had 3 “sinulog “dancers, dancing saying prayers while my daughter and I watched and prayed at the same time. (Gilda, can you imagine me teasing Krista that the way the two dancers looked, the message isn’t gonna reach God! )

I hope my experience (and tips) prove helpful for others too as I have found all of the ladies’ experiences here helpful for me.

Thank you very much. God Bless us all. ………. And world peace!

(Duece, if there’s anything I missed sharing and remembers it, will let you know - Thanks)

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I got to the embassy at 3:15am, and there were around 25 people ahead of me. We were led inside the gate at 5:15am.

The guards separated us by interview appointment time. I was scheduled for 7:30am, and the guards let those people who had a 6:30am appointment go first. I was given number 313 at this point.

Then, at around 8:00am, we were led inside the immigration section. We fell in line at this point, but didn't fall in line according to the numbers given in the waiting area. So, it's not a first come-first served basis. I submitted my ds-156, ds-156k and ds-157 as I entered the immigration section. After 10 minutes or so, I was called at window X. They gave me back my ds-156 and told me to fill up item #40 on the form, to my dismay. It says in item #39, that if the application was prepared by another person, I'd have to answer item #40, but I prepared it myself so I left it blank. So, I just put my name and address in there and put myself in the relationship part, and signed it again. I dropped back 7 places in line because of this delay.

They gave me number 7113, and I was told to wait for my number to be called. I followed the numbers closely and noticed that we were called in random order. From number 7073, they might jump to 7090 or to 7173, then they would go back again.

My number was finally called, and I talked to a Filipina interviewer. She asked me to submit my NBI, birth certificate, and the proofs, so I gave everything from my previous post (, except for the POLICE CERTIFICATE, CENOMAR, and CERTIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT OF XXX.

The Filipina interviewer was very detailed in the interview. The one sitting next to me took 15 minutes for her interview to be finished by the same interviewer. When she got back, I was teasing her that maybe my papers were in that window and that's why it's taking me forever to have my first interview. Then, we noticed that almost 10 minutes have gone by and the same window still wasn't calling for another interviewee. We were thinking maybe the interviewer was still taking notes.

Then after 5 more minutes, I was called to the same window.
These are her questions:
1. What is your name?
2. What is the name of your petitioner?
3. How old are you?
4. How did you meet?
5. Is he a university graduate?
6. Where is he from?
7. What were you two doing in Mapua? (one of our pictures shows us at Mapua Institute of Technology)
I told her that I got my year book.
8. What is his work?
9. What is your work?
10. When did you start dating?
Then she looked at evidence of support folder closely and she wrote some notes.
11. Why aren't you and your fiance hugging in the pictures?

I told her we both came from a conservative church, and she said aaah. She looked at my documentation for another 15-20 minutes, then I was told to wait for my name to be called again. After I left the window, it took her about 10 minutes before she called another number.

My name was called at window 38, and they scanned my fingerprint. Then, I was told to wait for my name to be called again. Then, at 12:00pm, we were told to leave and go for a lunch break and be back at 1:15pm.

I went inside at 1:05pm, went to the comfort room, and when I got out, my name was already flashing on window 29. The Tom Cruise-look alike (as odek_in_love put it) was the consul who interviewed me.

Me: Good afternoon.
Consul: How are you doing?
Me: I'm feeling better now.
Me: I was feeling dizzy a while ago before lunch break, good thing I got to eat first.
Consul: So you've had lunch now huh.
Me: Yeah.
Consul: So, tell me your name?
Me: xxxx
Consul: When is your birthday?
Me: xxxx
Consul: Raise your right hand now.
I raised my right hand.
consul: Do you swear to tell the truth?
Me: Yeah.
Consul: Lower it now.
I lowered my hand.
Consul: wushu wushu wushu
(I couldn't hear him.)
Me: Say that again?
I moved forward toward the speakers.
Consul: Who is your petitioner?
Me: xxxx
Consul: Where does he live?
Me: xxxx
Consul: How did you meet?
Me: The company that he's working for outsources their technical support to the company that I used to work for. I'm not connected to that company anymore. I already have another job at xxxx.
Consul: OH, xxxx (looks impressed).
Me: Yeah.
I was thinking to myself, "Yeah, xxxx. Don't look so impressed though. It may be a big company but I'm only making 15k." Great benefits though while the consul is looking at the K-1 petition from the USCIS. I continued to think silently, "Ok, it may be 15k, but I get full medical benefits and partial medical benefits for my dependents." I was wishing I'd get my mid-year bonus before I go to the US when the consul looked up and asked... Consul: So, tell me how he proposed to you?
Me: Through teamspeak.
The consul chuckled a little, and I couldn't help but giggle as well.
Me: It's a voice over IP software.
I think the consul already knows what it is from his reaction, but I wanted to make sure, so I explained it.
I think the consul is a gamer!!
Consul: Were you denied a visa before?
Me: Yes.
Consul: Where?
Me: Here.
Me: The consul who interviewed me told me he can't issue me a visa and told me to just wait for the K-1 visa to be issued since it would only take a few months anyway.
Consul: Were you planning to get married then?
Me: Yeah, I mean no.
The consul smirked and gave me a we-got-you look.
Me: I couldn't get married back then because I have a contract with xxxx and can't leave the company.
The consul was giving me a bemused look now.
Consul: Are you going to get married now?
Me: Yeah.
Consul: Oooook, wait for your name to be called again and have a good day.
I was thinking, "Noooo, no good day yet. I have to ask if I'm approved right here, right now."
Me: Am I approved?
Consul: Yeah.
I was thinking, "Woooooooohoooooooo!"
I was in a hurry to get out because I'm sooo excited and I banged my things on the speaker. I was sooo embarassed. Me: Sorry.
The consul gave me a big smile. I didn't know if he was happy or he was laughing at me. Hehe. I won't be able to tell the difference now. Consul: Be careful now.

Then I saw Ducecoop's family and told Elvie that I got approved and advised her to ask the consul before she leaves the room if she's approved or not. Then, I went back to my seat and told my seatmate that I got approved because the consul told me. She said she wished she had asked the consul if she was approved as well. Too late though. She can't go back in. Then, I was called at window 35 and they returned my papers back except for the evidence of support, birth certificate, NBI clearance and the forms.

Me: Am I approved?
Lady: Just wait for 7-10 days and your visa will be delivered if there's no problem.
Me: Ok.
Me: Do I have to pay for anything?
Lady: No.
Lady: So which call center were you working for?
Me: xxxx.
Me: I don't work there now, though. I now work for xxxx.
Lady: Oh, wow.
She looked impressed again.
I was thinking again, "Ok! Ok! I'm only getting 15k, so don't give me an impressed look."
Speculation: I think the company that I'm working for now has a great bearing on my approval.
And that's my interview experience.

I'm so excited!!

Thank you to all the people who answered the questions on this forum.

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My wife, Sugar, found out only a few days ago that her interview was on Monday by e-mail from the NVC. So we had to go without the appointment letter or NOA2. Her first day (18th May, Wednesday) she arrived at 7am and was number 69. She explained what happened to the guard and that she was to pick up the appointment letter and packet there.

"you want to know how was my medical exam went?:-> well, at first I talked to the guards and they just listen attentively, the guards are nice and very accomodating;) then I sit and wait for them to call my number then after 30 minutes they called "69" so I went to one of the three ladies at the reception then explained everything, I'm trying to show her the email from NVC but she didn't even try to look at it instead she just asked when is my interview date, I told her on monday-may23, then she just note that I did not presented an appointment letter and made me signed to that note, then she told me to just come back there when I'm done and asked for my appoinment letter, I said ok. Then she told me to get into the room next to them for my picture to be taken."

"So the photographer took a picture of me and he also took my passport and told me to wait for my name to be called, after 5 minutes one of the 2 ladies that incodes information called my name, then she told me to proceed to cashier on 5th floor;)"

"so after I paid the cashier, they took my vital signs then went to 3rd floor (I think) for x-ray"

"then on 4th floor, for urine test and blood test, there was a lady sitting next to the CR, then she gave me a cup, everyone that went out just proceed to the counter, but when I went out she stopped me and asked if I collect my urine, I said yes, she said hm... it looks like water:P then she let me go so I went to the counter then I gave them my urine:D then they gave me a test tube and told me to go to the laboratory for them to take my blood. Then they told me to go back to 5th floor for........... physical exam:P"

"it's a lady doctor, well as you know she told me to take off my clothes. the robe did nothing, I'm still almost naked:P she just asked those questions like at other people's interview;)"

"I showed the lady doctor the scar I got from the chicken pox I had then continue to asked me if I already this kind of diseases, I said no, then she told me that I should get but they don't have one of those vaccinations needed, she said I will get it on states, I said ok.. then at the counter told me to comeback tomorrow because I'm done with the first day work:P"

On 19 May, Thursday, Sugar arrived at 7am, but they were calling by name and not by number. Also the immunizations did not open until 8am, and did not call her name until 10am. Then they releases her papers at 11:30 am.

She also said they gave her a flow chat showing what you should get done on the first day and what you should get done on the second day. Her interview is on Monday so we have this weekend to prepare, wish us luck.

Paul & Sugar

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My k-1 Visa interview was a very funny and very memorable one, my mom and I came to the embassy on 6:30 am in the morning, then we came to the guard and show my letter of my appointment.

After that you will be given a card number (I forgot my number) by the guard, then we enter on the gate 3 ur belongings will be scan on the x-ray machine, plus ur cellphone will be surrendered to the guard on the gate.

after that you go to the waiting area, you will wait for your turn because my batch is on 8:00 am, first then will be a 6:30 am batch, then a 7:30 am batch and the last was on 8:00 am batch w/c is the last batch on that day.

then after that, the guard will give you a signal when to start to fall in line, I was then little nervous that time, I am also busy chatting to my batchmates to keep me relax, then after falling in line; the usher will accomodate you, for the last notes especially for the question stating that what country that issued you a passport, you will answer it as Philippines not none or n/a.

we to the right side of the hall, because on the left side is for the tourist visa section. then you will go to the table to give you a stub number, mine was 07232, then you will sit on the chair waiting for number to be called, then you will proceed to the window x w/c is filipino bald guy, then he will ask you about ur surname, mine surname is very smelly and very funny, the bald guy who called my name is always kept teasing me.

after finishing your battle in the window x, wait again for ur number to be called, my number lost in the lunch break, w/c added to my agony.

if your number is not called before break time, they will ask you to take a break, and you will be back exactly at 1:15 pm.

then after you will wait for your turn, mine was called on the 2:30 pm, you know I've waited for almost 9 hours just to be interview by filipino bald guy, that guy almost killed me because he is so strict, feeling like a consul ( I was interviewed for almost 15 mins. of hell), he was stationed on window 41.

then after that, for another hour I was called again for finger printing and wait for ur turn interviewed by the consul.

I was called on window 29, w/c looks like a tom cruise look alike.

then the following question are:

a.) he will ask you ur name, and your birthday; he will based it on the passport, then he raised my hand it is me on the passport, then I said yes.

then she ask me me who is my petitioner, I ask my name fiancee's whole name, then he again ask me again another question, how do you meet? I requested to the consul that I may used a tagalog language, he said is all yours.

then she ask me her work, birthday, when she is working, does she have a brother, he ask a personal question, that you can answer it by yourself ( if you really knew your fiancee well), then she ask me about my wedding plans ( it is important!).

while he asking a barrage of question I noticed he looking me on the eye, i also look on the eye ( that's the important thing to do!!)

then after a couple of minutes w/c shorter to the filipino whose scrutinizing me for almost fifteen minutes. He said in tagalog approved na po kayo. then that's it, I feel like I was on heaven!!

Well, I would like to thank God for everything, becuase w/o him I cannot be here on this situation, just be polite and honest about feelings your future husband or wife becasue this might saved you, from trouble.

Always prepare every necessary papers that might ask you especially the letters, pictures of both of you and post cards and other related stuff!!

I would like to thank my parents, my fiancee's parents, my fiancee and to the asawa website because of you we didn't know about the rules and regulations of K-1 visa guidelines!!

You give a big hand especially on this kind situation.

Now, I only waiting for my visa to be delivered by 7-10 days, you will not pay the 165 pesos for the delivery because it is already paid by your future hubby in the United States.

Always think the worst because the readiness in you might save you from trouble!!

Thanks and good luck to the future K-1 visa applicants!!

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Finally, im also writing down my interview experience. But this one will be a bit different though. lol.

Ate Weng texted me at 3: 30 am to tell me (meaning, to remind that i should get up that they're already lining up the US embassy but got to read it at 4am in the morning. lol. I had to pick-up Randy at the airport on the eve of my interview. We arrived Miramar at 12:00am. Got up at 4 am, went to embassy at 4:30.

I didn't get to jot down the time i went to windows X and 38 but we're number 7047. Randy and I were still waiting for my name to be called when Ate Weng and Ate G got approved.

Around 7:30am: I was waiting for my name to be called... a few minutes my number flashed down the screen, went to the window where a filipino staff would interview me. He asked for my:

1. 2 valid IDs
2. NBI Clearance
3. Birth Certificate
4. Pictures
5. Cards and
6. i-134

Randy noticed the guy taking down notes like the applicant was with her fiance, been to PI 4 times, more pictures and cards from the applicant.

Around 8:00am: I heard my name being called at Window X. The guy asked for my docs and after that gave me a number and a form where i want my visa to be delivered.

Around 8:30am: my number was called and asked to go to window 36 and then window 38 for finger scanning. After that, Randy and I walked around to look at the pics hanging on the wall and walked around the area where the interview where being held (interviews are being held at room 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32).

This is just my observation, k? It seems to me that you can tell if you will pass the interview by looking through the reactions/faces of the consul while conducting the interview. I noticed that the consul on room number 32 doesn't smile. The girl she's interviewing that day where there for about 30 minutes already while the applicants come and go for the third time to the rest of the rooms.

Around 9am: I saw my number flashed on the screen. The consul who interviewed me is an american lady. When we entered the room, she asked my fiance if he is the petitioner and then asked him to leave.

The lady greeted me good morning and was smiling all the time. I noticed that she didn't look at our pictures, cards, emails and chat logs. She was just scanning the i-129f, affidavit of support and other documents. And get questions there. Here are the questions: (not in exact order... i was nervous all the time that's why i didn't take down the time and the sequence of questions)

1. What is the name of your fiance?
2. where did you met him?
3. how many times did you met?
4. was he married before? (I said yes, unfortunately he was married before, three times.)
5. can you tell me the reasons and what are the reasons he told you and did you bother to know the reasons?
6. where did he work and what is his job
7. when is your birthday
8. did you work before
9. does he own a house or renting an apartment
10. does he like his job
11. what is your father's name
12. what is your mother's name
13. Are you the eldest?
14. where is your birth place?
15. she noticed that my birth certificate has a "delayed declaration" notice. she asked about it and i said "yes, ma'am i was just registered on January of 1978" and she said "oh, ok"

that's it. After that she said thank you Karolyn. Wait for your name to be called and you will be given instructions. I didn't know if im approved or not so i had to look for the girl who was interviewd by the same lady. I asked her whay did the consul tell her and i tell her what the consul told me. The girl said you are just approved!

My number was called on window 37, i think. The lady said "so far all your documents are okay, no problem. Is this the address where you want your visa to be delivered?" i saw the green and white card with the sign "APPROVED" I was patting Randy on his thigh to tell him that we're just been approved.

Thats it. Just be yourself, pray and keep your fingers

Arrange your documents in a way you will find it easily when they asked you of it coz i noticed that they're getting pissed at some applicants who could find the docs right away or maybe too nervous that they didn't know or couldn't understand what the staff was asking of them.

If not for this forum, i don't think i'd be able to make it. when i read Cely's post on how she organized her docs, i took all my papers and noticed that some of my papers were at the big box along with the papers i don't need anymore!

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Hello Good Day To all, Very Happy

Now, it’s my turn to share my SLEC medical experienced…

3:10am, I got a text from my very supportive fiancé, asking me if I’m ready to go at SLEC, and I answered him YES, I was on my way to SLEC…At exactly 4am, I arrived at SLEC with my cousin, I was number 8th in line. There was another line at the other side for those applicants who will undergo sputum test and were asked to repeat their X-ray for further tests…

5:35am the guard told us to get ready the original appointment letter as well as photocopy for them to submit. He stamped my original appointment letter and attached the photocopy to my PDS forms, He then gave me a number and I was number 8th . He instructed me to sign the first three pages of the form with red check marks only (but I would advise to go through the whole pages and sign your name in there since they will asked you as well to sign your name there, when you go to the next step)…And if you don't have any relative in the US, just write your Fiancé's name, address and contact numbers in your PDS form...

5:40am I was inside the clinic at the ground floor and filled up the PDS forms, since I’m done filling up the forms, I sent some text messages to my fiancé, while waiting the counter to open.

6am the US counter open and start calling the numbers. At 6:15am my number was called and I submitted the filled up PDS form, my passport and 1(2x2)picture. The Lady at the counter verified the information’s I’ve wrote in there and told me that she will attached another copy to the forms and I can fill it up while waiting the next step. The forms that she’ve mentioned was a copy of DS 156k. Then she told me to sit down and wait my name to be called for digital picture and encoding of data for their files.

6:45am my name was called and I was instructed to go at the back of the counter where I submitted the forms, there was a room there that digital pictures were taken for their record…Again the lady who took the picture, told me to wait outside and wait for my name to be called.

7:10am my name was called and the lady (beside the counter) told me to go to 5th floor to pay at the cashier...At 7:11am I was at the 5th floor, I saw the nurse there who got the vital signs, height and weight as well as the eye Test. I decided to have it first then since there were only few people to that floor and will have the payment later…I submitted my forms to the nurse and she got my BP as well as my height and weight. She told me to take a sit first and gave me another form to fill up.(A very quick process) 5mins after she called me again for the eye test. Then after that she gave me back the forms and told me to pay to the cashier(same floor)...I paid 5,225pesos and the lady told me to go at 3rd floor for the X-ray.

7:31am at the 3rd floor, I submitted my forms to the lady(do not submit your forms at the X-ray counter, there was a table there at the front of the counter where the lady got the forms) Idea NOTE! As soon as you have finished one process, always submit your Forms to the counter so will finished early and to avoid the long wait. Every floor has it’s counter and they will tell you what’s next step you will do and what floor. SO ALWAYS be ready and on the GO…Anyway, after 20mins my name was called and the lady asked me the following que’s: When was my last menstruation, If I ever had a contact after that, Did I ever get pregnant before, had abortioned?, If I am a smoker or took drugs before,and if I Have some allergies to dugs and foods. Then she let me signed the forms and told me to sign it similar to the signature I had in my passport…After that she told me to wait again…

After 15mins my name was called and I was instructed to proceed at the X-ray room and gave me back my forms with the envelop(with my name) for the X-ray. I went to the room and changed to a hospital gown and waited again for my turn, Finally after 15mins I was called and had my X-ray. After that the radiologist told me to proceed at 4th floor for urine and Blood extraction. I dressed off the hospital gown and put on my clothes.

8:20 I was at 4th floor and submitted again my forms at the counter then the lady told me to get a form/waiver to sign for HIV/AIDS test. After reading the form, I signed it and wait my name to be called. After 15mins, my name was called and the lady asked my middle name and my age. She gave me forms to sign and a tube and container for Urine sample. She instructed me to proceed to the next room located at the right…I went to the room and I saw a Medical technologist there drawing blood from the applicants. I was told to take a sit and waited my turn. While observing her(MEDTECH) she was very gentle and the applicants who were ahead of me told us that they didn’t even felt the pain, it’s just like an ant bite, and so I didn’t even get nervous nor scared ‘coz I know that it’s doesn’t really hurt/painful, so nothing to be scared off. After that I was instructed to go at the CR(inside the LAB room) and told me to put my urine in the container, She told me to left my things outside and so I followed her. Then told me to go back to the counter and submitted my urine sample there…I put my urine sample in the tray at the counter and submitted again my forms, the Nurse told me to take a sit first and wait my name to be called…After 30mins. My name was called and gave me back my forms then told me to proceed at the 5th floor for my PE. Since I took the stairs in going to the said floor, I was able to read the result of my urine test “Pregnancy TEST NEGATIVE”… At 5th floor I submitted my forms again at the US counter and the lady told me to wait again. After 10mins of waiting, my name was called and I was given a number for Physical Exam, THANK GOD I was assigned to room number 8 with Dr. MCJB???(sorry I’m not sure with her name since I was already tired and sleepy that time Very Happy ) Anyway, I waited outside on the said room for my physical exam. After a few minutes, the door opened and the Dr. called my number. Upon entering her room, I greeted her “good morning Doc” and she smiled at me and told me to take a sit. She asked my passport and the forms and then asked me the following questions:

1) When was the last day of my Menstruation?
2) If I had contact after that?
3) Do I have some drug and food allergies?
4) Did I get pregnant before?
5) Attempted suicide?
6) Had abortioned or miscarriages?
7) If I had some illnesses like heart failure, DM, asthma, etc…
Cool What’s my profession and my age

After that, she told me to undress everything and I so I did follow her instructions and changed to a hospital gown. She checked my Back and told me to lie down, and she just press my abdomen and she Didn’t TOUCHED my private part nor my breast. Then told me to put on my clothes and everything is fine. It was just a very quick physical exam and she didn’t even asked me those questions above repeatedly, ONLY ONCE!.THANK GOD angel I was not assigned to room number 5,hehehehe…After that I thank her and leave the room and go back again to the US counter. The Lady told me to proceed to my immnunization interview located on the same floor and there the Doc asked me if I had chicken pox before or any contact after my period then asked if I have some allergies. She then told me that I will have an MMR and Varicella shots. Then I went back again to the US counter and the lady told me to go back to the 3rd floor and submit again my forms and waited again my name to be called. After 30mins my name was called and the lady told me to go back the following day at 8:30am for my immunization and the results. Idea NOTE: The Result will not be release on a first come, first served basis But it will depend on your Medical, PE and LAB results. I finished at exactly 10am and texted my fiancé that I’m done and THANK GOD I have a good Doctor for my PE. Actually the personnel that I’ve encountered that day was very nice and I really Thank GOD for that… Very Happy

I arrived at SLEC around 6:45am and gave my receipt to the guard. (This is just my own observation guys and I'm not so sure if it's true/real(just my self Observation, OK!), that if they’ve found out that you have problem with your X-ray they will let you retake it the following day and you cannot have the immunization unless your results will be cleared. I was able to glance the master’s list of the guard and I’ve seen my name under”FOR Immunization” while the other side of the list have the names with those who will take again their X-ray and for further testings)and the guard will instructed you to what floor you go…

He stamped my receipt with “immunization at 2nd floor” and so I went there and dropped my receipt at the box. This was the very long wait compared to the other step I’ve went yesterday. While waiting them to call out names, I’ve met a woman, She was in her mid 40’s I think and she was nice. She went already to different countries and she’s under spousal visa and her husband is a Filipino also. When I asked her if she had already the CFO seminar, she didn’t know about it, and so I gave her the infos about it and where she can have the seminar and the sticker and stamp as well. She asked me why I know about CFO and I said because my fiancé told me about it and got all those infos here in asawa, She was very thankful that I told her about it because she was expecting that the interview is the last step and I told her that you still have to take the CFO and got the sticker after she had the visa on hand since you will not be allowed to leave the country without them. I don’t know why she didn’t know about CFO well infact she’ve went already to different countries(Ive assumed that she had just the tourist visa). Anyway, she was very thankful to that and knew about CFO…

8:45am my name was called and the nurse(guy) asked me the following ques:

1) What’s my name
2) When was the last day of my Period?
3) Do I have contact after that?
4) Any food and drug allergies?
5) If I have some medications taken daily.
6) Asked me if I have chicken pox before?(NO)
Then he told me that I will have the MMR and Varicella(for chicken pox) and told me not to get pregnant within 2-3months…He told me to sign the immunization form and gave me first the MMR shot on my right arms. Then Varicella on my Left arms(this is painful since the medicine is quite sticky ) After that, I thank him and told me to proceed at the ground floor at the releasing area.

There I’ve waited for about 45mins then my name was called and the lady asked my passport and 6 visa pics(name written at the back) and gave me the X-ray film inside the big brown envelop and my vaccination record. She told me that they will be the one to forward my medical result to the embassy as well as my passport and the pics. Then told me to bring with me my X-ray film when I come to the US as well as the immunization record, after that I Thank her and went home…THANK GOD, I’m done already and No problem that may cause any delays. First I should THANK GOD that He is always there for us and Guide me every step of the way. To my VERY supportive and Gwapo BABE who is always there for me and following me all the way, BABE, Thank you soo much and I LOVE YOU 4EVER love inlove …To all asawa members esp to Joy, littleprincess for including me in your prayers, Chris_Cely, LJ2005, Len10 who’ve always answered all my ques, MARAMING SALAMAT talaga and To ALL ASAWA MEMBERS, who’ve shared their experiences THANK YOU!, and to the moderator who’ve created this forum, this is such a BIG HELP TO US and I know that with out you guys my medical exam wouldn’t be successful since I knew already what to expect in there from reading all the experiences that the members here have shared, To Ducecoop as well for compiling all the experiences, THANK You it did help me a lot. TO ALL MEMBERS THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH… and To the lady who are still having their medical exam soon, DON'T WORRY everything is fine and I would advise that you come early so you will be finished then and if you will have to go back the following day, just have your shots or the results...AGAIN Thank You and Good Luck to other ladys, You can do it Girl! thumbsup God Bless US and for our upcoming interview...

Shyne v

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Hello People on the house…. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy I just want to know everyone here that at last, Im done my interview at us embassy manila, Today, (MAY 18, 2005 )

This is really kind of long guys but i just want to share my experience & maybe in this my own experience i can help someone who will undergo interview at us embassy soon.

The Day before my interview, I am already check in at Cherry Blossom Hotel, Ermita, Manila near Robinson Mall since I lived far from US embassy.

Anyway, Here’s my interview experience.

3:25am – I arrived at the embassy with my sister, we ride the service from the hotel where we stay, I got 7 in the line for immigrant. We were assembled at the waiting shed, & of course I saw & meet the popular strict vendor. (haha) but shes nice, she’s funny because she speak English everytime she tells what you do & what things you need.

5:20am- We started walking to the embassy entrance, as the guard instructed us. But we are still outside. I show my orig. appt.letter & after that the guard told me to wait & sit down at the cemented bench & keep in line.My experience today is that they keep you in line based on your appointment time. There’s a guy ahead of me,he was there at 3am he’s appt. time is 8am but the guard put him in another line. The first can go inside is the 6am appt time & also the 7am appt time. The rest like 8am etc is next & wait outside.

6:00am-The guard told us to show the appointment letter with a valid id then First five gets in & put all your things to xray scanner then you have to leave your cellphone at the guard & they give you a number to get it later, after you’re done in your interview.

6:30am- I just got in the door & have my things put in the xray scanner then leave my phone with the guards. After that I went inside.Then I fall in line again, then there’s a desk there near at the entrance for immigrant section that a guy will check your appt.letter again then told you to sit & wait when your named be called at window X

7:30am- My name was called at window X so I went there then he ask if I have a newly ds230 to be filled up, I said no because I already sent to the national visa center. & he said ok, I will use this one that the nvc forwarded us. I was worried because he said that why is it my husband just only pay 200 for the immigrant visa, I told him that we paid 335 at the nvc then since the visa fee goes up for 380, I have to pay another 45 dollars in the us embassy, manila & he said, oh ok, just explain to the console & he give me a stub number (7033 & said wait your number to be called & flashed at the queue board then also told me to pay the 45 dollars in the cashier. After that I go back my sit & wait my no. to be called. I was worried about what he said but everything is ok though when the console interview me. The console never ask about it. Maybe they already verify it to the nvc. & check the error.

8:30am- I saw my number flashed & blinking underwindow 25, I went there & I said Hi, & Good morning Maam.& I saw her inside screening & looking my papers.It takes 5 minutes before she ask a questions to me as she was really reading all my papers. Here’s her questions to me:

1.What is your name?
2.Who is your petitioner?
3.What is the name of your petitioner?
4.Your Relationship to the petitioner?
5.How old are you?
6.How old is he?
7.Where did you meet?
8.When did you meet him?
9.How did you meet him?
10.Tell me your love story?
11.What is the job of your husband?
12.Where does he live?
13.Was he married before?
14.Were you married before?
15.Does he have children?
16.Do you have children?
17.When he went here? Whats the date?
18.How long he stay here?
19.Where did you guys go?
20.When did you last see your husband?
21.How long you been married?
22.When is he last time you spoke to him?
23.Is he plan to stay in the army long?
24.When he will be deployed in iraq?
25.Where’s your wedding pictures?

She look my wedding pictures & more of our pictures together then she also asked me the postal letters so I give it to her & she read it then keep looking & checking my papers again then after that ok, go back to your sit then wait your number to be flashed then I will forward his to the consul. & I said Thank you for your time Maam, & she said you’re welcome & she smile. I really thought shes in a bad mood coz at first shes kind of strict but I just keep praying in my mind that everything turns out well.

9:00am- I saw my number again blinking for window 34 so I immediately went there for finger scanning, Im so funny there coz its been a long time for me to finish there since my fingers are all sweet because I was really nervous that time, haha, a Korean lady is the one incharge for finger scanning, I told her,im sorry if take a lot of your time & she had a wide smile to me & said don’t worry, its alright. Just wipe your hands with a tissue paper but as I scan my finger again, it wont work, it wont scan. A Filipina there with the Korean lady told me, to go to the restroom & wash my hands.haha so I went there, it happens that the light there are all off, I don’t know what happen, I cant locate where the switch is, we are two ladies are there in the restroom & we are looking where the switch is but theres no switch there. I was just hurry & was my hands fast then I go back again to window 34 for finger scanning. Finally, It works haha then Im done there. So I go back to my sit & wait again for my number & this time I will have the consul for my final interview.

9:30am-My number flashed to window 29, So I went there. It was a cubicle where this time im going to sit down, I saw this black American woman around 40’s, I greeted her, Good morning & she smile & replied me back too. I sat down & she ask me to raise my hand & asked me if all the information that I provided in the documents are true. I said YES!!! After that, she look at my passport & said I noticed you like to tie or pony your hair. Because in my passport & when I went in the embassy I tie my hair coz its long. After that she looked at me & here’s her questions:

1. What is your name?
2. Name of your petitioner?
3 Your relationship to the petitioner?
4. How old are you?
5. How old is he?
6. When did you get married?
7. Where did you get married?
8. Was it a civil or church wedding?
“ I answered her, it was a christian wedding, we solemnized by a licensed cardinal from a other religious sect, not catholic.
9. What is the difference with a church wedding & a Christian wedding?
“ MY answered is like this : I just told her that in our case, We got married in our house & then we invite a cardinal from other religious sect to wed us as a husband & a wife. There’s no difference with the church & Christian wedding because that’s the same ceremony but in our case we just married in our house in a Christian wedding way that there’s candle, etc & do prayers. So obviously, that is not a church wedding because we didn’t marry in the church , or in the house of GOD so she smile & said ic. Ok.
10.When did you meet online?
11. Where? What Site?
12. Tell me what is this yahoo website? Where in Yahoo website?
13. What is Yahoo messenger?
14. What specific chat room you meet him?
15. Who contact first?
16. What’s your first conversation?
17.When you guys officially on?
18. How long you chatted before he went here & marry you?
19. How he proposed you? To the fact that you guys just chat online & you haven’t meet yet?
20.Why you get marry right away for your first meeting?
21. Are you really in love with each other?
22. Tell me your love story?
23. What is your husband’s job?
24. What does he specific do in the army?
25. What’s hes rank?
26. When did he start to join in the army?v 27. How long he is working now in the army?
28. When he will be deployed? & Where?
29. Is he divorce?
30. Are you divorce?
31. Does he have children?
32. Do you have children?
33. Is this really your first marriage?
34. Is this really hes first marriage?
35. Does he call you often?
36.Does he support you? How much everymonth?
“ I told her that My husband trusting me his main account in the army. He give his atm card to me because he really trust me a lot . & she was surprised? She said: Wow, really? He really trusted you? To the fact that you guys are very far from each other & maybe you will get crazy spending money since you have the main account. I told her, MY husband Loves me & He trust me & I know how to budget & I spend wisely. & she said, wow. That guy is really inlove with you. I said YES maam, HE really loves me & I love him with no doubts & with all of my heart.
37.When is the last time you spoke to him?
I told her, earlier like 4am & 5 am in the morning. (TODAY )
38.Did you already meet his parents?
39. How old his Dad & Mom?
40. Does he have brothers & sisters?
41.Where your husband live? What state?
42. Does he live in the apartment? Or a house? Or?
43. Describe how it look like?
44.Is he lived near in his base?
45. Where his base located?

She write in a bond paper all my answers to her, then she open the folder for the wedding pics & more pics of me & my husband. Then she said, I like your wedding, It simple but I can really see that you are both really in love. I said, Yes mam, you are right, we really in love & we always inlove with each other everyday, Then she saw my mom in my wedding pic, she said. Who is this woman? I said oh that’s my mom, & she said wow she look so happy, & I said yes maam shes happy because she knows that I am inlove & the guy that I marry is a wonderful man. Then she find the receipt when my husband sent me flowers on valentines day, She said, wow your husband is so sweet to you, she send you flowers. Then after that she keep looking more of our pictures, Then After that she said, that’s all & wait outside because you will be called again to another window to return he letters & the pictures. I said ok maam, Thank you for your time.

I think my interview in the console lasted 15minutes, so I went outside in the cubicle & sit there & wait again my number to be flashed & go to the window where I have to go.

10:10am-My number flashed at window 35 so I went there, MY pics & letters was returned to me then she gie me a pink paper & told to go to GATE 4 & pay the delivery for the visa. I ask her if I was really approve she said just wait if finally your visa is in your hands. Because as of now I don’t know yet. But I really saw my folder with a brown sticker or card printed with a big APPROVED. So I went to Gate 4 at Embassy Pavillion to pay the cashier for my is a delivery. I fill up a form there & write down my address where you want to deliver the visa. IM still worried, so I ask the guard & he said yes you are approved & congrats to you. Because if you are not approved then they wont let you pay the delivery visa fee yet & they will give you a white form to fill up & you have to come back but in your case you are approve, I also ask others there who pay there visa delivery, they said yes we are approved. They are so happy too My reaction was so delayed hahah I mean I couldn’t believe I am done & I am approved. GOD, Thank you so muchhhh!!!!!!! There’s no impossible with GOD. You know what I did, prior for my interview, I went in quipo church where the original san nazareno is there, I pray hard to him, I offer mass, I attend mass too then I even kneel down from the entrance to the altar, most people do that there for sacrifices & do prayers to him. & then as I enter in the us embassy, I keep praying & praying because I can’t help being really nervous.But I know GOD is with me through all this visa journey process. Hey to all asawa members. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP. ME & MY HUSBAND REALLY APPRECIATE. WITH ALL THE HELP, I won’t mention name because maybe I will forgot to mention all. SO To those who will still undergo interview, GOODLUCK & don’t worry, everything is gonna be fine. Just have faith with GOD because GOD is the one who really decide everything & always thank HIM. BUT before I end this, I would really say THANK U to my wonderful husband, Hey AARON, MY sweetheart, My lover, MY bestfriend, My everything. THANK U SO MUCH for all the love you give to me, for all the care, for always have patience for this thorough process of our visa journey, I REALLY appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I always Thankful to GOD that he give me a special gift & he sent in my way someone as kind hearted as you. I am very lucky & truly blessed to have you as my husband forever. You are the best gift that I have in my life. I LOVE YOU with all of my heart & with all of me. I will always LOVE YOU beyond forever. Muahhhh…

Note: Its really nice if you organized your documents, For me, I got a different kind of color of the folder then I separate for the emails, then I join the phonebills,receipts,tickets,then the remittances. & postal letters/cards Then I put all my pictures in one folder, I paste in a bond paper so its easy for the console to look at it. Then I just bring small album incase she/he needs more pics for us.

GUYS!!! At this time as I type this experience of mine, I got a text from Delbros that they informing me that they will deliver my visa. Then they will send another text again when the date of the delivery. IM SO HAPPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO THANK GOD A WHOLE LOT & THANK U ALL AGAIN !!!!! IM VERY HAPPY, I am crying really right now,a tears of happiness because after 10months, I will see him & I will be with my husband . I really miss him a lot….


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Thank GOD It’s Friday the 13! I guess the number 13 is lucky number for me! Hello everyone….now I’m here and my turn to share my so-called “INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE”.

May 11, 2005

Me and my sister arrived at Miramar Hotel at exactly 1:00 p.m., just for everyone who had their reservation at the said hotel it’s a good place and a reasonable price to stay. The staffs were so nice and calls you once in awhile if you have anything that you want them to do for you and other things. And also the free breakfast (butter, coffee w/ or w/o cream, orange jam, egg, and texas bread) is being served from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you’ll just need to claim your stab at the reception area.

And also, I met some asawa members too, asianna, diwata, jenny, soccoach (whom I thought it was ducecoop, sorry my mind is occupied with my interview and so much nervous.) together with his fiancee and daughter, ducecoop's fiancee and daughter too. I forgot their names I'M SORRY.

May 12, 2005

The day before my interview, David arrived from US to accompany me.

May 13, 2005
1:30 a.m.

David wake me up, that it’s time to get up and get ready for the interview.

2:45 a.m.

We were at the waiting shed outside the Embassy and waited there (we were second on line). The old lady was there already and assisting everyone who arrives. Well, she talks a lot and makes you laugh. Maybe to make you feel relax and nothing to worry about the interview.

6:15 a.m.

It took a long wait at the shed (like 4 hours) and finally the guard came, asked us to fall in line and informed us that they needed the appointment letter together with the I.D. for checking.

6:30 a.m.

Again, we waited at the shed (inside the Embassy) for few minutes and few minutes after we went inside the Embassy. They’ve checked all our things and left our mobile (turned-off) at the counter.

A staff checked on my papers and stamped my appointment as 7002, and instructed us to sit for awhile and wait until my name is called. He also gave me a form to fill-up where do I want my visa to be delivered.

6:45 a.m.

My name was called and I went to Window X, asked for my DS 156K, two (2) copies of my DS 156 and DS 157. He also gave me a number (7002).

7:15 a.m.

My number flashes and we (me and my fiancé) went to Window 21. The lady asked my fiancé and these are the following:

When did you arrived?

Do you have your Tax Return of 2003 and 2004?

As for me, it was:

When did you met?
When did he first visit you?

She asked for the pictures and letters but she never took the letters instead just look at it and told us to just show it to the consul if he/she asked those.

While she was doing those questioning and requesting things, I saw her noting that my fiancé is with me in a bold letter.

Afterwards, she let us sit again and asked us to wait for the next step or my number to flash/called again.

7:45 a.m.

Our number flashed again, and went to Window 38, she asked me to put my right index finger for finger scanning and same with my left index finger. And again, we went back in our sit and waited for my number flashes.

8:10 a.m.

The 7002 flashes again! And we went to Room 32. The consul or the interviewee was a American. He was nice and smiling upon seeing us (he’s in a good mood) and said “HI” to both of us in our first name. The consul talked to David and asked when did he arrived and he said yesterday. And the consul laughed and said “Wow! You’re such a chipper huh!” and answered back “Well, to prove and of course give support to my wife to be.” And he (consul) laughed.

He then asked us to raise our right hand and let us swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth as indicated in our files/application and what we will answer/say on all the questions he’ll ask about us. He then asked David, “Do you have this form filled-up and notarized?” It was the Affidavit of Support. And we handed him. Afterwards, he asked David if he can leave me (in a nice way) and ask me some questions about him (David) and that it will take like 5 minutes only. David said its okay so he left me there. I was so much nervous!!!! BUT believe it or not guys!!!!!!!!!!! He asked me……”What is the e-mail address of David” and I smiled and said its “ sir”. And the other is “Where did David worked before his present job”. He noted it and then told me “Okay Joy, that’s all please wait and your number will be called again and tell you the details on how your visa will be delivered to you, have a nice day!” SURPRISED! And I thanked him and left already, just upon stepping out the room I looked for David and I saw him just standing in the corner and I want to shout out loud because of joy that I WAS APPROVED! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:30 a.m.

The last step, the number flashes again and we went to the Window 34. The lady gave back the pictures and asked me the form that I filled-up of the details where will be my visa be delivered. And then said we may go home already, well to be sure, I asked her if there is anything we need to pay for the delivery of my visa and she said that it’s a COD mode already.

David and I was so happy that we were approved that easily and of course very much thankful. We step out and took my mobile and called my parents and told them the good news. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel already.

For others to know, the whole time I waited, I never talked to anyone but instead prayed the whole time of waiting. It helped us a lot, very much.

And of course, I’m so much thankful that David was with me on my interview, he was there all the time and came along with me in all the window counters I went at. We have all the proofs and the documents needed (3 binders of chat logs, divorce papers, emails, letters, pictures, remittance (original/photocopy), employment letter, W2s from 2002-2004, Tax Returns from 2002-2004, bank letters, and pay stubs but they never asked all of them but only the pictures and the 2003-2004 Tax Returns. Having your partner/fiancé/fiancée is really a big help for the approval of our application. Because we (David and I) noticed the lady who arrived first or number 7001 haven’t called yet and we were done already and her number hasn’t called/flashes on the main board yet. She is K1 too and alone. And the one who is number 7098 was next to us who is with her fiancé too and they were done few minutes after us. I’m not forcing anyone, but just telling you that if you still have time to come over and accompany your fiancé please do. I know a lot will be telling me or quote me about this that some was approved without their fiancé but I’m just sighting what we observed and what we have experienced having David with me.

Before I forget I’d like to say thank you to everyone who texted me as early as 2:00 a.m., Roni (irwin’s fiancée), ate G (3:00 a.m.), and to others too who wished me luck the night before and during my interview asianna, chris_cely, darlingdowns, gaiden, halabu24, len10, Love (Ryan T’s fiancée), mareeah, pinay (my co-worker, my friend who have introduce me about this site and have been patiently helping me and guiding me step by step of the application. ) Shyne and Weng. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And of course I want to say thank you too, to all the asawa members who were always been there who’ve been always there answering all my queries. You have helped me a lot, without you all guys, this interview will not be as successful as it may be.

God bless to everyone and Good luck to other members who’s their interview is coming soon!


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3:30 - arrived at US embassy
- 7th on the line
6:30 - the guard checked our appoinment letter and I.D.
7:15 - checked our bags through x- rays
7:30 - name was called at window X, the lady asked my name and gave me a number
7:50 - my number was flashed at que board for window 24
The lady asked the following:
1 What is your name?
2 Who is your petitioner?
3 When did you get married
4 How old are you when you get married?
5 Do you have children?
6 Do you have a copy of his naturalization certificate?
7 What is your Job?

I signed part 2 of DS 230.

8:15 - window 28 for finger printing.
8:17 - My name was called using PA system by the US consul. She was nice and accomodating, asked me if i can speak english.
I took the oath, then she ask the ff. questions:

1 Who is your petitioner?
2 What is your relationship to him?
3 Do you have children?
4 Does he send you money?
5 Civil or church wedding? Why?
6 What is your husband's job?
7 Does he live on his own?
8 When did he upgrade your petition?

Thats all her questions. She ask me to go back to the waiting area.

8:25 - My number was flashed again ,went to window 28. I saw my folder, with an approved IV stamp on pink paper on top. The lady gave me another pink paper and asked to pay the delivery fee at gate 4. I was told the visa will be delivered in 3 to 4 days.
8:40 - I was talking to my husband outside the US Embassy compound
Visa delivered after 2 days.
Thanks to all members of ASAWA. Goodluck to all.

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Hi guys!! It’s been a while since I last posted..I'm glad my PC is finally fixed…I’m done with my Medical Exam at St. Lukes…and I'd like to share my experience with you guys...

Day 1
I went there on May 10…I arrived around 4:00 AM and luckily I was only 8th in line.. I really advise that you go there as early as you can so that you can finish everything the same day and if you need to go back the next day it will only be to claim your results…

5:00 AM, Ground Floor – The guard started to let people in, asked for a photocopy of the Appointment Letter and verified it with the original one. He stamped the back of my hand and provided the PDS (Patient Data Sheet Form) and instruct us to accomplish the first three pages. BUT, I tell you now browse through the other pages and look for a RED check/mark it only ask for your name better to write on it as well since when you go thru the next process they will ask you to fill it up anyway…just to save on some precious time. Note as well that you shouldn’t use a sign pen just use a regular black pen.

The guard will also provide you with the working flow chart make sure that you read it as this is very helpful so you would easily find your way.

Also, if you want to bring in any food make sure that you hide it inside your bag because they won’t allow it. And they will ask you to either leave it or eat it outside. They will also reprimand you when they see you be discreet!!

As what the other girls posted, be aware of the name and address of any of your relatives in the US. They are very keen on this, if you don’t have any relative they will ask you to write down anyone even your previous neighbor!!! I guess you can write down your fiancé’s name even if you already wrote that he is your petitioner. And don’t forget the address and phone number of your fiancé.

As long as there is an employee who arrives they will start calling out names, please note that you will need to present the number tag so don’t lose it!!

6:30 AM, Ground Floor – They started to call out the numbers be attentive since they don’t use a microphone/PA System for this. The lady I talked to was very gracious she verified the information I’ve written. She asked for my passport and 1 2x2 picture instructed me to sit down and wait for my name to be called for Digital Picture. She also said she attached another form that I can fill out while waiting it turned out that it is a copy of DS 156K.

7:30 AM, Ground Floor – They started to call out the names for Digital Picture, proceed directly at the door behind the counter. Afterwards the guy instructed me to go to wait for my name to be called again.

7:40 AM, Ground Floor – My name was called again and the lady asked me to go to the 5th Floor for payment.
Note that you don’t necessarily need to follow the flow chart, the last person you talked to would instruct you where to go. I guess they don’t want to cramp people just in one place. Don’t follow other people in front of you. And you always have to be on the go so that you would finish early.

7:45 AM, 5th Floor – There wasn’t a long line when I arrived. The cashier is located exactly on the right side after you went off the elevator. Make sure that you have peso even if the payment is $100. They will convert it to peso, I paid P5,225 and was asked to have my vital signs, height, weight, eye test and BP on the same floor.

8:00 AM, 5th Floor – I submitted my forms and passport to the lady who takes note of the Height and Weight. She asked me to wait again and since there weren’t a lot of people yet so it wasn’t a long wait. She took my height and weight and the other lady took my BP and heart rate. Afterwards she asked me to proceed to Eye Test located on the same floor.

The lady nurse asked me if I were glasses, I told her I wear contacts. She then instructed me to read the chart and asked me if I have my solution and contact lens case. I said yes and she asked me to remove them and then come back to the same room..grr..I’m wondering if I said no would she ask me to remove it? So if you girls wear contacts better be prepared or wear your glasses for less hassle.

After the test she instructed me to go either to the 3rd Floor for X-Ray or 4th Floor for Laboratory. I decided to go to 3rd floor first.

8:30 AM, 3rd Floor – I submitted my forms and passport again to the lady nurse at the receiving area and waited again for my name to be called. The room is already swamped with people. When she called my name she asked me to sign a couple of forms and asked when was my last menstruation. Since I wrote down on my PDS that my last X-Ray was April 2004 (for company annual physical exam) she asked me if I have my previous X-Ray with me. I told her it was misplaced since I’m afraid she would ask me to bring it ( I heard from another lady who was there for vaccination that if you tell them it wasn’t misplaced they will ask you to find it). It would be such a hassle to go to my previous employer and ask for my records since they don’t give us the X-Ray Film!! If you tell them it was misplaced they will ask you to sign a waiver that states that your previous x-rays were misplaced and you cannot submit any x-ray film from then on..Then she returned my forms and passport and gave me another number. She also instructed me to go to the dressing room to change to a lab gown. It wasn’t too long when she conducted the X-Ray. Another note though if you have long hair make sure that you have something to tie it up since the nurse would ask you to do so. After the X-Ray I proceeded to the 4th floor.

9:10 AM, 4th Floor – Again I gave my forms and passport to the counter she asked me to wait again. Hehe..for the nth time!!She also gave me a sort of affidavit for HIV testing…It wasn’t too long when she called my name and asked me to go to the CR where a lady is stationed to get my urine sample. I then provided my forms and passport to the said lady and she gave me a container and asked me to leave my things on the chair inside the CR. Afterwards, I went to the counter again and gave my sample. The lady again provided me a container for blood sample and asked me to go to the room across the counter. From there they got my blood sample..don’t worry girls it doesn’t hurt at all..just relax..hehe.. Afterwards the guy nurse asked me to go to the U.S. Counter on the 5th Floor.

9:45 AM, 5th Floor – The U.S. Counter is located on the Right Side, I gave my forms and passport and the guy provided me a number for Immunization History Review.

9:55 AM, 5th Floor – I went directly to the other side of the Room where they also held the Physical Exam. Waited a while and a lady interviewed me if I had chickenpox, asked for the mark. She seems convinced when I showed it to her. I can only remember one for that matter hehe!!! I didn’t bring in any medical records of the Vaccinations I previously had since the clinic where I used to go closed down already and I have no means to get it. She didn’t ask for it anyway…She asked when was my last menstruation and if I had sexual contact after that. She also asked me if I want to take the shots here or in the U.S. She only asked me to have MMR. Then instructed me to go to the U.S. counter again.

10:10 AM, 5th Floor – When I went to the U.S. Counter they gave me a number for the dreaded Physical Exam..hehe..I was fervently praying I wouldn’t get into room number 5…I was stationed at room number 7..Dr. MSO..I thought I was lucky…but it didn’t turn out okay!!!! She seems strict or in a bad mood I don’t know..she asked me the usual question, when was my last hospitalization, if I have asthma, if I had chicken pox, if I did drugs then she asked me to undress behind the curtain..She started to inspect my body, and as usual asked if I ever got pregnant, If I have a kid, if I had miscarriage and I said NO to all of them…and she doesn’t want to believe it …you see I used to be overweight..well for my height I was…my waist line used to be 30 inches and I trimmed down to 24.5 inches..I had stretch marks on my thighs and hips but for the life of me I don’t have any of them on my stomach!!!and when I was starting to dress up she asked me again if I’m pregnant..I really got insulted and hurt since she accuses me that I look like I got pregnant before ..I told her I used to be overweight..she didn’t believe me and she said she would refer me to the OB Gyne..and so I went back to the U.S. Counter…and guess what they instructed me to go to room number 5!!!! Now I know why Dr. NAS from room number 5 usually ask a lot of question regarding pregnancy she is an OB Gyne…but unlike the other girls who had a bad experience on her I took her as my savior since she is the expert I kept in mind that she would really know and can prove as well that I never got pregnant..I was texting my fiance and telling him that the other doctor refuses to believe I never got see I’ve known my fiance for 14 years and we’ve been a couple for the past 4 years!!so he told me to relax and he also told me they can do every single test on me if they want and I have nothing to be afraid of…and so I went inside the room confidently..Dr. NAS seems to be nice although she asked me if I ever got pregnant for more than 10 times…she inspected me thoroughly and that was okay with me…I’m more than willing to submit to every test they want just to prove my claim..Afterwards I thanked her and I was reading thru the back of the analysis…If I remember it right Dr. MSO wrote something like I have abnormal skin and Dr. NAS wrote down…due to weight gain…I’m still praying though that this wouldn’t affect my application…or my interview… Anyways I went back to the U.S. Counter and they asked me to go back to the 3rd floor to the releasing counter…

10:45 AM, 3rd Floor – I submitted my forms and passport again and…again..they asked me to wait.. I saw the other people from the early batch they were already there and they were asking what took me so long I told them my story…they told me they’ve been waiting there for almost an hour already. So I expected to wait a little longer..but then my name was called around 11:00 AM along with the rest of them…we were instructed to be back by 2-3 pm for immunization. And so I went to have my lunch and meet a cousin to pass on time.

1:30 PM, 2nd Floor – The room was cramped with people. A lot of them were people who had their medical exams the previous day and was asked to go back for immunization…I brought a book to pass on time but then I can’t concentrate since there are lots of children playing around and their PA system isn’t so clear I have to listen attentively. And so I socialize with the other people there so I wouldn’t get bored..but I really felt tired and sleepy…it was such a long and tiring day. One piece of advise though, it doesn’t mean that when one of the people from your batch was called you will be next. They randomly call names, they say it is based on how they read your results. At last around 4:00 PM my name was called, I went into the immunization room. Again, I was asked when my last menstruation would be and after I took the MMR shot they advised me not to get pregnant within a month. They also asked me to stay after 30 minutes to see how would my body react to the shots. Afterwards, they told me to come back the next day to get my results. Before I go I asked the guy who gave me the shots if the results will be given on a first come first serve basis again he said I can come in late and the guard will only check my name on the master list. And so I finally went home…

Day 2
I was at SLEC around 9:30 AM, the guard asked for my receipt and checked my name on the list. He also asked me to go to counter A at the Ground Floor to drop my receipt. After dropping my receipt on the said window I waited for my name to be called. It wasn’t a long wait, after 30 minutes I heard my name on the PA system asking me to go to counter B. I gave the lady my passport and she asked for 6 copies of my 2x2 pictures. She asked me if I was the one on the photo (the digital photo taken the previous day printed at the back of a form) and I said Yes. She then asked me to sign something then gave my X-Ray film and Vaccination Record. She also asked me if I had my MMR Shot and told me I need to have my TD (Tetanus-Dipteria) shot in the US as it is not currently available here. She also said I need to bring the X-Ray film with me to the U.S. and they will be the one to forward my Medical Results and Passport to the U.S. Embassy.

I’m sorry this is such a detailed entry..hehe..I would just like to share my experience so that other girls will learn from it. I actually typed this in MS Word..hahaha!!! This is also my way of helping the other girls who will soon take their Medical Exams.

And I would like to thank this forum and every single member of it for everything..this is such a very helpful forum!!!

I really hope we can all make it to the interview…I’m praying for all of us…

But before I end this entry let me ask you guys, do you think I passed the Medical Exam? Do you think there will be a problem during my interview because of their doubts regarding my skin marks? Do they release the Medical Results if you didn’t pass? (Because I talked to an old lady who was asked to repeat her X-Ray since they found irregularities on her results and another guy who was asked for additional instructions since he admitted he used marijuana once!) So I’m like concluding that if there is any problem regarding your medical exam they will ask for another series of test right? I hope you can answer my query because I’m really tensed right now…If I can provide additional proofs regarding my claim what do you think can that be? Thanks again guys!!!


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This is a delayed post of my recently completed medical exam. I hope it will help others just as I was helped by those who have shared their experiences.

I stayed at Ralph Anthony Suites (P1,800 per day) as recommended by a friend who said that it was very near the clinic. Indeed it was only about two minutes away from St. Lukes.

Day 1

I went to St. Luke's at about 6am. There was a long line outside the clinic and I was number 243. Weng and her daughter arrived at 5am and they were number 191 and 192!!!! While waiting to get inside, I talked with the other applicants and found out that many of them did not have good information on what to expect nor what to bring. Many had to leave the line to have their appointment papers photocopied or have their pictures taken. Others brought with them their documents (most inconvenient !!!).

I kept telling myself how lucky we are to have this forum to prepare us for this experience.v I got inside St. Lukes at about 7am. I showed the original copy of the appointment letter as well as my passport. These were checked and returned to me. I was given forms to fill up (Patient Data Sheet). I was also given a "working flow chart" and I suggest you read that carefully as it is very helpful. The back of my hand was stamped with the St. Luke's logo and I was allowed to get inside. The guards were generally pleasant and helpful.

When I got inside, I was told to go to the second floor to fill out the forms because the first floor was already crowded (filling out of forms is usually done on the first floor). Make sure you have answers to the following questions in case you have not memorized them yet:

*address (and telephone number) where you intend to live when in the US
*address (and telephone number) of nearest relative in the US

other data like passport number, case number (from your appointment letter) etc.. will be needed in practically all the different forms you will need to fill up. You will need to paste two pictures on these forms. Note: bring a ballpen, glue and correction fluid. For your convenience, bring a short folder to hold your papers as you go from one section to the next, this way you are sure to keep them all neat and intact.

There is a line that asks for the expiration date of the examination results (6 months if you have TB and 12 months if none). Just put the date one year after the medical exam date (in my case May 3, 2006)

It was a 4 HOURS wait from the time I lined up to the time I was called to submit my papers! Mad Weng and I made use of the time by posing for pictures Laughing . We also made an "inspection trip" to all the floors so we would be familiar with the place. If you have the time, I would suggest you do the same so you will know where to go and what these floors look like.

First floor: this is where you submit your documents, have your digital photo taken (for St Luke files) and claim your results AFTER immunization on day 2

Second floor: for Immunization (should you choose to have your immunization shots here, you will need to go to this floor before you can claim your results on the first floor)

Third floor: for chest x-ray

Fourth floor: for laboratory (blood extraction, sputum test, urine test)

Fifth floor: cashier, this is also where you will have your physical exam, immunization interview, and where you will have your vital signs taken, including the eye test. The US counter on this floor will check your papers after ALLl the tests are done.

At 10am, my name was called and I submitted my papers together with the passport (they will not ask for additional pictures at this time). These were checked and the original appointment letter was returned to me (they will not ask for this anymore). You will be bringing the filled up forms and your passport for the rest of the medical exam. These will be presented in all the sections you will go to.

Next step was picture taking inside a small room behind the reception counter. After this, you need to wait as they encode your data into the system.

Next step, 5th floor to the cashier. I paid P5, 225 (they only accept pesos). The cashier will tell you where to go next. In my case, it was to the x-ray room, 2nd floor.

When I reached the 2nd floor, I submitted my papers to the staff at the counter. St Luke's serves three countries (US, Canada and Australia) so make sure that you give your papers to the counter serving US applicants. Every time you go to a new floor, always submit your papers at the counter

Another long wait, then my name was called. I was asked my last day of menstration then instructed to go to the x-ray room. I changed into a lab gown then waited for my turn. It did not even take three minutes to finish the x-ray procedure. When I got out of the x-ray room, I was asked to wait again. Rolling Eyes When my name was called, I was given another form to fill-up before proceeding to the next step.

I was then asked to go to the laboratory for blood extraction Sad . After submitting my papers at the counter, I was asked sign a waiver form (for HIV testing). Again, another long and nervous wait as I have never had a blood extraction before. I was also a little apprehensive because, at the laboratory door, they posted instructions for sputum testing. You need to expel phlegm from your lungs and they would not accept specimen from your throat, yikes!!!. I did not know if I could do it. I found out later that I did not have to go through that, whew!

My name was called for blood extraction. I was pointed to a small room to the right of the main laboratory door. The female nurse was very good. It was over in 5 seconds with absolutely no pain Very Happy ! I complimented the nurse and she smiled. Smile

This was already about 12noon, so I decided to go out and meet Weng and Krista for lunch at McDonalds before proceeding to the next step. After lunch, we went to my hotel to take a short rest before going back to St. Luke's. You can take a break between procedures so you will not be too stressed. The waiting can be very tiring specially if the place gets very crowded.

I went back at about 2pm and proceeded to the 5th floor. I submitted my papers and was told to have my vital signs taken (also height and weight), then I was asked to proceed to Rm 1 for eye exam. Again, I submitted my papers back at the counter and waited for my name to be called again.

My name was called and I was given a number for immunization interview. When my number was called I went to a small room where two doctors conducted the interview. I was asked when my last period was, if I have had chickenpox, measles, mumps, allergies towards certain food or medication, also, if I had undergone surgery etc... She said I would only need MMR shots. Then I was asked if I would have them here or in the US.

When I said I was going to have them here, she asked me to go to the 4rth floor for urine test. This was when I realized that the urine sample was for pregnancy testing and not drug testing. If they performed drug tests, it would probably be from the blood samples, and not the urine samples.

Let me say here that they are strict about immunization records. If you tell them that you have been immunized, they will ask for your medical records. A man interviewed before me had to leave the room three times to get his records from his wife. Another applicant, a doctor, was pissed off because they would not take her word that she had measles and insisted on her medical records.

I went to the 4rth floor and submitted my papers, then I was told to ask for a container for the urine sample. A lady was stationed at the door facing the comfort room. She gave me the container and asked me to wait for my turn. She instructed me to bring only the small container inside the toilet and to leave the rest of my things outside. The urine sample was submitted at the counter, then I had to wait for my papers again Mad .

Next, I was asked to proceed to the 5th floor for my physical exam. I submitted the papers at the counter and after yet another long wait, I was given a number and assigned to Rm 7, whew!! You cannot choose your room (I had planned on cheating by going to another room in case I got assigned to Rm 5, hahaha)

The doctor asked me to sit down and proceeded to interview me:
*course and profession
*last menstration
*have i ever been pregnant, had a child, had an abortion or miscariage, been depressed, attempted suicide, used drugs, take alcohol, smoke, have any allergies, taking prescription drugs, etc..

Then she asked me to change into a lab gown. I undressed behind a curtain and put on a lab gown. When I was ready the doctor asked me to lie down on the examination table and checked my ears and neck, then pulled the top part of my gown and checked my breasts for lumps. She proceeded to check my wrists, arms and hands. Then she asked me to bend my legs and checked my abdomenal area. After than, I was asked to turn to my left, and checked my buttocks and anus. It was over in about 5 minutes!! I know that there have been some unpleasant experiences posted about this part of the process, and I know that I was lucky to be examined by this particular doctor (Dr. MPC) .

This was the last part of the medical exam. I gave my papers at the counter and was told to claim my results in the afternoon of the following day. I guess this was because I finished my medical exam at about 5:45pm. Shocked

Additional observations:

* The St. Luke's staff are very professional in their behavior. They may sometimes get stressed and forget to smile, but I have never seen any of them act in a rude manner towards any applicant.
* There are drinking fountains and comfort rooms in the different floors
* You will always be told where to go next, and if you are not clear as to what to do, you can always ask any of the staff or the guards and they will tell you
* Although you can bring snacks inside, the guards will call your attention if they see you eating. There are small restaurants and eateries outside and you can just go out in between procedures to take your meals.
Day 2:

I arrived at 1:30pm. I gave my receipt and passport to the guard. He checked my name against his prepared list, and stamped the back of my hand, then he told me to go to the second floor for immunization.

My name was called at 4pm!!!! Mad The doctor asked if I had any known allergies and told me that I cannot get pregnant for 3 months. After giving me my MMR, she told me to wait for 30 minutes in case I would show a negative reaction towards the vaccine.

I was then pointed to the first floor where I waited for my name to be called. At 5pm, I was called and made to sign a few forms. They also collected my passport. Then I was asked to wait again, grrrr!! I sent txt messages to David to pass the time, Laughing

By 5:45pm, I was called and the staff showed me the digital photo taken the day before (printed at the back of the form) and asked if that was me. When I said yes, she asked for 6 copies of my (2x2) pictures and attached them to my files. She gave me the x-ray result and told me that I was to take it to the US. She also informed me that I needed one more vaccine and I was to have that in the US as it is not available here.

I got out at 6pm.

I want to thank those who have shared their experiences here. They were such a big help to me. I am also very grateful to David for his loving support throughout the whole process (I think he was far more worried than me, Laughing ).

I hope my sharing will, in turn, be of help to those who are preparing for their medical exam at St. Luke's. Smile

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My St.Lukes medical experience was fine. At last im done there. But after that i was totally tired & pass out after i got home. (haha)


I supposed to be check in the hotel near in St.lukes so that in the following morning i can go there early like 4am since i live far from slec. but i started to feel stomach pain so i thought my period will arrive So i didn't went to the hotel, i decided not to go just next week. But i found out in the morning that i dont have my period yet. I hurriedly wake up my sister to go with me then we take a taxi then finally we arrived at 7:20am at SLEC. I see the line was not so long but when i about to step inside at SLEC the guard give me a number so i found out that there are a lot of people ahead of me. Im no. 376 already. The guard give me patient sheet & instructions for your medical at St. lukes then also they give you a notice that effective march 8, the visa fee for immigrant was increase to 380usd,the remaining balance of 45usd will be paid at us embassy during your interview. I ask the guard where i will pick up my appointment letter since the us embassy instructed us that i will pick up my packet at St. lukes, the guard told me to go to releasing area ( ground flr ) so i went to releasing area at letter. F i give my passport to a nurse lady there ( i noticed on her id that shes a nurse ) then she said to sit & wait. After 5minutes she call my name then give my packet with the appointment letter. Then even my medicall appt is still may 11 nxt week she said i can take my medical that day so i take the chance. I went back to my sit & wait my number to be called. Gosh, A lot of people are there because on monday (may 02 ) was holiday no work thats why. My number was called at around 11:45am. I was about to fall asleep hahaha but i heard a lady voice calling my name so i go at the reception area ( ground flr ) i give the papers that i was fill up earlier. NOTE: get ready for ballpen, You will sign a lot of papers there. Then know your relative address in US, one of the form you fill up there you need your relative add. if you dont have just your fiancee or husband's name & also your port of entry ( where you live there or what state ? ) The receptionist lady check my papers then ask one photo (2x2) ( make sure you have your name at the back of your picture ok? then she ask my passport & a photocopy of my appointment letter but still you show your orig appt.letter she will still check it, then after that you go to a photo room near at the reception area to have your digital photo, i waited there for about 30minutes because theres ahead of me then after that they instructed me to go 5th floor to the cashier to pay the medical fee worth 5,225 in pesos. I was on the line for 30minutes again then after i pay i went out to eat coz i didnt take my bfast & lunch yet i was so hungry. After 20minutes i came back, i went to 3rd floor to xray department, i give my papers to the lady there then she said to sit & wait my name to be called. After 2hrs of waiting my name was called. i go to that medical representative then she let me sign a waiver then she ask when my last menstruation. ( dont forget when your last menstruation ) then she ask if when was my previous xray i told her the date then she ask the result but i dont have my record but she said its fine, After that, the lady instructed me to go to a dressing room there & wear a hospital gown for the xray.(near in xray room ) There were 7 ahead of me so im waiting for another 30minutes there after my turn. When i enter the xray room th xray technician ask me again when my last menstruation then she check my signature if same on my passport & the papers i fill up. Then she instructed me to go to 4th flr for urine test & blood test. I give my passport & the papers. & wait my name to be called. When my name was called i return to the counter. Then she let me sign a waiver for AIDS. Then she instructed me to go to the CR & theres a clerk there that will give you for your urine collector. Then i return back there & give my return sample thats for my pregnancy test. After that she called again my name for my blood test so i went to the laboratory still in 4th floor. She give me for blood collector. Dont worry, its not painful. Its just like a bite of an ant haha then i went to 5th floor for vital signs ( weight, height, BP, RR, (respiration rate ) the eye test ) I was 20/20 . then i give my papers to USA counter (5th flr ) to check them then they told me to have my immunization interview. That time is already 6pm. But i was still waiting that they call my name for the immunization interview after 30minutes my name called that i will go to 2nd flr for immunization interview then the Doctor ask when my last menstruation again.then when was my last sexual contact then if i had chicken pox before, the she ask me to show my scar so i show her, she ask my previous medical records but i told her i dont have that anymore, she stold me that i will have my 2 vaccinations; one is for MMR vaccine that will be given here at St.lukes and TD which will be given to US. She also told me after u have the shot, avoid getting pregnant for a month until 3months. Because if you do pregnant your baby will have some defects. after the interview i went back to 5th flr to usa counter then i waited for about an hour again that my name will be called. The lady give me a number for the physical examination. I was no. 42. As i step in to the doctors office i said hi to her, shes nice she said thank you for waiting since she had her dinner before she let me in. She ask me again when my last menstruation & she ask my my medical history if i had abortion, mis carriage, if i had major operation, I said no. She said ok, pls take off your clothes including your bra & underwear hahaha thats so funny for me but i just hurriedly take all my clothes off coz i dont want to cause delays to others who are waiting outside to me, So she check my breast, my stomach & my butt. As well as she check my wrist then my mouth then after that she said ok dress now then she ask if i take drugs, i drink alcohol. I said no i dont take drugs, i drink occassionally just light drink. then she ask whats my degree in college after that she said ok you're done. I said to her Thank you for your time doc, she said youre welcome with a smile...that was just lasted 5minutes. So i went back to the counter the lady there told me to come back on thursday (may 5, 2005 ) for my vaccination afternoon time. I went out there for about 8pm plus.

2ND DAY AT ST. LUKES ( MAY 05, 2005 )

I went back there at 12:55pm, the guard told me to go to immunization in 2nd flr to wait that my name to be called for vaccination. After 2 & half hrs. My name was called then i step inside the immunization room. The nurse guy give me shot for mmr, again he ask when my last menstruation & told me to avoid getting pregnant for 1 month to 3 months coz there will be abnormalities with your baby if you get pregnant. Then when was my last sexul contact After he inject it. He told me to wait & sit in the lobby at 2nd floor for 30mins if i feel some signs of reactions from the shot they give to me i will just let them know ( well, they will give you pamplets to read if any reactions after the shots, you just read it ) Then after 30 minutes no bad reactions so i go to the ground floor & releasing area & wait your name to be called for the released. After 1 and a half. The guy called my name & told me to give my passport & 6 visa pics then after that i sit & wait again for 15 minutes then the lady nurse called my name then she give my xray result to me & again she said when my last menstruation & last sexual contact then she give me the vaccination records, she explain what type of shot they give to me then she told me too that bring my xray result to US then the TD vaccine will be shot to US once i arrive there. Then i see an envelope that she put all my St. lukes medical records there, She said that we will be the one here to forward your medical result & your passport to the Us embassy....So after that, she said you're done with a smile....

This is all my experience at St. Lukes. Goodluck to those who will go there...THANK YOU SO MUCH to ALL!!!! who help us here. Personally, I appreciate this site because its a great help to each member here especially in my part. I really get a lot of ideas, help on this site. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL THE PEOPLE who always willing to give out their help. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS!!!! & GOD BLESS YOU EVERYDAY IN YOUR LIVES.....WELL my next is my interview on May 18th. IM quite nervous, I have mixed emotions now but I just leave all to GOD because i pray to him & i know he will do help me & all of us. Keep your faith to GOD & GOODLUCK TO ALL OF US GUYS....Have a fruitful Day!!!

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Hi Everybody, i just want to share my experience in the CFO Seminar today

I arrived at the location. The guard asked for 1 valid ID in exchange of the gate pass (ID to use inside).

A lady informed us to check on our papers and make a copy of them, prepare 2 valid IDs except from the one that you surrendered at the gate. Ex. of IDs (SS ID, NBI, School ID, Passport ID, Visa, Driver's License, Postal ID). Have it photo copied and that's the one to be submitted later when they give you your Form.

She also informed us that CFO in Quirino is close every Friday, so if you are planning to have the Seminar and Registration in 1 day, don't go there on Friday. Cause the CFO (for registration) was affected with the 4-day work system of the Government. I was upset when i found it out cause that mean i still need to go there for the stamp. I was hoping before i went there that i will get it all done the same day but unfornately i need to come back.

They start to let us inside already. They got our 2 xerox of valid IDs. They will still see the origal though and ask for the passport. They will give back the passport and the original IDs but kept the photo copies.

Told me to go to Window 3 for registering in the Computer and taking picture.

After taking the picture, the lady told me to fill up the form and go to Door # 1. I went there and fill up the forms. I took time to fill up the forms and make sure i didn't made any mistake. If you have querries about anything in the form, there's a lady in there that you could ask.

Mostly the questions in there are all about you and your fiance.

* Where he lives? (Both)

* Educational Attainment, what school you graduated? (Both of you)

* Age, birthday? (Both)

* What you are going to do in there? (Just check the things things that applied to you)

* Make sure you know his contact numbers and his address in the US.

* It will also ask for the address and name of your immediate relative here in PI. Make sure to provide a landline number, of any of your friends or relatives if your parent(immediate relative that you put there) don't have landline and only celphone.

* Make sure to know the citizenship of his ex-wife if he was married before.

There are more questions but that's all i could think of. Don't worry the questions are all about you and your fiance and what you would do/plan in the US.

Told me to pay the 250.00 peso fee in the cashier.

After that they told me to go inside this room for verifying of the form that you filled up. They will check it and then while doing it, they are going to ask you questions too..

Fiance name?
His job?
Is he divorced, how many times?
How long have you been together?
Mostly the questions are all about the things that you filled up in the form.

The seminar started with the Movie that they would let you watch. Mangandang Gabi Bayan segment with all the things that Filipinas bad experiences abroad with their husbands. After it is done, they will direct you to second floor(USA ROOM) for the group discussion.

The group discussion started. The discussion tuckles this topics:

1. Where to call when you have problems. She would tell you the numbers to call when you have problems.

2. Step by step process of how you get your green card and what to do just in case there will problems that pop up. Like say for example, for K-1s applying for CR-1 and then suddenly the fiance wants to get a divorce while doing the process.

Step by step doesnt mean what papers to get or how to get it. They just tell you that for K-1s when you go there, you should change you status and apply for CR-1 and get the green card. For IR-1, when you get there in about 2 months you will receive you green card already.


They will tell you how many luggage you could check in which is 2 and not more than 32 kilos each. So that means for check in you could have 64 kilos total. But can not do say: 35 kilos in one luggage and 20 in another luggage. Should be each luggage would be 32kilos or less. The check in bag is 7 kilo maximum.

Things you can't bring:

* Pirated Cds/VCDs and software CDs. If you have originals you could bring it. Books that are copyrighted and you xerox it are not allowed also

* Meats and dairy products

* Cooked foods (so for filipinas - no "adobo" Laughing Laughing )

* Cultural properties are not allowed to bring

This are the things that i could remember they told us not to bring.

Also they told us to pay terminal fee which is 550.00. The travel Tax fee is sometimes included in the ticket but if its not included you pay 1620.00 for Economy and 2700.00 for Business Class and First Class (Ouuuchhh.. alot to pay Mad )

Does anyone know how to check if the Travel tax is included in the ticket?

They also advice that if immigration ask you questions, be specific and if the question is answerable with Yes/No, just answer Y/N and not elaborate it.

Mostly they would say Americans are more liberated, independent, open minded and very vocal on what they feel. They call person by first names, some dont say "Please". No Child abuse at all and they are straight forward.

They encourage you to report any domestic violence you will experience. Not only physical violence but sexual, social, emotional, psychological and verbal.

If you plan to work, they will tell you where you could find work and to bring credentials you have.

NOTE: Be attentive to the person who will conduct the seminar cause she will be the one to do the one-on-one interview too. If she notice that you are not listening she could give you hard time and let you repeat the group seminar.

After the group seminar, you will do the on-one-one interview. It will be like the Embassy interview. She would ask you questions about you and your fiance.. And then she would note that in the form that you filled up. And then if she is satisfied and you submitted what they needed, they will put ok on you paper.Then when you are all finish in the last interview that's the time she would release the certificate.

All in all, we finished at 1:00PM

That's my CFO Seminar experience guys. Hope this would help others that didn't go to their seminar yet. I put in the topics in here so the ladies could participate in the discussion cause the lady likes it if you share questions/infos. Cause in every topic she would ask you if you know somethin about it. If she knows that you participated in the discussion, she won't give you hard time. Thats what i observed, "i am not sure though but that's what i think". Cause the ladies that were talking to each other while she is doing her "talking" they had harder questions and stay there in the room longer. What I mean with not participating is you dont talk at all and no questions at all and then you just ask your seat mate. So i just posted this so ladies would have ideas on the topics and know what to expect.....

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May 2 and 3, 2005


Hi guys! I am excited to share my st lukes experience but my mind's too messed up, I can't remember my route. No, st luke is not messed up, but i am. Laughing

Despite the massive exam St Luke have to do yesterday, they're organized and very professional. I noticed, people do not have to follow the flowchart yesterday. They send you to an examination where there's still room for people.

We all took off from the same start, submission of PDS and passport then picture taking. However, after that, they just lead us anywhere that suits them lol. Rest assured you don't get lost. They guide you every step. Just listen and do as they say. Though i find it gruelling trying to recall our steps, I promise, it went very smooth! Wink

They didn't peform xray, urine and drug test (blood drawing) with my daughter. I asked but was told that the doctor will decide after phsyical exam whether she'd recommend those or not. I thought uh uh, my daughter is very skinny, like almost frail Laughing , she should be going to xray Laughing however she didn't.v Anyways, they kept my daughter's PDS and passport or set aside. When i got thru those exams, I was told to proceed to immunization interview. They forgot my daughter! I had to remind them that my daughter is going thru the succeeding steps with me Wink the guy looked amazed that i know heehee, he gathered my daughter's docs from the US counter lol

I interviewed my daughter, she's 12, after her physical exam. She was told to strip too. It was very quick.

With all the procedures my daughter and i had to go thru, we were next to each other. I go after her Rolling Eyes Laughing Except immunization and releasing. Because it varies on how soon reports of a certain applicant gets done. I got done first. Beat my daughter there. Yeah we played games to make such a tiring experience somehow fun lol

Funny experiences at st lukes:

1. Our first step was "vital signs". That was i think 2nd flr (See! I can't even remember that!). That floor has the rooms numbered 1 to 8 (or so). Because i always made sure i stand next to my daughter in her every exam (except physical exam), when she was told to go to room nr 1 after vital signs, i hurriedly had my vital signs taken and kept reiterating to the nurse that i'm going to room number 1 too with my daughter. The nurse got irritated and maybe wondered. She never answered me! Laughing When she got done taking my BP, she said in a low angry voice, "yes you're going to rm nr one! Laughing Feeling proud that i'm not going to the famous nr 5, I was so happy and hurriedly proceeded to join my daughter. Only to find out, it's not physical exam yet but room nr 1 says EYE EXAM! Laughing Laughing Laughing

2. The staff of st lukes are all cool except that lady who got irritated by me. Actually, she gets irritated to all! Laughing My daughter and I enjoyed watching her while we sat there and wait as she rolls her big bulging eyes all the time. like this Rolling Eyes She wore that look all day! I hope only yesterday Wink

Good news:

1. My physical exam was very short. No IE. Wink
2. I rate pain of blood drawing (1 to 10) 2, MMR 1... my daughter said Hepa B is 5! Laughing Well, i told her it's painful but quick Wink
2. I have no TB.... ergo my daughter and i passed! Laughing

Physical exam was last. Got done 12:30 and was told to return the next day for immunization shots and releasing or results. Now i'm done and home. Goodluck everyone!

Weng ______

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I woke up at 3:00am, left for St. Luke's at 4:00am, and arrived at 4:47am. I live in Cubao. They started letting people in at 4:30am. There were a lot of families waiting outside already: over 100 people in front of me. They gave me number 73 when I got inside at 5:30am. St. Luke's gives one number to each family.

I showed my appointment paper, a photocopy of the appointment paper, and my passport, and the guard gave me a patient data sheet. The US receptionist started calling numbers at 5:50am.

My number was called at 7:20am, and it took about five minutes to verify the form before I started the medical exam. The form asked me to put the name of my nearest relative in the US, and I wrote "none", but the lady said to change it to my fiance's name instead.

Then at 7:30am I had my picture taken, and they put my information in their database. At 8:40am I had my x-ray. At 9:35am, I had my urinalysis and blood extraction. At 9:45am they took my vital signs: weight, height, blood pressure.

My immunization interview was at 10:10am. The interviewer asked if I have allergies to medicine or food, and I said no. Then she asked about when my last menstruation was. I said March 28 - April 1, and had to explain that I'm on birth control pills since April 7. She asked if I had chicken pox already, and asked for the mark.

I had my physical exam at 10:45am. They asked several questions, such as: "have you taken drugs," "do you drink alcoholic beverages," "have you attempted suicide," "have you been hospitalized," "do you have any pending court cases," "what is your highest level of educational attainment," "how many kids," how many abortions," "history of TB." It was pretty easy for me, as I could answer "no" to everything except attainment, which is college graduate.

Then she asked about my last period, and I said the same thing I said last time: March 28 - April 1, and I'm on pills since April 7. She asked what kind of pills, and whether they're taken orally.

The physical exam was pretty quick; she checked for breast lumps, possible drug use, and checked my anus for about two seconds. That was it. It was a lot less intrusive than the physical exams that my employer gives.

They asked me to come back at 2pm for my immunizations, and I got back at 1:45pm. I got the shot at 4:10pm; apparently they tell everybody to come back at 2pm. They told me not to get pregnant for a month after the shot.

I asked the guard before I left how many patients do they entertain a day. He said more than 500.

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Hi to everybody. I just wanted to share my interview experience at the embassy today.. I hope this would help others too just like how the other asawa members' experiences helped me.

I arrived at the embassy and there's alot of people in line already. Some are with their fiances/husbands. I was number 18.

The guard started to let us in. They require us to show one valid ID and the original appointment letter. And then we waited inside the compound of the Embassy, still in line. Told us to turn off our phones.

They let us inside the embassy already. Had my things go through the X-ray and surrender my phone. Inside, the guard will get your appointment letter and see your ID.

I was called at window Y and told me to pass the forms (2 DS-156, 2 DS-157, 1 DS-156K). Don't forget to put/glue your photo in the DS-156 cause they will let you do it. And don't let any questions blank. They will also announce to not leave any blank answers. Just put N/A or none. I made a mistake with one of my forms, in DS-157 question # 10 (List all countries that have ever issued you a passport). I put none cause i thought they are talking about other countries that issues me a passport but they announced that we should put Philippines in there. So to everybody who put their answers none or N/A to question # 10 in DS-157 it should be Philippines..

In Window Y they gave me also a form to fill up where my passport would be delievered and gave me my number. Don't loose your number cause you would need it when you will claim your things or papers that you submitted on your first interview. One of the lady there looses her number and they set her aside and told her to find it first and go back again.

I was called at window 24 for my first interview. The lady was so nice in there and she makes me feel comfortable and trying to make me calm cause i think she knows that i am nervous. Very Happy Very Happy

Here's her questions:
1. What's your name?
2. What's your fiance's name?
3. When is your birthday?
4. How old are you?
5. Where did you meet your fiance, what website?
6. When did he visit you, how many times?
7. Was he divorced, how many times?

I think that's all her questions and she started to collect my birth certificate, NBI, affidavit of support and proofs of our relationship (pictures, receipt of engagement ring, hotel reservation, wedding reservation, chats and copy of the cards sent to each other). She even made a comment saying that of all the applicants she had handled, i was the one who has a complete and nicely arranged petition papers.. Very Happy .. i just smiled and i said thank you ma'am and she smiled back at me. After that she told me to go to the waiting area again and wait for my number to be flashed.

My number flashed at window 32 for finger printing. I thought it was my interview to the Consule already but it was my finger printing.

They told me to go back again to the waiting area.

My number flashed at window 31 and its time for my interview with the Consule. I went to the cubicle and smiled at the Consule (American Guy). He was so nice also and he makes me feel comfortable too. He asked me my name and after i answered he told me to raise my hand and did the oath to tell truth.

He started to ask me this questions:
1. What's my petitioner's name?
2. How old is he?
3. Where is he working, nature of his job?
4. His address in the US?
5. Was he married/divorced?
6. How long was their marriage lasts?
7. Is he separated when i met him? For how long?
8. How many children?
9. When is his first visit? How many times he visited?
10. Do i have any relatives in the US? Where do they live?
11. Did i go out from the country yet?

He looked at our pictures and asked me if that's him and i said yes sir. While he is browsing at my papers, i saw this stack of white/green stickers saying "Approved IV" in front of him and i was praying to have them too. After he browsed trough my papers he told me that was all his questions and told me to wait in the waiting area again and wait for my number to be called/flashed.

Always pay attention to the board where it flashes who's next to be served and on what window.

My number flashed at window 35 and time for giving back the papers that you gave them before. She asked for my number (given before at window Y/X) and the form where i fill up the address to where my visa would be delivered. While she is returning my papers i saw the green/white sticker. I was so so happy when i saw that cause i think that's the approve sticker. And she said to just wait for the visa to arrive and just pay the courier when they deliver it.

I was so happy, i wanted to jump in joy but i stopped myself...haha.. i was hurrying in going out to get my celphone back and call my fiance about the good news. I was like walking in clouds while i was walking at the hallway.. Laughing Laughing


To all the ladies that will go to their interview, just be yourself and just know the details about your relationship and you will be ok, surely you will pass. I did it sisters, you could all do it too. AJA!!! Laughing Laughing


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Hi there! although this experience was late and all, Just want to give you some insights on my Interview last April 1, 2005.

Here goes,

On my way to the embassy I’ve been texting some asawa members to be there earlier...LOL as i would come from my house in Antipolo. I've been ringing everybody just to let them know we're in support of each other.

I arrived at exactly 4am and seen some asawa members Roni and Dharl whom I’ve met during the medical exams last March 28 & 29 along with Lj2005.

There were 4 girls when I arrived at the embassy. We were guided by the embassy ladies who sells anything and everything that the we will be needing inside. LOL! I noticed that most of the girls ahead of me were the same girls who came to the Medical exams last March 28 and 29. So I started to smile at them greet them They were nice and even told stories about their fiances/spouse. We all waited for the guard and to see us since we’re all early for the interview.

At 5:30 am, the guard approached us and told us to properly fall in line and go to entrance of the embassy and prepare the original Appointment Letter and an ID. So we all proceeded and went inside the Embassy’s waiting shade.

At 6:00 am, they started to let us in but just at the waiting shade in front of the Embassy.

At 7:00 am, they started to tell us to prepare the Appointment letter again and ID. Also the guard reminded us to surrender our cellphones or give it to the one’s who’s accompanying us. So I gave mine to my mom who’s at the waiting shade outside the embassy. As we entered the embassy, we placed our bags and other things on the x-ray things and needed to pass thru a checkpoint counter… then off to Window X. I was 5th in line if I remember it right coz the 5th girl exchanged places with me…she was so nervous! So I said I will be 5th.

So the counter opened around 7:30 which wasn’t that long when we got in. So we had prepared for everything, we all went to the ladies room and did our thing coz once Window X opens the process begins.

Window X opened, and scrutinized the papers well and see if I’ve paid for the visa processing and looked at the back of DS-156 and checked if everything is filled out. I was one of the victim of those who didn’t placed N/A on some questions I think I’m not sure of. So I had to fill it out and go back in line again. Finally, done filling out the forms and the officer in Window X told me to go sit down first and gave me a number. Mine was 7007, it was like I’m seventh in line but it sounded like James Bond….007. Anyway, as we were the first in line I was number 7 and got my first call at window 31…I think.

Around 8:00 am, A Filipina greeted me and asked for the my NSO Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance (for Travel), Proof of relationship (letters, emails, pictures, wire transfer receipts, etc.) but I only gave her pictures as I have an album made for all of the proof. So she told me just to give that album or show it if the consul asks for it. She interviewed me and asked me the following too:

What’s the petitioners name?
How old is he?
Is he still single? (as I am using a K1 visa)
Does he have kids?
Where did you meet him?
When do you intend to leave as soon as you get your visa?

I think that’s about the questions she asked me. And told me to go back to my seat and wait for another que of my number to be called. So I waited and I was called at window 38 for the finger scanning which only took me less than 5minutes to do. Then was told to go back to my seat again and wait for my number to be called again…Around 8:00am I was called at window 32…(I think…again LOL) As I entered, I came to realize that the dreaded Korean Lady was the consul who will interview me. It was a good thing I had presence of mind that day and very confident about what to tell the consul. She told me to raise my right hand and promise to tell the truth. So as I said yes and sat on the chair…she started browsing at my papers…as she browsed, I started to look around but still keep my thought of the interview…in front of her, I saw which I thought were tickets…ha.ha.ha but it’s the card where it says “VISA APPROVED” and was pretty sure it’s colors are green and white. So after browsing and browsing thru my papers…she started to ask almost the same question as the first interviewer:

What’s the petitioners name?
How old is he?
Is he still single?
Does he have kids?
Where did you meet him?
When was the last time you talked to him?

I answered her, “last night” coz my fiancé really checked on me the night before I had my interview and I guess that made the consul think that we really communicate frequently. After that last question she told me “well I think everything is in order, you may take your seat again and wait for your number to be called” And I said thank you…whew! I thought she’s going to eat me alive. She really looks strict but she was smiling all the time she was asking me question. I’ve been praying all the time that I wouldn’t encounter her but I did. Ha.ha.ha. Anyway, as I got back to my seat again and waited for my number 7007 was again flashed on the board and was called at window 35 the last window and the last part of process. The guy asked me for the address where my visa would be delivered and just asked me how the interview went. I said It was fine and when he took my papers I saw the GREEN & WHITE card that I saw in front of the Lady Korean Consul. And I felt so relieved coz I knew right there and then that my visa was approved although there were no confirmation from them but I knew I did well.

Oh by the way, make sure to answer only what the consul will ask you. Don’t offer any information that might ruin everything. Just answer them straight. Okay?

Then at exactly 9:30 am I got out of the embassy feeling so relieved and happy about the whole experience. I texted my honey and told him that I was approved. That night he called me and congratulated me.

After 5 days I got my VISA and was delivered at home paid the courier and told my fiancé about. Now as I’m writing this interview experience, I already have my plane ticket to be with my honey. Hope this would help some new K1 applicants and would feel more relieved that it’s not only them who will be experiencing it….as we have done this process too and felt what you’re feeling right now. To all asawa members, Goodluck and God Bless!

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My Interview Experience at the US Embassy dated April 25, 2005

4:10 AM

My sister and I arrived at the US Embassy
There were already so many applicants on line. I asked them if the line was for Immigrant Visa. It was, so I fall in line, I think I was already #30.

5: 00 AM

The guard asked us to pay attention and bring out the Appointment Letter and 1 valid I.D. Then we moved to the place near the gate of the embassy.

5:15 AM

We got inside the waiting area (still outside the embassy) We were asked to present the appointment letter and 1 valid I.D. We stayed there for a while, at least we were seated at the bench.

7:00 AM.

We were told that we were about to get inside the embassy. Reminded us not to bring cellular phones inside, they would know if you have cellular phone in your bag because they will scan all your the things you have. Again, show to the guard the appointment letter and 1 valid I.D.

7: 05 AM

Inside the embassy, a woman received the appointment and told me to wait for my name to be called.

7: 15 AM

My name was called and I was asked to go to Window X, it was good that all my documents were forwarded to the embassy so there was no problem about that. The man gave me my number it was 7008. Thanks God I was #8. The man told me to sit down, be attentive to the queue board and wait for my number to be flashed.

7:30 AM

I saw my number flashed on the queue board at Window 21, for my preliminary interview. I was a bit nervous while walking towards the window. I said good morning, to the Filipina woman, she interviewed me and asked me the following questions.

Who is petitioning you?

When is you birthday?

How did you meet? or How did you know him?

When did you get married?

When was the last time he visited you?

(She wrote everything that I said)

Where are your wedding pictures? I showed her our wedding album, it was so big that it couldn’t fit the hole in the window, so she only told me to browse and show some pics to her. She asked me if it was church wedding, I said it was a civil wedding.

She also asked me to show some letters and cards, In showed her all the emails of my loveable husband and the cards that he sent me..the woman didn’t care to look at it nor read it, she just told me, that I would also show them to the Consul later.

After that, she gave me a yellow paper, asked me to pay $45 to the cashier.

7: 40 AM

To the cashier, the line was a quite long. The woman gave me the receipt and asked me to keep it and give the Consul later the yellow receipt attached to it.

The woman told me to sit and wait for my number again to be flashed on the queue board.

8:00 AM

My number was flashed on the queue board again at Window 38 for finger printing/scanning. The woman told me again to sit down and wait for my number flashed on the queue board (be very attentive with the numbers on the queue board). The next window is the interview with the Consul.

8:15 AM

My number was flashed on the queue board again…oh my this is it,my heart beat fast as I hurried on at Window 28 and she was American Consul! She seemed very accommodating, I said good morning Ma’am and then she smiled. She told me to give her the yellow receipt attached to the white receipt. Then she asked me to raise my right hand and take an oath. Then, she asked me these questions.

Who is petitioning you?

How long have you been married?

Then she asked for our photographs. Our photo album, it didn’t fit in the window hole so she just asked me to show it. Then after showing her some pictures, she told me, that’s fine. Then she asked me again some questions

How many times has he visited you? I said my husband visited me for four times now, then she said, oh that’s very expensive then she asked if we ever travel abroad together say in Hongkong? (I don’t know why she asked me that question)

Did you ever travel abroad?

Does he have kids?

Do we have kids?

Then she said OK, then she smiled and I saw a small pink or was it red piece of paper on top of my documents. Then she told me to wait for my name again to be flashed on the queue board.

I was a little upset with the interview because the Consul didn’t say your visa is approved and what does this pink/somewhat red paper mean.

8: 30 AM

My number was flashed again at the queue board at Window 35, the woman at the window, didn’t tell me anything about my visa, I was hoping she would but to my surprise she was a bit sarcastic, she told me to wait for my application to be delivered and if it doesn’t have any problems at all then they will deliver the document soon.

Then she gave me a small pink paper and told me to go to the US Embassy Pavilion at Gate 4 to pay for the courier…

8: 40

I paid the courier service fee amounting to Php165. I saw some people holding yellow and pink paper just like mine, I was really very curious at that time, so I asked the one holding the yellow paper, I noticed that it has an approved sticker on it..I panicked and asked what was her visa, it was a tourist visa…mine is an immigrant visa. So, I asked someone who’s also holding a pink paper like mine, she said the consul didn’t tell if the visa is approved, too. Then to make it sure, I asked again someone with a pink paper, and she said that the consul didn’t tell her that her visa is approved.

8:50 AM

I was already outside the US Embassy, I felt good that the interview is over but I felt a bit sad that I didn’t know if it was already approved.

I do hope and pray they will approve it.

Thank you so much to all of you who prayed for my interview, let’s keep on praying for it.. Right now me and my husband are waiting for the courier hoping and praying for an approved visa.

God bless you all!

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hello guys........many of us were approved....4/22/2005 was the happiest day of our lives hehehe...its just unfortunate that i didnt get to meet chefmike's and tim's fiancee .(i heard they were approved too hehehe)....Maya texted me that she was on her way but we were already instructed to go inside , so i didnt meet her anyway at least she's approved....i arrived there at 430 am.Alj , one of the asawa members were already there and i think 5th in line but when she saw me, she decided to just stay behind me i think i was 30th in line hahaha....Around 6 AM they told us to go to the US embassy gate (few meters away from the waiting shed where we stayed). We presented our appointment letter and ID to the guard... there were benches inside the embassy and we seated there until the Gate 2 opened at 645 AM....another guard checked our appointment letter and ID again...As we entered the gate, u have to put ur things in a xray machine for scanning....leave ur phone if u still have that with u...but me and alj, left our phones with our companions .

As we entered the Non-immigrant (fiancee)section , the staff there checked our ds-156 (2 copies) ds-157 (2 copies) ,ds156k and our appointment letter.....alj and me thought that they dont need another 2 pictures anymore for the ds156 bec we already gave 6 pics when we had our medical...anyway DONT LEAVE ANY BLANKS...PUT N/A TO ALL QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT APPLICABLE TO YOU. i didnt fill up the ds156 with the instructions "do not write below this line" coz thats what the instruction said....when i presented my dsforms to the lady , she checked that part so meaning i shld fill up that i guess its ok if u fill it up ahead of time...we couldnt go straight to the window x or y bec. we still needed to fill out that part and put our two pictures hehehe..we thought they dont need our pics for the 2 ds156 bec. i was told by someone who already had her interview that she didnt put any pic on that form so we told some ppl that they dont have to put their pics on ds 156..but we were wrong ....the lady told us to put pics on the forms, kakahiya tuloy kami hahaha...anyway when we finished , i went to window x and alj was behind me....the window y opened so alj was assigned to that window...the guy gave me 7019 and alj got 7018 (so from 30 i became #19 and alj who always behind me was #18 hahaha, many of the ppl ahead of us didnt fill out the ds forms completely so they couldnt go to window x or y to get a number) after they gave us number, we seated as we wait for our number to be called or to be flashed...after 10 mins, my number flashed in window 14...the lady asked me the following questions for initial interview.

what is your name? how did u meet your fiance? when was his last visit? what is your birthday?

so far thats what i remember ..and then she asked me my BC and my MC ?? huh?? so i told her that im single and never been married hahaha , and she laughed and said sorry, and asked me my NBI.....and also the affidavit of support, letters/cards and our photos...i gave her the two photo albums hahaha with sizes 3x5 and 4x7..i was giving her the phonebills and money sending receipt but she told me to just give it to the consul if he ask to....i wanna tell u guys that some of the photo albums wont fit the window so better get some of the pictures and put it in a plastic ziplock..u cant even touch them and shake their hands bec. the window were closed and that u can only speak and hear each other thru mic and speaker on both sides...(like the movie of flor contemplacion hehehe)...anyway , after that, the lady told me to go back to the waiting area and wait for my number to be called...after 15 mins, my number was called at window 37 and then told me to go to window 38 for the index finger scanning.....then i was told again to wait for my name or number to be called for the final interview ....after 15 or 20 mins, my number wasnt flashed but was called by the consul in window i entered the room i greeted the guy consul and smiled.....i saw him looking at our pictures....he greeted me too and asked me to raise my right hand and tell the truth etc.. he was looking at my papers and while he was doing that.. i was looking also at the stuff on his table lol and i saw a couple of white and green stripe stickers that says APPROVED, i think they were around 20 pcs...the one on top was a sticker that reads "APPROVED IV" so i assumed that the first 3 he interviewed were approved i silently prayed that i would be given the IV hehehe...anyway after he looked at my papers he asked me

what is ur full name?
what is ur petitioner's name?
how did you meet?
tell me your love story?
how many times he visited you?
the first time was in 1998 , so when was the second time ??
** i said, the 1998 trip wasnt for me, so the 1st time he visited me
was in 2000 and second was in 2003**
so he asked me again

so what was he doing in the phils in 1998?? i said he was here visiting his relatives
so , he's from the phils ?and i said yes
what does he do (work)
when did u get engaged ? i said 2004
so he asked me
he wasnt here, how did he proposed?? emails? text? and he smiled...(not text nor emails of course !!! hehehe, i gave him the info on how my fiance proposed )

did u say yes right away?
were u married before?
how abt him?
do u have any kids?
how abt ur fiance?

the interview was ok but i kept on praying that he will stop asking me already hahaha....and finally he stopped and said "that would be all the questions i wanna ask, have a nice day just wait for ur number or name to be called again" and i said thank you sir and have a nice day too....i went back to the waiting area and waited for my number to be called/flashed again......after 15 mins (again! hehehe) i was called at window 35....i saw my papers with that green and white stripe sticker on top..(APPROVED IV)...THE SAME STICKER I SAW AT THE ROOM WHERE I HAD MY INTERVIEW hehehe the lady asked me that piece of paper where u want ur visa to be delivered ..i told her , they didnt give me she gave me one and told me to fill it up and go back to that window as soon as i finish....when i finished filling it out, i went back to her but she was entertaining a guy ..the lady gave the guy a piece of paper and i heard the guy asked the lady if he cant apply for a visa anymore and the lady said for now he cant....i had the chance to take a glance at the paper and i saw some 221a 221 b etc....there was a checked on that paper, maybe that says the reason y he got denied..i felt sorry for him........when he left, it was my turn to give the delivery slip and again i saw the approved sticker on my paper so im pretty sure that im approved even though the lady said that my visa will be delivered if there's no any prob.i asked her if i need to pay something coz i remember some of the posts here said that they were instructed to pay for the visa delivery but the lady told me that i dont have to pay anything for now bec. the visa delivery is a COD basis...i was happy but i didnt feel it right and alj were done around 915am....we even saw the PBA star player with his gf ...alj were very kilig with that guy that made her forget where she put her folder hahaha....anyway we stayed at starbucks and shared our experience to my niece and alj's bro..who was waiting for us there...around 945 we went to robinsons to have brunch but the mall was still closed so we waited til 10am..we ate at max's to celebrate hehehe..we planned to have our CFO in the afternoon but we decided to just have it on May 16 and give ourselves sometime to we went shopping hehehe.....when i got tired from shopping thats the time i realized that i was really approved and were very happy (delayed reaction huh?? )

anyway, that was all of the girls who will have their interview soon, dont be too nervous....everything will be ok..just make sure to smile all the time and show the consul that even they ask many questions, u are willing to answer all of them. i hope you find our experience helpful... I would like to thank all of you esp. Dharl, Veronica and Sabrina..salamat mga sis ....were all approved hehehe...

Goodluck and God Bless.......

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April 20, 2005

I arrived St. Luke’s at 7:45 am. I was number 57. Got my k packet at the reception after a few minutes. I was just starting to fill up the PDS when my number was called. I had my picture taken there at the reception area, paid my medical exam fees for P5, 225.00 at 5th floor.

8:30 am - Had my x-ray, blood/urine tests (4th flr), vital signs, height and weight determination, eye test, immunization history interview (all that in 5th flr)

10:23am - had my thorough physical exam. This was the last exam for the day. She asked about:

1.) my last menstruation, how many days
2.) am I smoking
3.) had pregnancy/ies or abortions
4.) allergies
5.) chicken pox
6.) leprosy
7.) hepa, etc
8.) had been hospitalized, what reasons.

Then the doctor asked me to take off my clothes, put on my lab gown and lie in bed. She checked on my breasts if there were lumps. I forgot to tell her that I had appendectomy 19 years ago. So when she saw my bikini style stitches, she jokingly pinched my stomach and told me why I didn’t tell her that! That was it.

April 21, 2005

The guard directed me to go to the 2nd floor for my immunization. I was waiting there for more or less thirty minutes when i heard my name being called at the ground floor, counter A. The nurse was ready to hand me my chest x-ray when i told het that i haven't given the shot yet. I've learned that they thought i want my immunization in the United States.

I don't really remember being asked by the doctor if i want my immunization to be taken there. I was interviewed again and after some 10 minutes i was given MMR. I was told to come back again the next day for the medical results. They have to make a new medical report again thats why.

April 22, 2005

I went directly to Counter A. After three minutes, my name was called. That was it!

Good luck to all those who are not yet done with their medical exam.

For those who have needles phobia, take it easy, its not scary. The nurses do their jobs well.

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Hi All,

I finally got my visa yesterday, april6 – been waiting for a week since I had my embassy interview last march 31 and I tell you that it’s a helluva experience – all the anxiety, edginess and nervousness before this date was unimaginable. The forum has been a great source of info and I believe I owe it to you guys to share this experience.

I stayed at hotel Miramar so no time pressure going to the embassy (just across the street), I was 2nd in line at 3am, met the strict lady vendor (the embassy should give her a consolation for organizing the line that early). I appreciated the presence of my newfound friends (Oona & Darren, Ellen & Stanley). I was the odd one out without my fiancé. Oh well, the waiting was made bearable with the presence of my newfound friends, we chit-chatted and talked about anything under the sun – what a great way to pass the time.

5am : The guard started to let us in – he asked for the original appointment letter and valid ID (company or school ID, PRC, SSS, driver’s or anything with pic). We were ushered to the covered waiting area.

By 6:45am, the guard motioned us to the embassy gate – surrendered my cellphone and all other electronic devices.

7am, window X opened and started collecting my papers (2 copies DS156 with pic pasted, 2 copies DS157, 1 copy DS156k, appointment letter) and I was handed my number 7001 (first applicant for the day since Ellen and Stanley had to step aside due to some corrections on their forms. He told me to sit and wait for my number to be called.

715am, my number flashed on the big screen board, I went to window 14 and was pre-interviewed by a nice Filipina, conversation was in english, she was asking questions while flipping thru documents and writing comments on a blue form entitled “ Administrative Review Sheet” This is some sort of a summary sheet stating cenomar results, medical results, are the documents complete, details about the relationship, etc – I think this will aid the consul on the interview process. She also asked for all the other pertinent documents like NBI, BC, affidavit of support, photos, evidence of meetings.

Questions asked were the following:
What is your name
What is your petitioner’s name
How did you get to know each other
How did the relationship start
How many travels abroad and how long

730am, went to window 37 for fingerprints (left and right index), a quick process – will only take your left and right index finger.

820am, my number was called to proceed to window 32, Korean lady consul was waiting for me – I gathered my guts and confidence and greeted her hi, good morning, and hoped to myself that she had a nice morning (her face was expressionless). She asked for my name and I took an oath while looking straight into her eyes. She was flipping thru our documents and asking questions the same time.

What is your name
What is your petitioner’s name
How did you get to know each other
How did the relationship start
How many times he got divorced
Where does he live
How many travels did I have abroad and how long
When was the last time I talked to my fiancé
When was the last time he was here in the Phils
When was the last time I was in the US, and how long
Is my fiancé still connected to company X
Am I still connected to this company too

After that, she didn’t confirm nor deny if im approved or not – she just said to go back to my seat and my number will be called again…I fret because I didn’t get any confirmation at all from the consul eventhough I felt good about the interview per se.

If you will notice, most of the questions were centered on how well you know your fiancé.

Friendly tips:

1. know the data entries on your documents, they are checking for consistencies
2. pls come to the embassy prepared, double check your documents or have someone proofread for you
3. have a lot of confidence while talking and presenting yourself – practice questions & answers in front of the mirror, practice speaking English fluently
4. try to relax to minimize nervousness , I know this is hard to do – try relaxing by chit-chatting with your fellow applicants, think happy thoughts, have a nice sleep the prior night, eat early breakfast - I stammer and tend to have mental blocks and lapses when im nervous…so you go girl-you can do it!

8:45am, all 3 of us were called simultaneously at window 35, all our folders were stacked and mine was on top – so there I saw the blue and white striped paper with the approval note!! The guy attending to us told me that the documents are ok and im ok to go after confirming with me the delivery address. That was the sweetest and happiest moment – called my fiancé the second I stepped out of the embassy.

All processes done by 9am.

Goodluck to all!

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We arrived at the CFO at 6:30. There were about 9 girls there. My fiance' was directed to go inside. She came out with a paper stating that the location for the counceling had changed.

Manila Good Shephard Convent 1043 Aurora Blvd. (Going to Marikina) Quezon City (Next to the Katipunan LTR Station

We got there at 7:15 (and 125p poorer). We decided to attend the afternoon class so we could work on our Police Clearance from Israel (another story all of its own!)

We returned at 12:00 and my fiance' went to register. This took about an hour.

1. Got the ID take at the gate.
2. Arranged her documents: NBI (returned) BC (kept) photocopy of passport (kept)
3. Took digital photo (no passport photo needed)
4. Went to another room and waited for interview.
5. Had interview

What is your name:
What is your fiance's name:
What does he do for work:
What school did he go to:
What course did he finish:
Where does he live:
If you go to US are you planning to stay with him:
How many children does he have:
Was he married before:
How did it end:
How long since she died:
Where did you meet:
How long have you have know him:
Did you meet in person:
How many times did you meet:
What is your employment:
What is your religion:
What is his religion:
What company does your fiance' work:
Where do you work:

Then I was free to go and come back for a break before the seminar.

I returned for the seminar where we shown videos of potential problems with our foriegn spouses.

Then we had group discussions according to our countries. There were 8 in our group for the US.

The asked us questions of our expectations of life in the US. Do you think that if you have a visa will everything be OK?

Then gave us the 90 days must be married, then 2 years until permanant resident.

Then there was a discussion forum.

At the end they gave us phone numbers and contact information to report any abuse.

We then waited for our certificates. It took about 2 hours. If a stamp is needed immediately, they told us to go back to the main office in Manila. The stamp and visa approval are now done there.

A word to the men, do not go. They will not let you close to the place. The only place to go is a small Jollibees. You will be there for 4 hours or so from registration until you are done.

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Hi guys, I just had my medical examination today and here’s my experience:

I arrived at St. Lukes 4:40 AM and there’s people already in line. At 5:00 AM the guards starts to give numbers and give the forms to be filled up. Its 7-page forms with the flow-chart of what you need to do on your first and second day. Fill up the first 3 forms with red check marks. While I am waiting for the time they open, I filled up the form already and I met 4 of the ladies in there with the same interview date as mine. We exchange numbers and told to each other to text when we are going to the embassy already. If you have relatives in the US make sure you know their complete address and in the form they asked also when do you intend to go to the US and what State is your point of entry. At first I hesitated to fill this up but the friends I just met there told me to put a date of when I intend to go. Actually, I have a ticket already even though it was said that I will not make any travel arrangements before the interview, so that’s what I put in there. Even if you don’t have ticket yet, if you leave it blank they would still ask you in the reception when do you intend to go. They didn’t ask me but that’s what I heard when they ask the other lady close to me. And also paste in your photo (with name at the back) in the forms that the guard gave you.

At 6:00 AM the U.S. counter (ground floor) is now open and they start calling numbers already. I was number 16, its going fast so before I knew it, it’s my turn already. I went to the counter and they asked for my passport, the original and Xerox copy of the appointment letter from the Embassy and the forms. They double-checked if all the things that you put there are correct and if you missed some questions blank. They will tell you that they attached another form for you to fill up when you have time when you go upstairs. They will give back your original appointment letter and tell you to wait to call your name again.

When they call your name, it’s time for picture taking for their record. After that, they tell you to wait again and they will put your file in their computer. After that, they will give you your papers and tell you to go to 5th floor to pay the medical fee.

In the cashier (5th floor) after you pay, she would tell you to go to 3rd Floor for your X-ray. In 3rd floor, submit your papers to the reception (not in the X-ray counter) and they will give you form to fill up again and tell you to wait for your name to be called. When you are called, they will let you sign 3 papers, the ones that you filled up before and they will give you a big envelope with your name and you will go to the X-ray room. You will be instructed to change into a hospital gown and wait for your turn to do the X-ray.

After X-ray, you will be instructed to go to the 4th floor for your urinalysis and blood extraction. You will submit again your papers to the counter and fill up the form they would give you and wait for your name to be called. When it’s called, they would tell you to go to the lady at the back near the CR to get your cup to put sample of your urine. Then give the cup to the counter and they will give you tube for the blood. They will instruct you where to go, it is at the back, to your right. I was so nervous cause I though it would hurt but it’s not at all. It doesn’t hurt at all, I give credit to the nurse that took the blood samples, she was so quick. It didn’t even take like 5 seconds to get my blood and it doesn’t hurt at all. I was so thankful of that. After that she told me to go back to 5th floor for my vital signs.

5th Floor, I gave my papers to the U.S. counter and told me to go to the eye exam. After that, gave my papers again to the U.S. counter and told me to fall in line and wait for my name to be called, its time for my vitals, (BP, heart rate or heart beat, height, and weight). After that, go back to the U.S. counter again and they will tell you to go to the immunization room where they would ask you if you have chicken pox before, if you are allergic to any foods or medicines. And they will ask you also if you want the vaccines to be given here or the U.S. I told her, I will get it here so she said, I will have the MMR and the vaccines for measles and inform me that I will not get pregnant for 2 months. After that, go to the U.S. counter again to have number for your Physical exam. (After each examination, you go always to the counter cause they will determine which one you’ve finished and tell you where to go next).

Anyway, I had my physical examination at room 5 with Dr. NAS. Before coming in, she told me to read the instructions at the door which is informing you that they require you to undress all the way. She asked what’s the name of my fiancé, when is the first and last day of my last period. If I had sexual contact after my period. Checked all the information in my papers and compared me and my photo in my passport. After that, she asked me to undress and stand facing back to her and she checked me and then told me to turn around. After that, she let me lie down and checked for everything. Pressed my stomach and checked if there’s something hard in there or some lumps, she would ask you to breath on your mouth and try to relax and don’t try to squeeze your stomach while she is pressing it. I will not elaborate on checking on your private parts but expect her to do that.

While she is doing that she asked me over and over again with these questions:

1. If I had miscarriage before?
2. If I had been pregnant?
3. Any abortion?
4. When is my last sexual contact?
5. Am I taking drugs?
6. Am I smoking?
7. Commit suicide or slash my wrist?
8. If I had been hospitalized/confined before?
9. If I am using glasses for my eyes?
10. If I have asthma, if yes when is the last attack? If you had asthma like in my case, she asked for the specific date of when it last happen. What medicine did I take? For how many days? I just told her, I have been diagnosed with asthma before but its not bad, it just happened once and I just took nebulizer or nebulization
11. She also checked how many holes(pierce) I have in the ear.
12. Ask if I had been diagnosed with kidney failure or some UTI.

After that, she would write all her findings in your papers and when she is done she would tell you to go to the counter again. Counter would check if you filled up all the forms. Make sure, fill up all the questions with red marks (check marks). And make sure you bring your own pen cause you will be filling out a lot of forms and so many signings taken. After that, the lady in the counter instructed me to go to 3rd floor X-ray counter for further instruction. I went in there, submit my papers and told me to wait. After a couple of minutes, give me back the receipt of my payment and told me to come back on Monday for the result and the vaccination. Thank God, it’s finished for the day. I just need to go back Monday for the result and vaccination. It's 11:30 when i had it all finished and time to go home.

That’s my experience today on my first day of medical examination, I will update this when I am done with my second day.

Thanks a lot guys for the infos, it helps a lot cause I had an idea what to expect in there. And the supports telling me its gonna be ok, which is really very relieving and you are right, its not that hard at all, nothing to be scared about. I mean, just to get through all of that. I am not really relieved yet cause I didn’t get my result yet but hopefully everything is fine on my result. I am praying so hard for that.

Good luck to all ladies who would go to their medical examination soon… You could do it, I thought I can’t and it will be hard but its doable. Just don’t get very nervous cause maybe when they get your BP it will be so high, try to relax. If they got your BP and its high, they would ask you to chill out and relax a little and be back after 15 minutes to do it again.

Good luck and God Bless!!!

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Hello guys!!!!! Smile And here is my medical experience….

April 12…

5:30 a.m. I arrived at St. Lukes, the guard checked on my appointment letter and gave me a form (PDS) to fill-up. I was number 54.

7:00 a.m. My number was called at the reception (still ground floor) and again checked on my documents (i.e. appointment letter, passport, and the form the guard gave me). Also the staff asked for a picture. She gave another sheet also for me to fill it up. After checking all the infos about me I went upstairs (5th floor) to pay for my Medical, I paid 5,225, their rate is 55 for every $1. Upon paying I went to fourth floor I submitted my passport and forms they gave me and had my X-ray they asked me to remove my clothes and my bra and wear a hospital gown, it took only few minutes for my X-ray and then put on my clothes already. I went down (3rd floor) on the next step of the medical. I had my urinal test and the scariest one BLOOD TEST. Confused It wasn’t really painful I’m just scared of seeing blood and my own blood so I turn my head. As soon as I’m done with my urinal and blood, I went at 5th floor (U.S. Counter) to submit again my passport and papers included. Afterwards, they called my name (U.S. Counter) and asked me to go and have my vital signs, height and weight and eye test. I went back to U.S. Counter again after having said test. Again they called my name and had my most ultimate test. Laughing Yes I had my “PHYSICAL EXAMINATION” at Room No. 5, by Dr. NAS. Before asking me to disrobe she asked me if I have read the notice outside her door and I said yes, after that I already take off my clothes (as in EVERYTHING!!!). Shocked She first let me stand and checked my frontal and then afterwards asked me to turn around and then same with my back. After that, she let me lay on bed and let me bend my knee checked asked me the following questions:

1. When did I have my last period? April 4, 2005
2. Did I have pregnancy before, abortion or threaten abortion. NO.
3. Did I commit suicide before? NO.
4. Did I have drugs before? NO.
5. Did I have any contact after my menstruation? NONE. My fiancé is not here, how can I? Rolling Eyes
6. If I have hypertension, or am I diabetic. NOT AT ALL.
7. If I have false teeth. NONE.

While asking that she was checking on my body if I had any signs of those illnesses or undergo into it. After checking she let me put my clothes back.

I went back at the U.S. Counter again and instructed me to go the Immunization Interview Room, the doctor asked me if I had chicken pox before and I said yes, she asked for any sign and showed her. She then asked me if I want to have my vaccination there or just have it in USA (I paid 5+++ for this medical, of course I want to!) and I told her that I want it here already, and she told me that it will take 3 months before I can able to get pregnant. Crying or Very sad After my immunization review I was asked to go back at the U.S. Counter again, and the lady there told me to go at 4th floor, at the X-Ray Check-Out Counter. At the X-ray Check-Out Counter, the lady there asked me to come back at 2:00 p.m. at 2nd floor for my immunization.

At exactly 10:30 I’m done with my Medical Examination. I went to have my lunch already at Chowking (McDonalds, Delifrance and Max is near the clinic). If you wish to walk around and make yourself busy you can go at Robinson’s Manila it’s a walking distance from the Clinic, but I don’t think you’ll like to walk under the heat of the sun. Laughing Anyway, I had my lunch and since I have still a lot of time of waiting I went to Miramar Hotel to make a reservation for me and my fiancé to stay the day before my interview (my fiancé want me to so we don’t worry things when my interview is near and also want to be the first on lane on my said interview. Laughing ). Miramar Hotel’s rate is 1,600 but if you make reservation ahead on your scheduled stay and you’re a walk-in customer it will only cost you 1,300! Well, its not really a big discount but at least there is a less. Just to let you know guys. Smile

12:30 I decided to go back at St. Lukes since I have nothing to do or nowhere to go already.

2:30 I had my immunization, again the guy nurse asked me if I ever had any chicken pox before and I said yes for the second time and asked me where is the mark that shows that I had before. :O I just told him where and he said “Ohh….okay!”. Smile) I have MMR and he asked me to stay for few minutes before I can leave, and that to go back the following day to get my medical clearance.

April 13…..

7:00 a.m I arrived at St. Lukes and waited….

8:30 a.m. They called my name at Counter B and then asked my passport and 6 pictures (name written at the back) and then gave me my X-ray and medical sheet for me to bring in US. The lady took my passport and told me that they’ll forward my passport together with other documents at the US Embassy. I’m done!!!!! Very Happy Thank God no problems that may cause delays!!!!

************** THE END ************



I met a lady at SLEC and told me that CFO seminar/counseling will be held already at Quezon City. To confirm about this I called the CFO and told me that yes they are but still the stamp/sticker will be at the main office.

For your info guys.

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Hi everyone,

Here's my interview experience in case you guys find it useful:

Me and my fiance got there at 3:00 a.m., and we were third in line. The lady vendor seems very authoritative and kept everyone in line. She sells stuff like ballpens which might prove useful. We ate takeout from ChowKing, which was across the street while waiting. The guard started letting people in at about 6:00 a.m., the wait wasnt boring though coz we made friends with the others in line.

About 6:45, they let us in the building, and about 45 minutes later, window X opened. They collected the DS156, DS156K, DS157, BC, NBI Clearance, and appointment letter. They gave us a number and told to wait for it to flash on the indicator on one wall.

Abot half an hour later, our number flashed and we were supposed to go to window 02 where a lady got the pictures, evidences, affidavit of support and other papers. We were told to wait again. Next came the biometrics, which was fast and easy.

Then we had to go to window 27 and talk to the consul. He asked my fiance to step out, and i was made to take an oath. The questions were:

1. How did you meet?
2. How many times has he visited you?
3. What does he do?
4. What will you do when you get to the states?
5. Have you met his parents?
The consul was a really nice and friendly guy. About thrity minutes later, we were called to window 38 for release. We were told that we were approved, and can expect the visa within the next two weeks.

Now were waiting, and getting ready to leave. Thanks for everyone's input in this forum, i learned a lot from here. Good luck to the rest who will have to go through the same thing. =)

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US Embassy in Manila Interview Experience 03/17/05

3:30 AM
I Arrived at the US Embassy in Manila. I was #7 in line.

6:30 AM
We finally entered the gate. The guard asked me the original copy of my appointment letter and a valid ID.

7:00 AM
The guard assisted us to fall in line and told us not to bring cellular phone, CD player, laptops etc. so we followed him until we reach the immigrant visa unit and we went at window X for submission of appointment letter and issuance of out queue number. I was number 7009. After I got my number, I sat down and wait until my number flashed at the queue board.

7:30 AM
When my number was called at window #20 to have my preliminary interview, the Filipino guy at window #20 asked me the following questions:

Who is petitioning you?
What is your relationship to the petitioner?
When did you meet him?
When was your date of marriage?

Then he asked me to show some pictures, letters, phone bills, money transfer receipts for evidence. After the interview, he gave me a yellow paper and go to the cashier window to pay for a $45.00 surcharge of immigrant visa fee. After payment, I returned the receipt at window #20. He told me to wait until my number was called. So I sat down again and wait for my turn.

8:00 AM
After a few minutes, my number was called again at window #38 to have my finger scanning. The lady advise me to sit and wait for my name to be called again to have my final interview with the consul. At this point, I feel so tense and nervous that time.

9:00 AM
The consul called my name at room #29. As I entered inside the room, I saw the consul looking for our photograghs, letters and other documents in my file. I greeted him "good morning sir" just to give respect and salutations, then he smiled at me and said "good morning, please be seated". His smile made me feel good and less nervousness. He called me by my name and asked me to raise my right hand and take an oath that I'm going to tell the truth and everything. Afterwards, he asked me these questions:

Who is petitioning you?
When did you meet him?
When was the first time he visited you?
When was your date of marriage?
How old is your husband?
What is his present job?
Do you intend to immigrate to the US?
Have you ever been in the US?
Is this your first time in applying for a visa?

Most of the time, the consul is looking at me when asking questions. I had to be attentive, relaxed and always looked at his eyes when answering his questions because it helped in getting the consul's heart, I think he saw my sincerity and trust in my answers and most especially I had to be confident and always PUT GOD FIRST! After the interview, the consul told me that I was approved and told me "Please wait outside and wait for your name to be called at window #35 for some instructions about visa delivery".

9:45 AM
After a few minutes, my name was called and the lady at window #35 returned my photos and documents. (I noticed that I saw my file with a blue tag that read "Approved". Then she gave me a pink sheet of paper which written there my name and my case number and advise me to go to gate 3 Pavilion area and pay for the visa delivery courier service. So I went there and pay P165.00 delivery fee. Everything finished at 10:00 AM.

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Hi all,

I would like to share to you my experience getting the CFO certificate at CFO on March 7, 2005.

I arrived at CFO building 6:15am and there were at least 30 people ahead of me on the line. At about 7:05am, they started letting us in. (Note: companions are NOT allowed to go with you inside, EXCEPT when the person is a senior citizen.)

Before going inside you are requested to leave one valid ID at the mini lobby area, in exchange of a visitor's pass that you will be wearing all throughout your appointment inside. Their visitor's pass are color coded in 3 colors, (yellow, blue and white). I am not sure if these are the standard colors they use for certain immigrants, but on that day, I had the yellow visitor's pass which were given for fiance/spouses of foreign nationals. The blue color are for filipino emigrants (sponsored by sons/daughters/parents..etc.) but I dont have any idea for those wearing the white visitor pass... Laughing

Once I got inside I was requested to wait for my turn to submit my documents to the desk clerk in which I was asked to submit the following: (original documents were returned to me right away after submitting the photocopies.)

1. Original SECPA copy of my MC
2. One (1) photocopy of my MC
3. Original SECPA copy of my BC
4. One (1) photocopy of my BC.
5. Personal copy of my NBI clearance.(this was returned to me right away)
6. One (1) photocopy of the first back cover of my passport

Note: If you already have ur visa, a photocopy of it.

Then she asked me my passport and inspected everything on it if all my names on it are matched to all my legal documents. Since my passport still bears my single name on it, she confirmed me if I am ammending my passport and I said yes. My passport was also returned to me right away. After that, she gave me a registration form to fill up and I was asked to pose for a photo via the computer.

I had 10 minutes filling up the form, as I wanted to be sure I am filling up all the data correctly. On the upper right hand corner of the form, you will know right away which session will you belong and which floor will you be having your seminar and counselling session. On the form, I filled up my personal data, and also the personal data of my husband.

Some few important things about filling up the registration form.

>be sure you know your husband's/fiance's mother's maiden name.

>be sure you know his job and his degree (if he's a professional).

>be sure you know his phone nos.

At exactly 10am, we were directed to a room (3rd floor) wherein we watched an episode of "Magandang Gabi Bayan", in which the topic was about Filipinas being physically abused by their foreign husbands. This is just a way of making other filipinas develop awareness about phsycial abuses that may happen to a wife in a foreign land, and NOT scaring filipinas away. The show lasted 20 minutes. After the show we went to the USA room and we were 13 in the class.(yes, I made a class roll call only to myself... Laughing )

We had a brief lecture mainly on what are the lawful steps we have to do once we step on the US soil. We were also briefed and given informations about the different types of US visas being the fiance/spouse of an American, how each of the visas function once we reach the USA, short, it was mostly on immigration issues. Our counselor was a good lecturer. The lecture was not boring at all but actually enjoying for us, and the group was very responsive as well...which means we were all eagerly learning! Very Happy

After the lecture, we were called on one by one by the counselor and had our interviews.

These were the questions asked from me during my interview:

1. How did you meet ur husband?

2. What website?

3. Can I look at the copies of ur husband's divorce decrees? I said, sure, so I opened my folder and she saw me getting the divorce decree copies on my folder, after which she told me..."good job! u are very well organized"!. Wink and I told her.."thank you ma'm, and I smiled.

4. Can u give me brief explanations what happened to the divorces of ur husband?and why the divorce?

5. How many brothers/sisters do u have?

Note: Be sure to bring with you photocopies of your fiance or husband's divorce decrees if ever they are divorced, as they are getting the photocopies for their file.

After the interview, she requested me to go back to the ground floor at counter 4 to get the certificate.

Thank God! That's all about it. All the infos I have read from asawa are all worth it. I was prepared about it, so it wasnt difficult for me. I hope my experience will also help other people who are planning to go CFO for their seminar.

Nothing to worry about is just a counselling and giving of infos. As long as u have the documents they are asking, u wouldnt get any problem at all.

By the way, all the people I have encountered at the CFO including all the personnel and employees are very nice and kind.

Good luck and God bless! Very Happy

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leah saldua

Hey everyone!

Here’s my St. Luke’s experience last February 28 and March 1, 2005.

Day 1

Arrived at St. Luke’s Extension Clinic. Was feeling pretty proud of myself at first about being there so early… but I was already, as it turned out later,#74 in line! They were already admitting people into the clinic by this time.

The guard asked to see my passport and a photocopy of my appointment letter, stamped both copies (the original and photocopy) of my appointment letter and then gave me my number (#74), a couple of blank patient data sheets (PDS) and a flowchart of the medical exam process.

5.50AM – 7.00AM
Filled out my PDS, attached a photo to my PDS and waited for my number to be called. Take note that the following questions were asked on the PDS:
? date of last x-ray
? port of entry
? name, address and contact number of nearest relative in the States

My number was called. Gave my passport, PDS and photocopy of appointment letter to the lady behind the counter. She asked me if I have a tourist visa and the date of my last x-ray. Gave me back my passport and PDS. Was told to proceed to other room to have my picture taken.

After about 5 mins wait, I had my pic taken. The guy who took my picture told me to wait for my papers while my data was encoded. After ~10 mins, I got my PDS and passport and was told to proceed to the cashier and pay. I paid Php5,225 to the cashier, got my receipt and was told to proceed to the 3rd floor (I think) for my X-ray.

Got to the Radiology floor, gave my papers to the people there and waited for my name to be called (this was the first time I was asked the most popular question of the day: when was the first day of your last menstruation). After less than 5 mins wait, my name was called. I was given my PDS and passport and was told to go to the women’s section (x-ray rooms are segregated). In the women’s section, there were 2 women ahead of me, waiting for their x-rays to be taken. I changed into a hospital gown in the changing room and waited for my turn. Make sure you follow the instructions of the radiology tech, the woman ahead of me had to repeat her x-ray because she did not perform the proper ‘deep’ breath

After my X-ray, I was told to go to the 4th floor for my lab procedures (urinalysis and blood test). There, I gave my passport and PDS to the people at the counter. They gave me an info sheet and waiver about HIV which I signed and returned to them. After that, they told me to sit down and wait for my name to be called.

My name was called and I was given a plastic container (w/ my name on the cover)for my urine sample. Went to the CR (no tissue in this floor’s CR but with soap and running water) to get my sample and gave it back to the people at the counter. My name was called again after less than 5 minutes and I was given a small test tube with my name on it, my passport and PDS and was told to go to the room at the back to give my blood sample. Two med techs were taking blood samples, a guy and a girl. Was a lil apprehensive about this part but the girl was very efficient and gentle, it was over in less than 5 mins. I was then told to go to the 5th floor and give my papers to the USA counter (since there’s a Canadian and Australian counter too).

After going to the USA counter, they advised me to proceed to the eye exam room. Got my eyes examined (simple process of making you read from a chart a few feet from you). If you use corrective lenses, it’s better if you bring them along (that goes for contact lenses too) since they will also test your corrected vision (meaning while wearing your glasses/contacts).

After having my vision checked, I was told to give my passport and PDS to the Vital Signs counter. Gave my papers to the lady there and waited for my name to be called. This was the longest wait I had (around 45 mins). From observation, this is also the most disorganized part of the whole process Finally, my name was called and my height and weight, measured. I was also given an immunization sheet to be filled out (just the basics, name, age, birthday, passport# and case #). I was told to fill out the sheet and wait for my name to be called again, this time for vitals (blood pressure and pulse rate). After filling out the immunization sheet, I was called for the vital signs. Got my BP and my pulse rate taken. (Some people whose BP were above normal were advised to rest for 10 mins and to have their BP taken again.) I was told to give my PDS and passport to the USA counter and wait (again!) for my name to be called.

My name was called and I was told to proceed to the Immunization interview. I was given a number (#52) and was told to wait. Number 50 was ahead of me, with 49 inside. 51 was MIA that’s why I got in after 50. Inside, I was asked by a doctor the popular question of the day, if there was any sexual contact since the last date of menstruation, if I had any allergies and if I already had chicken pox. She told me that I need to be given the MMR vaccine (for mumps, measles and rubella) and the TD (but the TD was not available here in the Phils, hence, I have to get it from the US). She also told me to wait for a month after my vaccination before getting pregnant. Then I was told to give my passport and PDS to the US counter again and wait for my name to be called.

Finally, my name was called. I was asked to go to one of the physical exam rooms (can’t remember what rm. number). There was someone ahead of me so I took the time to peruse my PDS. This is where I saw that they performed a pregnancy test (which was negative, of course). Then it was my turn. I had a lady doctor to examine me. She wasn’t mean or anything nor was she friendly. She was, I guess, you could call it, all-business She asked me the popular question again, if I ever gave birth, if I was pregnant, if I had sexual contact after my last menstruation and if I was ever hospitalized. I said yes to the last question and showed her the certified copies of medical records pertaining to my hospitalization (which was 8 years ago). She asked some questions about that, photocopied one of the lab results, then told me to totally strip, wear the hospital gown and lie down. When I was lying down, she palpated my breasts and my abdomen then checked my wrists (for suicide marks?). She told me lie on my left side and asked me to pull one of my butt cheeks (que horror!) and proceeded to examine my anus . All of these took less than 5 minutes. The doctor did not examine my genitals at all, not even a cursory glance! (Do I sound disappointed? hehe). After dressing, she told me to go to the USA counter again. At the USA counter, I was told to proceed to the 3rd floor and to give my passport and papers there.

I gave my passport and papers to the counter at the third floor and was told to wait for my name to be called. After ~5mins of waiting, my name was called and I was given my passport and my receipt with an instruction sheet telling me to come back the next day at 8.30AM (and to bring my passport and an X-ray film which is more than 3 mos old for comparison).


Gave my name to the guard and he checked my name on the masterlist. Told me to go to the 2nd floor for immunization. At the 2nd floor, I found most of the people I met the day before already there. The counter was still closed. Placed my receipt at the box by the window and waited. Much to my surprise (and the dismay of the 30 or so people before me), I was the first one called! When questioned, an employee of St. Luke’s explained that it was not first come, first served this time around but whoever gets all his/her records sent up first. Got two vaccinations (MMR and Varicella). It was supposed to be MMR only but I wasn’t able to show the nurse a scar from my bout with chicken pox that she also gave me one for chicken pox She gave me the 1-3 months warning before preganancy then told me to wait for 30 mins for any adverse reactions then to proceed to the first floor and wait for my name to be called.

Went down to the first floor to wait for my name to be called. After almost an hour, my name was called. The lady asked me my name, my birthdate, if I’ve been pregnant and the first day of my last menstruation. She showed me the pic taken the day before and asked if that was me (Duh!). She asked for 6 visa pictures, told her I had 5 only. She told me to just bring the visa pictures during my interview (which was still a month away, on the 31st). She then gave me my X-ray film and my immunization sheet. She also took my passport and told me that they will be forwarding the results of my medical records to the embassy. She didn’t tell me to bring the X-ray to the interview, just to bring it with me to the States.

So that’s my SLEC experience

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I got an email from my wife about her medical experience on 03/03/05. It's a bit long. This is in her own words:

It was March 3, 2005, I left home with my cuz at around 3:00am and arrived at St. Luke's Extension Clinic at approximately 4:30am. I was 10 in the lines and my cuz was 11. At exactly 5:00am there's alot of applicants came in line, I guess it's around 40 to 50 applicants came after my cuz.....5:30am the guard asked the appointment letter (original and photocopy) with my passport. The guard attached the PDS forms together with the appointment letter and gave me a number. I was now number 7 and my cuz was number 8 because the other applicants don't have appointment letter and even the NOA. That was GOOD for me at least I'm 7 in the lines.....Around 6:30am the receptionist started calling my number and encoding the data and a few questions to be asked for the applicant....I forgot to write my port of entry in the PDS form so the lady asked me that question so I said Honolulu, she also asked me if I had my other visa application and I said "No, first time" then she asked me again is this your first time to have your medical exams here? Then I answered "YES" after that she told me to have my digital photo inside the photo room (ground floor). We wait for another 20 mins before we went to the 5th floor for payment....The cashier opened at exactly 7am....I was 5th in the lines so the lady guard told us #1 to #5 to get the vital signs....I found out that my eye vision was 50/25 I don't know if that's bad. After that, the lady guard advise me to go to the cashier to pay for my medical exams fee (5225 Php)...I also notice a sign of the immigrant visa fee increase ($45) effective March 8 to be paid at the US embassy when they come to their interview....After payment, I went to the 3rd floor for my X-ray....the medical representative asked me when was my last menstruation, I happened to sign for waiver I don't know why?! I need to wear a hospital gown for the x-ray...I went to the 4th floor for my lab test, I gave my PDS and passport to the counter and wait for my name to be called...after a few minutes, the lady called my name and gave me a urine collector and wait, she instructed me to go to the CR to collect for my urine then I return back to the counter and gave it to her my urine sample that's for my pregnancy test I think....after that she called again my name for my blood test...I felt too much nervous cause of the needle, but that's ok it's been done with. Then I went to the 5th floor for the US counter to check all paper since i'm done with my vital sign so the counter asked me to go to the immunization interview for my vaccination history, the physician asked me if I had my chicken pox and I told her "YES" then she asked me to show my scar to her, then she told me that I need to have 2 vaccinations; one is for MMR vacine that will be given here at St Luke's and the TD which will be given in the US. After the immunization interview, I went to the USA counter again to have my room number for my physical exams. I was #10 in the lines and wait for my number to be called, during my physical interview, I started to say Hi and smiled to the physician there and she smiled at me too, she asked me again when is the first day of my menstruation? I answered her "Feb 3" She looked at me and then said "Hmmm" then I said I'm not pregnant doc! The physician answered me "Yes I know Cause your pregnancy test is negative" Then she started asking me when is my last asthma attack? I told her I don't remember when my last attack was cause my asthma was inactive. Nevertheless, she insisted that I give an approximate date. At this point, I had to make up a date when I thought my last attack was. Afterwards, I returned to the USA counter again for further instructions, then he told me to wait and then she called me again and asked me to come to x-ray department and give all the papers, I sat and wait for my name to be called then after a couple of minutes, the lady called me and asked me to come back at 2pm or 3pm for my vaccination. That was 9am when I finished all the tests....My cuz and I left the SLEC to buy food and eat outside...around 12:00pm, we came back there and went to the 2nd floor for my immunization requirement....the nurse asked me again when is my last menstruation and if I had sexual contact for 3 months. I answered Feb 3 and no sexual contact. Then she gave me the MMR shot and I waited for 30 minutes if I feel some symptoms or anything. Then after 30 minutes, I went to the releasing area (ground floor) and wait for my name to be called again. When the guy called my name, they asked me my passport and 6 2x2 photo for visa he said...and then wait for the release of my x-ray and vaccination records. 3:30pm when my name was called and released my x-ray and vaccination records, the lady told me not to open the x-ray envelope and bring it together with the vaccination records on my interview date! That's all happened to me in one day!

Well...There you have it, my wife's exhausting medical experience!

PS: Well Dave, here's another to your collection!

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Gina arrived at the hospital at 4:22, she was 9th in line.

At 7am hospital opened and started to go in, shows appointment letter and passport. Lady takes the passport and Immigration photo. Waits. Then proceeds to the 5th floor to pay for medical, 5225 Pesos. Proceeds to have X-ray taken. Goes back down and waits. Then is called for urine and blood tests on the 3rd floor. Waits again. The goes up to 5th floor for her eye test and Immunization? She also has a short Interview there. Then she goes and waits for the biggie, the dreaded naked exam.

She is now no. 5 (what happened to the other 4 ahead of her).

Goes up to floor number?, she didn't say, anyway, gets buck naked, the nurse does her examining. Standing exam, bending over exam, Gina gets up on table, on her belly looks all over, including, yes, her butt hole. Then turns over onto back, nurse rubs her belly and asks her this! Have you ever had an Abortion. No! She did give birth to her son 6 yrs earlier though. Asks her about a few scars and thats about it, oh she did look at her puki. Gina said all you have to do is be honest and everything will go smoothly. Around 11:30 all is over at this point and her and her father go for Lunch. She has to go back at 2 other immunization shots @ 2pm. Arrives back at 2pm waits 30 mins gets her shots and now is done. They give her her X-rays and tells her to take them to the Embassy and with her when she flys to America. Her medical exam went very smoothly and now she is in her village up in Northeastern Luzon.

PS. These are in my words translated from an Email I received from her. I am not Steven King so I hope grammar is ok. Hehehe.

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Manila Interview Experience Feb. 23rd 2005

APPROVED!!! I just didn’t want to leave you in suspense! I flew out to Manila to be with my fiancé during the interview. I was told by a friend that married a Filipina that I should be there for the interview if at all possible. He said that it would be a powerful statement of our commitment together if I was there….he was correct.


We arrived at the US Embassy. There is a bus stop type waiting area outside the embassy where the early birds are to wait. There were several vendors there selling pens, bottled water, and passing out flyers for airline fares. I actually tipped one of the vendors P100. She was very nice, had been doing this for 13 years. She answered a lot of questions I had, but most importantly she kept everyone in line (first come, first serve). No butting in line with her around! There were about 20 people ahead of us, half of them were companions.


About this time, the guards started to let us into the outside waiting area inside the embassy grounds. There were about 100+ people now. You needed to provide an ID and your appointment letter.


There were about 200+ people in the waiting area now and there were still people in line waiting to get into the waiting area. At this time they started to let us inside the embassy, again you needed to provide the guard your ID and appointment letter. They will X-Ray your bags and you will need to go through the metal detector. If you have a cell phone, they will take it at this time.


At this time “Window X” opened up and we started to move forward. They will hand out a piece of paper asking for the address in which you would like your Visa to be mailed to. At the window they will ask for your appointment letter, DS156, DS156K, DS157, and Visa pictures(6). We were about 13th in line.


We were done at Window X, sat down and waited.


1st Interview. It was pretty painless, he asked for her NBI, birth certificate, pictures, evidence for genuine engagement. He also asked for her baptism certificate. I found this a little odd and asked him about. He just said that they liked that for further confirmation. If we didn’t have it, I would assume that we would had a higher chance of getting an administrative review…just a guess. Lucky she already had one, since she had to get a copy for her passport.

Since I was there, the questions were very minimal:

1. How did you meet?

2. When did you meet?

3. Why do you want to get married?

That was basically it! He didn’t even look at the supporting documents of prior meeting and genuine engagement. He only flipped through the pictures we gave him. My friend was right, it’s a powerful statement if the petitioner is there during the interview.

At the end of the interview, his eye caught the diamond engagement ring I bought for my fiancé. He asked me if that was the engagement ring, I told him “yes.” He smiled at me and said, “You’re finished.” Meaning we were going to get approved!

The one thing I am worried about is that he did not ask for the I-134! Nor did they ask for it in the second interview! I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not. Did they assume I had money because I was there? Or will they later find that they made a mistake and delay the Visa to correct it? Or worse yet, will they deny her entry at the POE?!?!?!?!??!?!?!


We were called for our 2nd interview. The officer was very pleasant. He asked me for my passport and then told me that the interview was between him and my fiancé, so I had to wait outside. Five minutes later she was done! The officer asked her the same questions as the 1st interview. At the end, he told her she was approved and to just wait again.


My fiancé was called up to get her fingerprints.


We were called up to confirm that our Visa was approved and the mailing address. Which was to be delivered to Cebu City. I did ask the person at the window if I could pick up the Visa at the Embassy, but she said “no.”


We were outside the embassy.

Feb. 26th, Saturday.

We flew back to Cebu to finish up her affairs. As we were getting into the taxi, my fiancé received a text from FedEX saying that he was on his way to Ronda, Cebu to deliver her Visa! On the one hand I was very happy that the Visa was processed so quickly. Our interview was on Wed. and the Visa packet was being delivered on Saturday…Friday the embassy was closed due to a Filipino Holiday. On the other hand it was suppose to be delivered to Cebu City and not Ronda, which is about 2 hours outside of Cebu City.

So I hired a taxi to drive us out to Ronda. The FedEX guy rode up in a scooter, I paid P220 for the delivery and we were on our way back to Cebu City.

We were very lucky to get our Visa packet so quickly. My fiancé made a friend during her St. Luke’s exam. On Sunday my fiancé texted her and she still did not receive you Visa yet and she lived in Manila.

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Hi Guys! I’m just a lurker around here but I just want to share with all of you the good news and my interview experience yesterday, March 1, 2005. It has been a great day for me, but almost got ruined because of one lady at the embassy. This is quite long, a little detailed, but I know it can help others in their interviews, especially those whose cases are in Manila, so I hope I won’t bore you to death reading this:

I came at around 5a.m. (my schedule is 6:30a.m.) and the line was not that long. Around 6a.m., we were told to fall in line and we showed to the guard our appointment letters. Upon entering the first door, I put my things in the scanner and was asked to leave my cell phone with them, so I gave it and I secured a number for claiming it later. The second door locks automatically and you can only pass through that if you are cleared in the inspection. There were about four of us who entered and were asked to go to the left door, which is, again, locked, so we have to wait for a while till we hear a clicking sound which signals that we can now enter. Talk about security!

There were two halls there, one for immigrant and one for the non-immigrant visa. I went directly to the immigrant visa section and fell in line for the submission of the appointment letter. The window (X) opened at 7a.m. and I was given a number (7036), meaning I was number 36. 1 hour later, around 8a.m., I saw my number flashing at the queue board for window 14. I went there and was asked by the Filipino pre-interviewer (checks the completeness of the papers, asks some questions and collects things needed to be forwarded to the Consul later, mind you, she is more strict than the actual interviewer!) only for snail mails and pictures. Most of the original documents like birth, marriage, police certificates, affidavit of support was already forwarded to them by NVC, so she said she won’t be needing it (I still brought them all with me, just in case they need to clarify something or lose some of it along the way). She asked for my name, birthday, our love story and the date when my husband migrated to the U.S.. After that, I went back to the waiting area and after 30 minutes, I was directed to have my finger scanned.

20 minutes later, I heard my name in the PA system and was asked to go to Room/Cubicle no. 27, this time it’s the Consul (American). He asked me to take a seat and wait while he checks my documents. He told me to state my name and birthday, asked for our love story (again), if I’m still in College, what school did I came from and if my husband is taking some college units while in the navy. He also asked the rank and job description of Cecil. That’s all his questions to me and the interview lasted for about 10 minutes, including the time he looked at the documents.

Around 15 minutes passed, I was called again (Window 35) for the result of the interview. The lady there returned to me the pictures and letters, and started checking again the documents. She then gave me a pink paper and was told to pay for the courier who will deliver the visa in 3-5 days (that is, if there’s no problem with the visa). I saw the sticker, or is it a card in my folder saying the big word “APPROVED”, I asked the lady if I was really approved, just to confirm it, but I think she’s feeling b***** that day and told me just to wait if the visa will be delivered, I’m pointing to the sticker in my folder and she tried to cover it as if she was not supposed to disclose such information to me. Good thing I was happy that time because I know the interview went well and I passed because when I looked at the back of the pink paper, the stamp says “Immigrant Visa Issued”. I guess that says it all, but still, I’m confused because of that lady. I got out of the Immigrant Visa Section and went to the Embassy Pavillion to pay for the courier fee. I finished everything at around 9:30 a.m., went out of the building and collected my cell phone at the information window.

Because of my being Obsessive Compulsive, I called the Embassy today, March 2, 2005 and inquired about my case, and true enough, the guy reads in their system that I have been issued a visa. Now all I have to do is wait for the visa to be delivered and have it in my hand….finally!

I want to thank the Lord because He is sooo good and He willed all of these to happen. Truly, He makes all things beautiful in His time. I also want to thank you guys for all the help and prayers, all of you have been a part of our (Visa) journey. God bless y’all!

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Praise the LORD. God is so good. MY wife pass her k-3 interview with flying colors. She got there at 2 am in the Morning and she was the 3rd person to be interview and she was out of there by 9:30 am. The lady consular who interview ask her the following questions

1. how Did you meet your husband?

2. When did you get married?

3 How many trips did your husband make to see you?

4. ARE you sure your husband can support you? "I think she ask that Question cause I barely make just about a little more then 100% of poverty level." My wife answer the questions so well that the Lady who interview her said my wife was a very smart Woman. Well now it off to do our CFO and then it the usa for my wife whe she get her visa praise the LORD.

Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

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Hey ladies...

Those who will still going to the CFO. You have nothing to worry as long as you bring the requirements that CFO office needs. In my experience i went there at around 7am then its already a long line but i was still lucky because the schedule of my seminar is at 10am, Well there are 3 schedules in one day but for me i like it in first schedule so i wont take longer there so girls make it early in going there. Just get ready your two valid id's,then 250 pesos payment, Bring the orginal BC, MC, NBI & photocopy that. & if your husband/fiance is divorce before, make sure you bring his divorce papers or else you wont get your certificate on that same day, they are very strict on that. They give you until 5pm on that day to produce it or else you have to go back again there until you provide the divorce paper of your husband/fiance. & also another thing is that usually our husband/fiance who is from another country has no middle name in there Birth certificate. Well base on mine, my husband doesnt have a middle name on his brith certificate but in CFO when you fill up the form there? make sure you put their middle name even though they dont have one on their birth certificate, make sure you ask your husband/fiance for that because on one on one interiew there, they will really ask there middle name or they will ask to produce a birth certificate from your husband/fiance. The seminar runs 2 hours. First they will play a video from Maganda Gabi Bayan.. That segment stories about filipinas who maltreat from their foriegn husbands. That runs 20 minutes film showing then after that you will go directly to your specific room if you belong to USA you go to USA room where there is sign outside in the room. Thats in 3rd floor of the building. Then after that you will wait there & a guidance counselor will discuss about some topics. After that a one on one interview. & then if youre done with the interview. You will wait at the ground floor to get your certificate. I finished all in all at 1:30pm. So Girls make it early.


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As promised I am posting Janet's own words of her medical and interview experience. Since she combined the two into one, I will start this new thread.

v Hello everybody, Mabuhay!!!

I just want to share my experience what happened to me at the embassy during my interview in this website….

My mom and I stayed at CELESTINE CITADEL HOTEL at Ermita, Manila. We arrived on February 13, 2005 in preparation for my medical exam at SLEC on the following day which is also Valentine's Day. Actually, I did not follow the timetable that was written in the appointment letter which is February 11, 2005 because of some personal reasons I am pretty sure that I was the first fiancée that all pertinent documents were not collected by the SLEC personnel because they have a notice that they don't collate papers anymore because the Embassy personnel are responsible in all the paper works! ;! -( I was so sad because I carried all my papers in a huge bag which was unfortunately tiring but on the other hand I was so glad that I have a very supportive mom who was there beside me helping me out bringing those things. Anyways, my medical exam was very successful, thank God!!! But it doesn't end there until the day of my interview came which I considered "it's now or never" / "do or die".

Then came February 18, 2005 which was Friday, the day of my interview which could be terrifying or horrifying judgment day. My mom and I were there at around 4:10am because the hotel we were staying is right at the heart of Manila I should say. 10 minute - walk to St. Luke's, 2 minute - walk to Ermita church and 3 minute - walk to the Embassy. Surprisingly, there was a long queue already so we were just standing there because according to the security guards, they wanted us to get inside at 5:00am, not so bad anyways.

5:00am - the guard told us to fall in line because we have to get inside already, upon entering the vicinity of the embassy we have to show our original appointment letter together with an ID and of course all our carried bags were inspected before we can sit on the bench. We were so many but sad to say I am the only one perhaps who is a member of asawa I got the chance to chat with some ladies there and some were bringing their hubby's and during my quiet moment I prayed because that is the only weapon for us of course.

6:30am - we formed a line again so that we can get inside the embassy office and we entered the popular gate for the fiancé visa applicant - gate # 2. Upon entering all our belongings should be put in the carousel for inspection. Of course, we have to leave our cp's outside and I knew all this procedures because my smart and supportive hubby - "My David" already told me all of these - I love you baby after inspection, we went straight to the Non-immigrant visa office wherein we also formed a long queue there to get a priority number to window X.

7:30am - the offices were opened and ready to entertain the various applicants. Window - X the personnel took our original appointment letter, 6 pieces of passport visa and the DS-156 and DS-157 together with the original receipt which was a proof that we paid it to the bank. Of course there are 2 colors of the receipt - white if we paid at CITIBANK and pink if we paid at BPI. Luckily, I am number 41 not too bad because the personnel called our numbers randomly.

8:40am - my number flashed at Window-25. My Filipina interviewer is young and so nice. She just asked me few questions and to give you a glimpse of it here are her series of questions:

a. what is your name?

b. how old are you?

c. where do you live?

d. your petitioner's name?

e. what is his nature of work?

f. where did he work?

g. how many times he was divorced?

h. how many kids he has?

i. how many times did he visited me?

j. what are the dates?

After those questions, she took my NSO birth certificate, NBI clearance, DS-156K, my sampled emails, our snail mails, our pictures. His affidavit of support (I-134), I also gave my hubby's W-2 2004 form and his 2001, 2002, 2003 income tax returns and his notarized divorce decree and most of all I also gave my hubby's pictures when he received the silver eagle award it's a plus factor for me I guess

8:50am - my name was called at window 38 for left and right forefinger electronic printing. Then, I sat again waiting my number to be flashed again for the consular interview.

9:10am - my number flashed at Window-25 and there I was so nervous because this time it's the consular officer who asked series of interview kinda like am on the interrogation process. Fortunately, he only asked me few questions and he was so nice and friendly too. He just wanted to hear our romantic love story with my hubby and after I told my story he made follow-up questions. His questions are as follows:
1. where did we meet?

2. who send email first?

3. where did his ex-wife came from?
v 4. how did my hubby court me wherein we are thousand of miles apart?

5. why do I love my hubby?

9:30am - my number flashed at Window-35 and the lady returned my snail mails alone. And then she told me that "you can go home now ma'am coz your approved and you can sleep well". That I'll just wait my visa at home; and I asked her if I am approved though I already saw the white-green stripes which means that I was already approved just sort of confirmation I guess and so she told me "yes". Deep inside I want to scream to the top of my lungs but instead I just keep it to myself because there were lots of people.

So, I automatically picked-up all my remaining documents which were not taken and went out the office with a happy face. I was in cloud nine then I scream for joy. I was so grateful that I have my mom with me and though my hubby is so far away, I know that my David is with me through spirit and he will never never ever turned down his promise to me that he will never leave me whatever happened. I am proud that I have a resourceful, awesome, amazing and smart hubby.

After we reached at the hotel, I called my hubby immediately to let him know that I made it with flying colors. Of course, we both cried and we knew that it was tears of joy. I can't wait that we will be in each others arms together forever coz I do really miss my hubby soooo much.

To all the girls who are waiting their sked of interview…good luck and God bless!!! Just be true, honest and believe yourself. On the day of your interview, wear a formal dress so that you look good. Never wear t-shirts or backless. Sleeveless with overcoat on it, much better then.

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Hi All,

This is to share my interview experience which took place last Feb 17, 2005. Bear with me because this is kinda long. I think my interview lasted longer than the others.

To start with, I arrived at the embassy at 4:45am, and gosh, i was a little bit surprised how many people are already in line. There were about at least 150+ people already waiting outside the embassy. Mostly are family-based visa applicants.

At 6:30am the guard started to let people in. All the cellphones, regardless if it is a camera-phone or not, have been taken by the lady guard at the door.

We proceeded to window X and submitted the appointment letters. I was given a number and instructed to sit and watch for the my number to be flashed on the queue board. After almost 1 & 1/2 hours, my number flashed, it was at window 31 if i remember it right. A filipino guy pre-interviewed me. He asked me if I have a newly filled-up DS230 part 1 & 2 with me or if St. Luke's staff asked me to fill out a new one. I said , i dont have any more DS230 with me as we already submitted it to NVC. So he asked me if there are new information about me which is not nsync with the info in the DS230 we submitted to NVC, i said none. Then he said "Ok then, we will use this one which NVC forwarded to us, just print your name and sign again on part 1 and sign on part 2". He asked basic questions like the other questions which have already been posted in this forum. Then he particularly looked at the paystubs, W2's, tax transcripts. He noticed that i only have my husband's 2004 W2's, he was asking for the 2003 and 2002. I said i dont have them with me as i already have the tax transcripts. He said "those are needed, anyways the consul will tell you how to submit them later". He asked me to take a seat and wait for my name to be called or watch for my number on the queue board.

I was a little broken-hearted, learning that I lack documents with me that may cause me some further delays in getting my visa.

I saw the very popular (or I may say unpopular to some) Korean Lady in one cubicle behind glass window. She looked strict but I didnt find her as bad as she was described by some. At least that was my first impression of her.

After several minutes, maybe 30, my name was called at window 35, and i was instructed to proceed to next window for finger-printing. After that, I was told to take a seat again and watch for my number. After approximately 30minutes, my number flashed, I cant remember the window/room number now as I was already very hungry and drowsy at that time. So I went to the room where my number was flashed and I saw this male caucasian consul. I said good morning and he replied with the same, asking me to raise my right hand and asked me if all of the information I provided in the documents are ALL true. I said yes, of course.

He didnt speak to me for the first few minutes, but rather looked at all my papers. BTW, it really helps if you organized your documents. What i did is, I put them in separate folders and I put tags on each document, and on the cover of folder, i listed what are the docs inside. I sorted the docs according to classification. Like one for all the Financial documents (W2, ITRs, paystubs), then 1 for Remittances, then Correspondence/cards, emails, chats, pictures (I put the pics in a ziplock bag and fastened in the folder)... etc. So instead of asking me "where are the w2's etc?" He just read the covers of folders and took a look at the documents he wanted to see.

He looked at me after scrutinizing my docs and questions were:

1) What is your name?

2) Name of your petitioner?

3) Your relationship to the petitioner?

4) How old are u?

5) How old is he?

6) Where did you meet? When did you meet him?

7 ) How did you meet?

8 ) When did you meet him first?

9) When did you get married? Where?

10) Was it Civil or church wedding?

11 ) Where are your wedding pictures? (I showed it to him and he took a look at all the pictures and asked who were in the pics like my parents, his relatives etc)

At this point in time, he paused again in asking questions and carefully scrutinized our financial documents.

He asked me:

13) What is the job of your husband?

14) What line of medicine is he practicing?

14) Where does he stay in New York?

15) Was he married before?

16) Were you married before?

17) Does he have children?

18 ) Do you have children?

19) After how many years from first meeting you decided to get married?

20 ) When did you last see your husband?

After he looked back and forth at the financial documents, he wrote some things on the DS230, stamped some papers, signed on some, he looked at me, and asked, "if you can recall, what the two of you were talking about the first days of your meeting?"

I laughed and I said, "If i could remember it right, we were talking about music because we are both music lovers..." and he asked where did this meeting first occur? I said "Hmmm, it is hard to recall because it has been 5 years now and since this marriage was never planned and just came unexpectedly, it is hard to really remember every details which took place in the days when we were just trying to make a converstation. We never thought that we were going this way after 5 years which started with just a casual conversation..." But i stated where we first met, telling him that I could be wrong or right because I really cant remember... He smiled and told me "That is all the questions I have for you, please be seated and wait for your number or name to be called".

The interview and consul's scrutiny of the papers lasted for about 10 to 15minutes.

I was called at window 35 and I saw the lady holding all my documents with the blue striped card stating the word "APPROVED". The lady said "Your visa is approved." She returned all the documents to me except for the NVC papers and gave me a pink receipt and instructed me to pay for courier service and go home and wait for the visa and passport. I was out of the immigrant section by 10am or so.

I wasnt looking at my watch nor looking or checking what's happening to other applicants as I was so focused on my case because I really wanted to get everything over with.

I paid the DelBros cashier at the pavilion (too many people in there!). I was out of Embassy pavilion at 11:30am.

And today, Feb 21, 2005, my IR1 visa and passport was delivered at 9:30am.

To all the members, thank you for all your support, prayers and understanding. I pray that the rest will pass everything with flying colors like the ones who finished first.

God Bless us all!


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Red Again

hello people,

i am done with my medical exam. got there at 2:30am and i was already 10th in line. v sharing with you my physical exam experience, i was examined by a female doctor, she was generally nice. she asked if i had previous pregnancies, i told her the truth that i had never been pregnant in my life. she asked for the surgery mark in my tummy, i told her that it was due to a surgery to remove a tumor which grew outside my uterus. she asked about the date of the operation etc. i pulled out my medical records from the hospital where the surgery was performed and showed it to her. she particularly looked at the Operative record and OR Technique and also the result of histopath. She read them well and put remarks at the back of the PDS. She asked what operation did i have aside from that. I said i went thru a D&C. She asked me what for? I said due to an endometrial polyp. And I also pulled out a medical record from my piles to show her the complete hospital records of my D&C. she wrote again at the back of the PDS. She asked me several times if I had previous abortions, I said no, if i used drugs before, i said no, and she took a look at my wrists and examined them. and also the back of my elbows where usually the blood samples are being taken out. I had a fresh single needle mark on my left arm because I just went through the annual physical examination in our company some days before i went to saint luke's. i dont know if the doctor considered that as one suspiscious needle mark. then she examined my anus, my pelvis area, she thorughly examined my genitalia and saying to me that it is necessary to see if i was telling the truth that i had no pregnancies before. she examined me thoruougly, lying in bed and standing, including my feet. she was asking if i had anymore scars aside from my surgery scar. i said, none. and then she saw the scar on top of my left foot and took notice of it. i said i fell from the chair and I got that scar from that incident. then she returned my hospital records and told me to keep them. She told me to go to the ladies who are doing the BP and the eye examination and said to me "before you go to US counter, return your PDS to me, just approach me anytime". So i did. After all the other exams, i returned to her and she wrote something at the back of PDS again. I was able to read the things she wrote on the check boxes. In the boxes where it said "Applicant seem to be not telling the truth .." or something like that, she checked the left box, (there were two boxes beside each other). I cant remember the question opposite the boxes clearly, but what i clearly remember is that she checked the leftmost box.

And then I saw that on the general physical examination items, she checked the boxes all Normal except for the Skin (which she marked as A or "Abnormal"), i supposed that is because of my surgical scar. And my abdominal and Eye as Abnormal. Well my eyes are 25/20, so it is considered as not normal. But i asked her what about the abdominal part, she said because i have a little hemorrhoid. And i said ok. Then i checked what she wrote at the back of my PDS, there were the surgery performed and the date of the surgery, the D&C, some pimples and other things i didnt understand nor recall what they sound like. anyways, i was out there at 9:30am. people at st. luke asked me to return the next day for the results.

On the second day, i returned there at 10am and waited for like 4hours. after 4 hours, my name was called and the lady asked for my passport. she said that the other documents, i would just have to bring to the interview. She said i can now proceed with my interview and just return to them for my immunization based on the specified instructions i was given. She gave me a vaccination referral to show to the guard when its time for me to go back for the immunization. She returned to me the xray film and said that I will have to bring it to the US. She read my medical findings and checked everything if each has results. She asked me to sign on it, took my passport and attached it to my medical record and said "we will be the one to forward your medical results to the embassy. you can go home now and return for your immunization."

i asked the lady how was my medical exams results, did i pass it? The lady told me that they are not allowed to tell what the results are. she just said the consul will tell us. I asked further if the st. luke's forwarding of the medical results to the embassy indicates that i have no unfavorable medical findings. She said, she is not allowed to tell. And told me "we are forwarding all the results, whether the examinee passed it or not."

Now this leaves me in confusion because I saw a lot of people being there for further examination or for second opinions etc. They are being examined for other tests not in the st. luke's routine of examinations.

Another thing, am afraid of the small needle mark that i had on my left arm due to blood extraction in my company's annual medical exam, should i worry about that? Because I read that there is a zero drug-use tolerance in the US policy. And the reason the doctor checking the arms are for the needle marks. Now, my question is, should the doctor had any unfavorable suspicion on that single needle mark due to blood extraction, would she have told me right away or question me further for it? She didnt question me on that needle mark. She just examined it.

Thank you all for bearing with me and for all your support. I am very much worried because this is my spouse's and my future together that is at stake.

thank you guys, any inputs will be highly appreciated.


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I stayed at Miramar Hotel (beside Bay view Hotel and in front of the U.S Embassy) the day before my interview. I went to the embassy by 3:30 am. We stayed at the waiting shed of the embassy while waiting for the embassy to open up by 7 am. I was 7th in line when I came…so it wasn't so bad. I met several ladies there and most of them are Cebuanos. There were like 4-6 girls who were escorted by their foreign partners for the interview. When it was like 6 am, we were told to stand up, fall in line and go to the benches right in front of the gate of the Embassy. We sat there until it was like 7 am. The guards told us to present them the original appointment letter, so never fail to bring it with you. When it was 7 am, we fell in line again and got inside the embassy gate.

At last, we got inside the embassy. Of course, we fell in line again and waited for the personnel at window X (not so sure). By 7:30 the window opened up. He started calling us one by one… he asked me my name, name of my petitioner, if I had my medical exam already and if I passed my passport at St. Luke's when I had my medical exam. After that, he gave me a number and told me to sit (there are lots of chairs inside) and watch for my number to be flashed. Try to hold on to the piece of paper with your designated number…it's important. Your number will flash with the corresponding cubicle number where you should go to.

My number flashed (70008) with cubicle number 25. I went to the specific window and there, a Filipina was waiting for me. She asked me basic questions about me, my husband and about our relationship. She asked me these questions:

1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

2. What's the name of your petitioner?

3. What's your relation to the petitioner?

4. Where did you meet your husband?

5. When did he first email you at CB?

6. How many times has he visited you?

7. What are the dates of his visits?

8. What is his occupation?

9. Where does he work?

10. Is he a sweet type of guy?

11. Does he have kids?

12. How old is his son?

13. When did you get married?

14. Did you have a church wedding?

15. Do you have more pictures? (not wedding pictures) Fortunately, I have everything with me. I brought my wedding album and the rest of the pictures, including the bank statements, pay stubs and some other important documents that I brought in case the consul will ask for them. Oh yeah, one of the ladies there was asked to present to them her baptismal certificate. I have a feeling they ask them for those who have corrections of their names, age, birthday etc in their NSO birth certificates. She was also asked to present some receipts of money remittance… so don't forget to bring them or pass them ahead at St. Lukes.

Those are the questions she asked that I could remember. Most of them are very basic questions… so no need to get really nervous about it. After the interview, she told me to wait for my number to flash again. My number flashed at window 37, for finger scanning. The girl scanned my left and right pointer fingers.

When I got done, I sat and number flashed at window 34. An American guy about the age of 25-35 years old was waiting for me. He was widely smiling and greeted me good morning… he asked how I was doing and I said doing good but a little nervous. He laughed and said, all of the rest of the persons that he has interviewed said the same thing… and he said, there is nothing to be nervous about. I knew he was trying to make me feel comfortable. He told me to raise my right hand for the oath…he asked if I was going to answer all of his questions honestly etc… I said yes and he told me to put my hand down.

1. He asked my name, the name of my petitioner, my relationship with the petitioner, his age, what his work is and where he works at.

2. He took one picture during our wedding, and jokingly said, so this is the whole barangay? I smiled and said the people behind us are the whole entourage/secondary sponsors… and most of them are my cousins. And then he said, he must be rich guy… lol

3. He proceeded by asking me where I met my husband, where we meet, who emailed whom first, and why he decided to write to me the fact that there are lots of profiles of women at the specific site. So I jokingly said, he told me that he definitely liked my cheeks… and we both laughed. I also added that he like the caption that I indicated just below my profile…and then he asked me what the caption contains.

4. After that, he asked me that it has been a long time since his last visit. I explained why…. I told him he doesn't have enough vacation leave because his last visit was 19 days long and he had to reserve some days for his mom's vacation together with him at Lake Tahoe. And he teased me by saying, so he preferred to see his mom than you? I told him it was reasonable. His whole family lives in Texas and his mom gets to see him only once a year. And that we chat at yahoo messenger everyday using web cams. And he said, okay Miss Mabel you can wait outside for your number to flash and hear the next instructions in the last window. I said, thank you so much Sir.

So that was how the interview went. My number flashed again. I went to the designated window and with God's blessings, the personnel assigned told me I was approved and that I have to wait for them to mail me my passport together with the visa.

To all of the ladies who are still in the process and who will have their interview soon, good luck to all of you and always pray for guidance and courage to face the interviewers. Don't forget to bring all the necessary documents that the embassy might ask for…. Also, be confident and always keep the smile on your face. It will help lighten the atmosphere a little. God bless you guys!

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Hi all As promissed hers the detail to my wifes interview She had a women for an interviewer she said she was very nice her interview was very short about 5 min they asked mainly about me. they ask her details about my divorces I was married twice before and about my job what I did and about my youngest daughter shes 20 they wanted to know if she lived with me if she worked and what she did, I did not have her on the I-134 she did live with me but has been staying at her older sisters becouse she takes care of her children shes only here about once a week but my wife told them she lived here not sure if she totally explaned it to them guess it dosn't matter we got approved they also asked about our baby if her had a passport and wanted to see it but she didn't have it with her she was told that was ok they should know her has it was issued threw them she then told her she was approved and that she would recieve her visa in 6 to 10 days

I was worried about the I-134 I had NO tax return I only worked part time and cared for my mother in 03 did not make enough to have to file went to work full time in March of 04 sent 1 W-2 for 03 from the part time job she had all my pay slips from march with her they must go by 100% becouse my job did not come up to 125% for the dependents that we have although I do have a faily decent amount of money in the bank. but it will now got a raise the 1st of Jan so I don't have to worry about AOS I wrote a good cover letter explaning why I did not work full time in 03.

She also told me about another girl that was next to her that had a man interviever she said her was very rude and was drilling the poor girl with questions for over a 1/2 Hr. I don't know if she got her visa.

If there's missed spelled words or typos its got to be a problem with the keyboard couldn't be me! Laughing Laughing

Best of luck to everyone

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Hi Guys,

First and foremost, I want to thank all the people in this forum who have shared their experiences in the visa processing journey. I have gained lots of information from this site that are very helpful. With this, I would like to return the favor by sharing my own experience. I hope someone could get something from my experience.

Last December 7, I called up the embassy to check if I have an interview schedule already. The guy said NO but I mention that some people have called the embassy and have been getting a December 8 interview. He told me to he can give me a December 9 interview date but I did not agree with it because I still dont have my NBI clearance. I was planning to apply for one when I get my packet coz I was on the impression that I'd be able to receive it a month before the interview. Out of curiosity I called up the embassy on December and checked if there are still availalbe slots after December 9. The lady told me that there are and gave me a Dec 14, interview date but I ask her if would it be fine if I proceed with the interview w/o an NBI clearance. She said yes you can proceed but they will have to hold my VISA until I can submit the NBI clearance. So its a YEPEEEYYY day for me. I flew to Manila the next day then since my Medical will be that Friday. Here are some of the experiences I had at St Lukes and the Embassy:

St Lukes:v I arrived at St Lukes at 4:30 AM. I was already 7th on the line. St Lukes staff started entertaining us at 6 AM. The people there are pretty nice and accomodating. I was shocked with the kind of physical examination that they do there. I did not really know that they go into detail that much. But basically I understood the purpose so I have been cooperative (I have no choice hahaha)

Important things to note during medical examination:

1. Have you VISA pictures ready before you go the St Lukes they will be asking 7 pictures all in all. Because my interview schedule was a rush I end up having my visa pics taken at that picture store outside St Lukes. Well it did not went out too good because the guy taking the pic was still sleepy (and this part has a very important bearing on my interview experience -- hehehe just read it on my Interview experience below). I was all done at St Lukes at 11:30 AM.

2. Bring something to drink inside St Lukes

3. St Lukes will be askign the following documents:

* 2 copies of the DS156 (filled out)

* 1 copy of the Fiance Visa application form

* Affidavit of support and ITRs or W2s

* Birth Certificate

* NBI clearance

* Evidence of relationship -- about 10 pics, letters, emails, etc,

4. The day that you are asked to get the results, bring with you reading materials, food or drinking water. I spent a total of 4 hrs just waiting for results of my medical exam.

5. Remember the first and last day of your last menstruation

6. During the physical exam,the doctor will be asking you if when was your last sexual contact and will ask you over and over again if you had been pregnant and if you have previous abortion. Just answer the doctor honestly.

7. Have a xerox copy of the appointment letter when you get the results. The document section will be asking for one.

US embassy:

I arrived at the US embassy at 5:30 AM. Boy the line was pretty long already. I met some people I met at St. Lukes and luckily I met a lot of Cebuanas there so I did not feel alone really. I went to the basically the same process:

1. Went to Window X to get the number. I was number 70053.

2. Went to Window 18 for prescreening. A Filipino guy were basicall asking me questions like:

a. how did we meet?

b. when was the last time i saw him?

c. have i travelled? where?

d. my name, my birthday, how old am I

3. Went to window 35 for the biometrics.

4. Went to window 27 for the final interview with the consul. The consul was pretty straightforward and ask me the following questions after I took the oath:

a. What's your name?

b. What is your petitioners name?

c. How did we met?

d. when was the last time I saw him

e. Have I travelled?

f. What my work here. In my job what do I basically do, my task?

g. What was the purpose of my travel to the US in 2002?

h. Do i plan to work in the US?

i. Is my fiance a Filipino (he is not the first person to ask me this ). Shannon is brown thats why but he is not a Filipino . My boyfriend looks like singer here in the Philippines (Luke Mejares in particular)

and the dreaded question which he keep on asking me for like 5 times hahaha. If the picture (passport photos) was mine. The consul consistently told me I dont look like I am the one in that pic hahaha. I was a little afraid with that but I just prayed and kept my patience. I just smile back and tell him YES its my picture sir and explain to him why it went out that way hahaha. He also ask me little things about the pictures of my fiance, my family and I together.

5. Went to window 34 for the results. I dont have the NBI so the lady told me to come back and submit my NBI as soon as it is ready. At first she did not tell me if I am approved or not but I saw that red sticker which says approved on my folder (sneaky me ) but I still asked her if I am approved or not. She said my application is approvable but they just need to see my NBI clearance. I was very happy when I went out from the embassy.

I finished the process at 11:30 AM too.

Important things to note during the interview:

1. Bring something to munch too in case you get hungry. You cannot go out from the embassy until you're done.

2. Be attentive to the number screen.

3. Have your documents ready, you dont know what the consul will ask.

4. Give the consul your best smile and greet him good morning hehehe

It was such a hectic week for me but I am glad I survived it. Thanks to all who have been of help. Thanks to my fiance who have been working with me on these. Thanks to mom (my fiance's mother) who have been following this forum too and is giving me updates from time to time. If not with her, I could not have gotten an early interview date.

To those who will still do it, goodluck!



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9:00am my number flashed for window 26, I was interviewed with a nice Filipina staff…. Here are the questions she asked me:

1. Are you (my name)?

2. Who is your petitioner?

3. Do you know he was married before?

4. What happened to their marriage?

5. He visited you twice, when was his last day here in the Philippines?

She did not ask me additional documents; she told me that she would just write that I have hundreds of emails, ecards and more snail cards…then she told me to wait for my number to be called and greeted me "advance happy b-day"…

9:15am my number flashed for window 34 for the finger printing… then told me to wait for my number to be called again…

9:30am my number flashed for window 42, my consul was a Korean woman. I greeted "good morning", she smiled and said, "good morning, take a sit"… Her smiles gave me confidence… then she said "ok, (my name), are you going to tell the truth?" and I said "yes"… I wonder why she did not ask me to raise my right hand.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the name of your petitioner?

2. Where does he live?

3. How long have you known each other?

4. Was he married before?

5. How many times?

6. What is his job?

7. Do you know he has children? / How many?

8. Have you been working before?

Then the consul gave me back our pictures, emails, ecards, she said she wouldn't need my fiancé's pay stubs. She gave me back our letter of intent, employer letter and bank statements… I asked the consul if she needs our phone bills, receipts and plane stubs, she smiled and said "I need his wire transfer receipts and any of his ITR, and just give me copies only"… while she was waiting for me to give her the wire transfer receipts she was looking at the drawing of my wedding dress and asked me who is my designer. I told her who my designer is, and told me "I knew your designer, he was the one who designed Nicholas Turturro's wedding" "he was married with a filipina, right?" and I said "yes"…LOL… Then she checked my fiancés wired receipts for me and said "good", and then checked his ITR, she kept them and told me to wait for my name to be called… she did not ask my fiancés divorce decree…I was about to leave the room when I heard her says "happy b-day"; I smiled and say thank you….

9:55am my number flashed for window 35, the staff told me that I am approved and they will deliver the visa…

I hope this could give a little help to those who are still waiting for their interview.

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My interview date was Saturday November 20; I arrived at the US embassy at 3:30 AM and the line was already long. I greeted another ASAWA member Maria (blue4brown) whom I have met several days earlier (she too was approved). At 5:00 AM the guard started to check our appointment letters and we all sit on the benches outside the embassy. At 6:00 AM we were allowed to go inside the embassy. We went to the window X and presented our appointment letters and they gave us numbers. There is a big screen that flashes numbers and the corresponding window number. The interview is a two-step process; During my first interview (or pre interview) the Filipino gentleman asked me the following questions:

1) What is your birth date?

2) What is the name of the petitioner?

3) What is his address?

4) Where and when did you meet?

5) When was the last time your petitioner saw you?

6) Is he divorced or widowed?

After he interviewed me, I gave him my other evidence such as: copies of paycheck stubs, copies of Income Tax Returns (ITRs), copies of bank statements, since at St. Luke I only submitted the notarized I-134. He also asked me my fiance's W2 forms; I said that I only had his ITRs. The gentleman told me to sit down for a while and wait for my second interview (with the consul).

After few minutes my number flashed on the big screen and I went to room #30. The consul greeted me good morning and I greeted him good morning too. I raised my hand to "swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth"; the consul then started to ask questions like, my name, my birth date, my petitioner's name, his address, where and when I met him, when was the last time he visited me and his profession and where did he work. He asked me also when did my fiance propose to me. The consul was very nice and made me feel at ease. After the interview he told me to wait outside and wait for my number to be called.

At exactly 8:30 AM my number was called, and I went to window #34 and the guy told me that I was approved, and that my passport will be mailed. That was the end of the interview. I was afraid to ask that I be allowed to pick up my passport in person as my fiance suggested to me; I have heard that some passports are held for several weeks as some form of punishment because a person asked to pick up their own passport instead of waiting for the mail (my fiance did not believe in the rumor; he later called the consulate to make the request and it was granted) I went outside the embassy and texted my fiance for the good news. Note that cell phones are not allowed inside the embassy and must be left outside with relatives or checked with the guards, to be retrieved after the interview. I returned to the consulate on Tuesday at 1:00 PM to pick up my passport, and went to CFO on the same day to get my sticker. I left Manila on November 25 and arrived in New York on the same day. I was very happy to see my fiance again and was happy to share our first thanksgiving dinner together.

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I went to the embassy at 4:30 AM and by that time few ladies were there already. We were told to get inside around 7:00 and we drop our appointment letter at window X and get our stub number at window Y. My number was 7043. Then, were told to take a seat and wait for our number to flash in the electronic number system. It was about 8:30 when I saw my number flashing in the screen to proceed to window 22 for the screening. It was a Filipina who screened my papers and she seems so nice. She smiled at me and greet good morning. She asked about me and my fiancé. Take note: she ask me if I have the CENOMAR, good I have it. She asked about my educational background and then asked my PRC license and certification, good I have it too. She also asked me about my work experience. Since she's very nice I was confident to show to her all my documents and she checked everything. She asked me who prepare my documents, I said it's me and she commented it is well organized. She look at our album and read each label in the picture, she smiled and ask who is the nun in the picture I said she's my twin sister and she said we look identical. She then checked the affidavit of support. I noticed it took her longer to check. I also noticed she checked it page by page. Note: ladies you should know the contents of the affidavit. She asked me questions from it. Each time she asked me she write my answer in a piece of paper and attached it in my documents. She seems really nice and friendly. It helps me to feel very comfortable talking to her. I was told to go back to seat and wait for my number to flash again. At around 10:00 AM my number flash to proceed to window 37. This time it's the young US consul. He looks very nice too and he smiled at me and I was comfortable again with his smile. He then asked me to take an oath. He says the oath and I just said YES after him. He asked me about myself again and by this time he is reading the screening report. He asked me many questions and it took about 5 to 10 minutes with him. Bellow are his questions:

1. What is your name?

2. What is your address?

3. Who is your petitioner?

4. How old is he?

5. How many times he visited you?

6. How long he stayed during his first visit?

7. How long he stayed during his last visit?

8. Do you know that he was married before? 9. Do you know that he is divorce? How many times?

10. Do you know that he has 2 kids?

11. When you were in the states, did you meet his kids?

12. How long you stayed in the US during your last visit?

13. What is the purpose of your visit?

14. Do you love him?

15. What was the purpose of your trips to Europe?

16. How long you stayed there?

After his questions I can see he is thinking and then said ok and stamp my passport. I thought everything is ok, but he said "there will be more review to be done in your case, go back to your seat and wait for your number." I asked him what is it but he smiled at me and said "I won't tell you." So I went back to seat and talk to some ladies. But before this, I knew the 2 ladies ahead of me were given a piece of paper that has remark "Wait until you hear from us" Anyway, after few minutes my number flashed again to proceed to window 35. It was an old Filipina was there. She's not really nice as the consul. She asked my name and my parents' name. She then returned to me my other documents, removed my 2 old passports from the new passport and returned it to me. She kept my new passport and my affidavit of support. She then handed to me the same piece of paper with a remark "Wait until you hear from us". I asked her again how long should I wait, she just said "just wait for us to call or write you" I insisted what does it mean, she said she don't know. I went back to seat and I wait for some ladies. Same thing, some ladies got the same piece of paper and some don't have the paper but were told the same thing "Wait until you hear from us." There were 2 ladies also who got the same paper but there are some documents check to be submitted. Because I am nosy, I stayed and wait for other ladies to be done. Same thing, I never heard anyone who were told they're approved. One lady almost cried when she got the paper. I then told her not to worry because most of us got the same paper. Anyway, one lady who had the same interview stayed in my place, she was told to submit another documents. So I go with her last Monday to the embassy to submit the documents asked. There I met some ladies who have lacking documents too. Both of them were told to wait until they will hear a call or a letter from the embassy.

I called the embassy the other day and I wad told my case is being reviewed. I ask asked how long will it take for them to review, they said it depends upon the consul who is handling my case. Some ladies asked their petitioners to call the embassy and they were told it will take 2-3 weeks for them to get the visa. We exchange phone/cell numbers among the ladies and we exchange text messages from time to time to exchange information.

Anyway, I hope this will help to some ladies who will have their interview soon. Don't forget to ask the contact numbers of some ladies you meet at the embassy to exchange information. Take note: don't lost the small stub number given to you, during the 3rd call it will be asked and be attached in your documents. For those who have health problem, you may go earlier to St. Lukes for your medical. One lady there has to come back to St. Lukes for another check up, she have a lung problem. She said she never knew she had health problem before. I went to St. Lukes 3 weeks before the interview because i had health problem before, good result is ok. Anyway, good luck to all you ladies who will have your interview soon. I think embassy is having a new system and i hope they will realize it scare us really.

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This is my friend Gale's detailed (and may I add "interesting")account of the two-day St. Luke's medical exams process. She was kind enough to permit me to post this email in the hope of our readers learning from it. I would be more than glad to forward to her your comments/clarifications. Cheers! Misha

A great respect for St. Luke's Extension Clinic

My St. Luke's clinic experience was both funny and bad--but not as bad as I thought it would be, things seldom are right? The funny part came during my physical exam, the way it was conducted just struck me as hilarious as I was being examined like a prized racehorse from my ears, my fingers, my wrists to my feet.

Despite reports of rude staffers, I only met two really rude employees there, most of them just started to sound short when the person they were interviewing seemed to be at a total loss about the question--and these questions were all questions on the person's background or medical history. I found a majority of the people trying to be courteous--a hard thing to do with the number of people that they have to process five days a week, week in and week out.

I also understood the privilege a K1 petitionee gets. The majority of the people I chatted with at the clinic were immigrants--whole families whose petitions took as much as 20 years to get this far. One woman told me that her brother's petition for her and her family was approved in 1980, however they only got the letter with the medical exam and Embassy interview schedule in 2003 and the schedule given to them was in March 2004. (wow!) K1 petitionees don't have to go through this horrendous wait (thank goodness) and can walk-in for their physical any time after they get the interview appointment letter.

As a general reminder to all undergoing the medical, please have at least 2 photocopies of ALL your important documents: passport, appointment interview letter, NSO birth certificate, NBI clearance, etc.

I have written a more detailed narrative of the process that might help the fiancees going through it with reminders on what other bits of information to obtain before taking the medical. I have also added some tidbits of additional information that I picked up, which left me with a great deal of respect for these people. They have a very hard job of making a multi-step process work, where they have to process a lot of people every work day--a lot of whom are at a loss on what they need to bring and know before taking the medical.

The amazing thing is despite this multi-step process, it will only take you TWO days to finish. Now I think that's amazing. Don't get me wrong, the wait is excruciating and I hated it but took it with resignation (you have to go through it and that's it). But knowing these people WERE doing their best--thus the mere two-day turnaround--just helped ease my mood.

If you want to read the details, please email me the email address where I should send the TXT file as I think the file would be too long a post to send to the group. I also do not want to clog everyone's mailboxes. Although (I believe) my unit is free of viruses, I will be sending a TXT file to protect recipients.


4am - Arrived at the clinic and found 8 people ahead of me. Building is a 6-story building painted white with the building's partial address "1177 J. Bocobo st." clearly marked out on the building's frontage. Going to Robinson's Mall, it is on the Manila Bay side (right) of the street. Every floor is air-conditioned and has comfort rooms. The women comfort rooms were stocked with soap, a working hand dryer and had flushing toilets.

By 5 am, the line had swelled to about 30 people

6am - The security guard started letting people in. I presented my original interview appointment letter and passport, was given a number and asked to sit in the 1/F lobby.

7 - The L-shaped counter in front of the seats opens and the guard asks those with numbers 1 to 20 to line up and to have their passports, original Embassy letter, copy of the NBI clearance and photo ready to present to the counter. The counter was manned by a rude woman who, at 7 o'clock in the morning, was already holding a grudge against the world. She kept using this rude voice to each person who presented their papers to her.

Note: If you have been previously X-rayed, try to remember the month and year. You will be asked for this information.

When she got to me, I asked her if the photos to be presented were the 4 photos in the packet instructions. She said she was only asking for one photo, I gave her that. Then she said "this photo has no name," handed it back to me and rudely asked me to write my name on it. I complied while resisting the urge to tell her off. She hands me about 6 forms to fill up, including an applicant information sheet, a DS-156K, a Patient Descriptive Sheet (PDS) and a medical waiver, the tells me to only fill up the fields WITH an ink mark.

Note: If you have relatives in the US, know the address of one of your relatives, it will be asked for in the form.

I submitted the forms to the woman in the next counter to the rude woman, waited for my name to be called for a photo session. Waited some more for my name to be called again and was handed the forms and told to go to the cashier on the 5/F.

Note: These forms are what you will present at each counter during the whole examination process. Some of these processes will be taken as you go through the process. Always have your passport and a ballpoint pen (not a sign pen or a gel pen) ready for the many signatures that you will have to write as the medical pushes through.

8:20 - After having paid at the cashier $90, I was told to go down to 3/F for an X-ray. I presented my papers at the counter, was asked a few questions and was told to proceed to the X-ray room. After that, I was asked to proceed to the 4/F for a blood test.

Note: Know the first day of your last menstruation period. There is a separate dressing room with smocks that you can use for undressing. Take off your shirt/blouse, watch and jewelry.

8:40 - At the 3/F I was asked to sign a waiver for the AIDS test and give a sample for a urine test. The blood drawing was painless.

9:30 - Went back to the 5/F and presented my papers at a counter marked "U.S. counter". In succession I took a vital signs, eye exam, immunization history interview, and the full physical. The physical was conducted by a rude doctor who repeatedly asked me--in different ways--throughout the interview if I had ever had a child, a miscarriage or an abortion. Then I was told to strip while she kept on with the interview, asking quite pointed questions about aspects of my past asthma attacks.

During the actual examination I felt like a horse. On some level I wanted to laugh out loud at the whole episode but couldn't as I was butt-naked on a hospital table with a strange rotund woman peering at my every nook and cranny.

I took a look at the forms that the medical had filled up and one of the questions on the physical exam stated "The applicant seems to be telling the truth during the interview." followed by a YES and NO tick box. Mine was ticked Yes.

I guess that was one of the things that alerts the Embassy to conduct a background check on an applicant possibly having a child hidden somewhere.

Note: After every exam, go back to the U.S. counter, present your forms, instructions on what exam to take next and a number.

11 - Went down to the 2/F and presented my receipt to the counter on the far left. After checking the forms, the counter person asked me to go up to the 3/F where the new counter person took my forms and was told to wait for my name to be called. After a short wait, a girl called me, handed me a piece of paper and was told to present it and my documents at the "check-out counter" on the 2/F.

11:20 - The girl at the check-out counter asked me to give her the forms included in the packet, the affidavit of support and all its accompanying papers, 6 photos, 6 letters/cards, 6 months of phone bills, NSO birth certificate, NBI clearance, the 4 US visa photos, a photocopy of the appointment letter. I also presented my passport and the original appointment letter. While I was choosing 6 photos, the girl noticed a sheaf of original bank statements from Len in my folder and she asked for them. Unthinkingly I gave them to her. Then the girl gave me a receipt and told me to get some lunch and return at 2pm for vaccination.

11:30 - Called up Len to tell him I was done for the day and told him that I was worried at my having given the girl at the checkout counter a year's worth of his original bank statements. He got upset at that and to calm him down I told him I would try to get them back. Went back to the counter and asked if I could have the bank statements back since these were originals and there was already a bank letter in the affidavit of support. The girl said that the Embassy would still need them and I could just ask to have them back at the interview. I went away unhappy because I knew that there was a possibility that the Embassy would not give them back.

1pm - I sat down to wait for 2pm at the 2/F lobby that was packed with people including a number of kids and teenagers. Again the majority were immigrants.

3pm - A woman, employed by the clinic, came out and explained to the crowd--a lot of whom were getting pissed at the long wait--that we need not worry, "the clinic will process all of you today, no matter how long it takes us." She went on to explain why some people were given their vaccinations ahead of others, when a lot of the 'others' were already there ahead of them.

Explanation: The papers are not processed on a first come-first serve basis. To get the vaccinations, ALL your medical results, not the tests, must be received by the immunization unit, including the doctor's report on your physical exam. Some results take longer to process because the number of tests vary--some are asked to take additional tests based on their individual medical conditions. She also said that after receiving the results, the immunization unit would also be the one to tell the applicant if any additional tests or treatment was needed by the applicant.

From what this woman said I took it to mean that if you are given your shots then that basically means you passed the medical. My worries about passing somewhat eased on realizing this. (Of course I couldn't really be at ease until I get my 'passed' medical results in hand and that would be on Day 2.

Note: Please take your lunch before 2pm! Take biscuits or a sandwich (or some other non-messy snack) with you and something to drink. You'll need them.

4:10 - After fitfully dozing and reading for 3 hours, my name was called. Presented my papers again and was asked a few questions about myself then given one shot for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). She then gave me my payment receipt and told me to return tomorrow between 8 to 9 and to present the receipt at the releasing counter on the 1/F. I had been at the clinic for 12 hours.

I chatted with the nurse who gave me the shot and found that because of the number of people waiting for their vaccination that day, she was expecting that her group would be there until midnight or 1am! I really felt sorry for her on learning this.


8:50am - Dropped my receipt at the releasing counter and waited until a little past noon to have my name called. I presented my passport again. The girl took it and asked me some questions about myself and the immunization I had received yesterday. Then she gave me my x-ray and immunization record, explained that I had to get a TD vaccine in the US and told me to wait for my name to be called at another counter.

Note: The releasing counter works through lunchtime although some of the windows might close down to give some of the personnel a chance for lunch. On my day there, one of the counters stayed open after noon, three counters were manned earlier.

12:40pm - A girl finally called my name, asked about some out-of-the-country trips I took and the papers I had submitted yesterday at the check-out counter. I then asked the girl if I could get the bank statements back, explaining that my fiance was worried that I had handed over a year's worth of his original bank statements. I also explained that there was a bank letter in the affidavit of support already.

She understood and gave me back the statements but told me to bring them to the Embassy in-case they asked for it. She also told me to bring my x-ray and immunization record in-case the data clerk at the Embassy asked to see them. She then gave me a check list of the documents the clinic had taken from me, which included my passport.

NOTE: If you had any doubts/worries about the documents the check-out counter clerk asked from you, this is the time to explain/argue why you should add or take back any of your documents.

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Well, I had my interview earlier today. I got the infamous MNL-IV-22, and it said I have to submit extra documents. Recent paystubs. We were pretty sure we submitted those, but I suppose they got lost somehow because they were not there when the consular was reviewing our petition. So the waiting game thus again! Anyway, here's a summary of my experience. I even made a little floor plan, but I am not sure if this is legal. Please let me know if this is illegal! I'll take it down! I'll burn the image even!

Floor Plan

So we (KK_VV Ken's fiancee and another applicant she met during st lukes) stayed at Miramar hotel despite having reservations at Bayview because we found Miramar 1000+ pesos cheaper with free breakfast. We ended up canceling Bayview reservations. Yes, it's rude, but the extra savings is important to us. Miramar's elevator was rustic and kind of scary. The hotel was decent, clean bathrooms, strong a/c.

So at around 230am, we left the hotel and headed for the famous red waiting shed outside the embassy. There was a makeshift line that was coordinated by a street vendor. They'll try to convince you that you need a black ballpen, and they sell them for 10 pesos each. We bought a few, only it turns out, we didn't need pens at all! There were a few security guards around as well, and I believe this was in response to hold up accounts as of late. We were 7,8,9th in line. By 3:30 am, our line had increased considerably to 50 or so, and by 530am, the line swelled to a hundred. We were finally allowed on embassy grounds and sat in the covered bench area right in front. We had to show our apointment letters to the guard. By 6am, we were around 200+, including seamen visas which are also processed on Friday. There were 10 or so American fiances in accompaniment, including white guys, black guys, asians. Then the guard told us to get our appointment letters ready and a photo ID, and he let us into the security check area where we had to give up our cellphones and put our stuff through a conveyer belt, and go through metal detectors. You are given a number for your cellphone, please do not forget to get it, and do not lose it. You need that number to get your phone back when you leave.

From security check, we proceeded inside the Immigrant visa area (I saw another similar area that was for non-Immigrant visa right across the hall). We lined up in front of Window X. Handicapped and pregnant applicants were told to line up in front of Window Y, where they were given priority. You submit your appointment letter to window X after answering with your name and birthdate. After, you are given a number and told to proceed to the waiting area that fronts this "number board" that flashes your number next to the window number you are assigned to. Hang onto it. That's your number for the whole process.

I must note here that all the transactions were extremely impersonal. The "windows" were composed of a glass window that separates you from the personnel, and there were two black computer-type mics attached to the glass windows, and four speakers on both sides of the window that allow you to hear the other person who speaks through mics as well. There's a narrow slit under the window that let's you slide requested documents.

After about 20-30 min, my number flashed next to Window 15, where I was briefly interviewed by a Filipino personnel. This interview is in Tagalog. You have to speak loud and clear, and considering there was still a line behind me with people lining up at Window X (see image), I felt like I had to scream most of the time. She asked me about our age gap....2 years, 5 months, 18 days . His name, where and when we met, how many times he's visited. Very basic questions. Throughout the majority of the interview she made me repeat myself since she either could not hear me, or just wanted to check for consistency, snapping at me for speaking too low despite the crowd behind me. She asked about past travel, and then I told her I was on a j2 visa (j1 dependent) when I was 5, and then asked my reason, haha. I told her I was a kid and had no choice. That seemed to satisfy her. She gave me back a few irrelevant documents/pictures. I tried to submit more photos and letters, but told me to just wait for the consulate to ask if they needed them. She told me sit back down.

My number flashed again by window 32, and I went there to be briefed about the fingerprinting process which would be done at window 33. Afterwards, the long wait before the final interview! "Long wait" lasted about 20 minutes. I was called to cubicle 30 (see image. that row are all cubicle type windows where the interviews were conducted, except for 32, that was reserved for fingerprinting). They worked like other windows, but they were bigger and in a semi enclosed box with four seats in front of the window. I had a young consulate and he told me to state my name and raised my right hand swearing to tell the truth. He told me to describe the relationship, and I did. At one point, he laughed. It sounded like a forced laugh though, as if on cue, as if to make me feel comfortable and not nervous. He was nice, but direct. He asked me what made me fall for Jay, and I answered that we're compatible, etc, laced with the being in love and stuff like that. He asked about his income, and then told me I needed to submit paystubs, despite the tax returns, w2s, and employment letter. I was pretty sure we included the paystubs, but he said they weren't there. We used a cosponsor, but he did not ask me nor did he mention anything about it. Jayson is a full time student and working part time, making around 10,000$/year. He is declared on his parents' tax returns which were also submitted, as his mother cosponsored. I did mention that his mother would be our joint sponsor when we file for the i-864. So then he told me to wait for my number to be called at the documents releasing counter.

It seemed this consulate officer was looking through my petition for the first time. They obviously don't have time to look through and study every single application outside of the assigned interview time, but it's almost frightening to consider that such important decisions are based on those 5 minutes. My interview was less than 5 minutes.

Sat down, and waited as my friends were being interviewed. They all got equally pleasant consulates, and both were approved. I think we all were pretty lucky. It all boils down to the consulate, really. Don't forget to make eye contact, as there were many instances while looking through my petition that the Filipino personnel and consulate would look up from reviewing and look at me in the eye as I was answering their questions.

I've been told to submit the paystubs any where from Monday-Thursday, at 1:00pm. A never ending waiting game, it seems!

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I opted to have my medical Oct 25, Monday - earlier than the scheduled Oct 29. The hours I underwent illustrates why it would probably be better to be there as early as possible. Coconutmoon said here previously that you need to keep your sanity and I could only very much agree. The hours I have here are from memory. (the one thing you will always do while there is looking at your watch every now and then…)

Oct 25, Monday

3:30 - left my home from Alabang

4:00 - arrived in St. Luke's (traffic was a breeze!); took my place in the line of people ahead of me

5:00 - guard asked for original appt letter & passport; stamped the appt letter and gave back these; gave me a number (I had #21) and forms to fill out; entered St. Luke's and filled out forms at the 1/F.

6:00 - they started calling by numbers

6:30 to 6:45 - they called my number, checked the form, took a (digital) photo of me; directed me to go to 2/F document section

7:15 - no one was in line so I was accommodated immediately (nice to be early!); asked to submit specific K1 requirements - photocopy of appt letter, DS156, 156K, DS157, Tax receipts, I-138, some evidence of meeting & relationship, 6 pcs photo. The man said I can bring the rest I had during the interview.

7:30 - payed P5,415.00 at the cashier in 5/F;

7:45 - height & weight check + chest x-ray at 3/F;

8:15 - pregnancy test at 4/F (was given a small container for urine collection); signed an HIV document

8:30 - laboratory/blood extraction at same floor v 8:45 - eye check, blood pressure check at 5/F

9:30 - 1st doctor validated my immunization history and what I still need (5/F). (This took only 5 minutes; the waiting was longer) She said I can get the shots in the US if I wanted to. I said, I would rather take them now.

I wasn't sure I had chicken pox so she advised me to take the shot anyhow. The papers she filled out indicated I had to take MMR and chicken pox shots. I asked why I can't be given a TD shot. The doctor says, the vaccine is out of stock.

10:15 - After waiting almost 1 hour, I had my Physical exam with a 2nd doctor which included rectal & vaginal (r&v) exam.

I would say, the doctor assigned to me was very detailed in the physical check to the point I was becoming uncomfortable after the 15 minute physical. After a conversation with the ladies who was assigned the same doctor, they felt the same. One of our co-members here who I was with, was fortunate to be assigned to another doctor; spent only 5 minutes and did not have to undergo the detailed exam. Anyway, I got over this uncomfortable feeling after some hours and after talking with other ladies.

Some of the questions you will expect from this doctor which will be asked over and over again:

a)She asked me if I had a previous pregnancy and/or abortion 7x or so, while she was doing the r&v. I patiently answered 'no'.

b)If I am taking drugs, or have ever tried to commit suicide or hurt myself, to which I answered no. She looked for possible signs, scars in my body that may point to these. (my pimple marks did not escape her)

Some suggestions:

c)If you had a previous surgery, try to bring your hospital records. I am glad I brought mine. That stopped her from asking further. She only asked me if my fiancé knew about my surgery to which I said yes.

d)Tell the doctor if you have not had physical contact/experience so you will not get an IE (internal exam). But still expect to be 'surveyed' in a way.

e)You have to be patient (with this doctor. Expect to be nude of course in this physical exam. The robe provided will be of no use.) Again, it may be a different experience from others.

f)It may be good to have your medical when you do not have your menstrual period. From my conversation with 2 other ladies, they were asked to come back the next day or so for their physical after their period is over. That meant, another waiting time, I guess.

10:30 - was asked to go to the 3/F and wait for my name to be called; I was called 5 minutes later only to be asked to come back at 2:00 for immunization; they also gave me back my passport

I wonder why I had to wait till 2pm for shots when it was only 10:30! Surely, they must have enough time to give me shots! I understood later on, nurses were giving shots to applicants from last Friday. Note: One of the ladies finished her physical exam with the doctor at 12, and she was asked to come back the next day for her shots. I understand, St Luke's have a cut off time. I was then glad I went early and finished my physical before 12.

10:40 I now wonder what I would do for 3hours! Perhaps, go window shopping in Robinson's nearby? Or since I lack sleep, should I just sleep in the car? I opted to take an early lunch in Mcdonald's a few meters away and stayed there till 12:30. I, together with a co-member here, walked back to SL and decided to just wait inside

12:30 - 3:30 a loooong wait to get these shots. Am glad there are many ladies you can meet and discuss with. (One lady was smart to bring test papers of her students to check while waiting! Point is, if you know how to crochet, knit or even cross-stitch, it will be a good idea to bring them! ) It's also good to talk with other ladies. There are some humor stories in our discussion and we all needed the laughs! 3:30 - finally, my name was called; I took the shots; was asked to wait for 30 minutes before leaving to see if there are side effects (in which case, the doctors there can attend to you accordingly); they also gave me back the Official Receipt (OR) and directed to come back the next day at 8am and present this for the results to be released.

Oct 26, Tuesday

7:30 - arrived St. Luke's; dropped my OR in counter A of the 1/F

8:30 - my name was called; I was asked for my passport; was given my chest ray film with 2 sheets of my immunization record and my OR; was asked to proceed to 2/F documentation section and wait for my name to be called. Another long wait.

10:00 - finally my name was called; The lady showed me a brown document envelope and told me that they have placed all the documents I gave them in this envelope + the medical results; she also gave me a check list of what was inside the brown envelope. She said that they were going to send it to the US embassy the next day for my Nov 12 interview. I was advised to bring all other docs I had to the interview itself.

I was glad to be out of there at last….But before I left, I dropped a note in the suggestion box… something worth doing while waiting….

Hope this somehow helps some of you who has yet to undergo the medical exams. All the best to you.

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June 10, 2004 US Embassy Manila, Interview Experience

I am here in CDO now. I have not posted for a while because I had been busy visiting my relatives in Batangas. Well, what can I say? I was one of the lucky ladies who made it yesterday at the embassy!

3:00am- I arrived in the embassy. We were told to stay in the red waiting shed. This waiting shed is in front of Miramar Hotel. I was number 6th in line.

4:00am- The guard started checking the appointment letters along with a valid ID.

5:00am- We formed a line heading to the embassy gate, still holding my appointment letter and valid ID for another check up. We took our seats inside the embassy compound. Some girls were accompanied by their fiancis/spouse. Ive chatted and made friends with some to ease my nervousness

. 5:45 am- We were asked to get inside the building. Was the first to enter Gate 3. The first 5 were told to enter Gate 2. All the bags and stuff we brought in were inspected. Those phones with camera were not allowed inside. You will be asked to leave them to the guard. The guard just pointed a door and so we went there. I think there were 7 of us who took the wrong direction and soon we were able to find Window X. Those who reached Window X ahead of us won't give in our righteous order in the line. We decided to just let it be and not ruin our day.

7:00am- I presented my appointment letter to the guy at Window X. I got my number 7018. (I dont know why it starts with 7000 but yes I was number 18th in line and it made me sooooooo grateful afterwards.)

7:15am- They started calling numbers. One should need to be attentive to look at the numbers and window numbers on the screen because they jump from one number to another.

At around 8:00am my number flashed on the screen. I was assigned to Window 19. It was a Filipino staff, very as in VERY nice. When I reached Window 19 and showed him my number he smiled and asked me Ikaw ba si Aibeen? (Are you Aibeen?) I said yes and smiled back at him. He was checking my documents and making notes while casually asking me questions like when is my birthday, who petitioned me, is Mike single, if he has kids, if I have kids, if he had visited here. If Mike is mabait (I said of course thats why I love him so much---with a wide smile on my face). He asked for a valid ID. I gave him my SSS ID. He also asked me if I had a boyfriend before and when I said no, he jokingly told me that maybe because I am a snob type. I laughed and said I am not but my father is because hes a batangueqo. He laughed hard and said hes a batangueqo too! He asked me where in Batangas and he mentioned from where in Batangas he is too that I did not really hear well lol! He was really in the mood for joking!!! He said maybe my father uses a balisong (its a knife known for batangueqos) to scare my suitors away. I laughed hard and told him maybe he does that to his daughters suitors too! He laughed and then asked me if I have some more snail mails/emails. I said I have ALL of Mikes emails to me and my emails for him in the past 1 year and 10 months. (I have submitted 8 snail mails and 10 emails during my medical at St. Lukes). Since ALL of our emails fit in the counter he gladly took them all. I asked if he wanted samples of my snail mails for Mike. He was still on joking mood and said Isama na natin lahat yan (lets include that all). I asked if he want some more pictures. I gave him the 5 pics that St. Luke didnt accept (they only took 7 pictures) and showed him my album. Since it wont fit in the counter he said hell just put a note that I have more pics in an album. He did and attached the note in one of the cards. He asked me if Mike sends me money. I gave him a copy of our bank account here and some money transfer receipt. He smiled widely and said I think these are all enough. He then told me to take my seat and just wait for my number to be called again. I returned in the waiting area with a wide smile and not nervous anymore. Then again in my mind I thanked the rude people who didnt let us take back our right place. One of the girls who were interviewed ahead of me said the Filipina staff who interviewed her was rude lol! I thought I lost my nervousness after the first interview but even before my number flashed on the screen I felt sooooooo nervous again! I heard a girl said she was asked a lot of questions by the consul in Window 31 and that she cant remember those all. She said she was asked if his fianci has pets lol!

At around 8:45 am, my number flashed on the screen. It was Window 31 Nyay!!!! And so I went to Window 31 greeted the consul good morning and took my seat. He was a nice looking white guy, blonde hair and in his mid 30s. He greeted me back and asked how I was. I told him I was fine and thanked him but I can tell he knows I was sooooo nervous lol! He then asked for my birthday and who petitioned me. And then he asked me to raise my right hand took my oath. He then asked me where and when did Mike and I met. So I answered it briefly, to the point only! Ive read many times that I should answer direct to the point and not offer information lol! But the consul wanted to hear the whole story and so I did tell him. He asked if I have some more IDs. I gave him my voters certificate while checking it he asked if I have another ID with a pic. I said I have some old college ID. He said thats what I want . Then he asked me what I took up in college. Then he asked me what we did during Mike's visit and if it was in Manila. He then asked me whats so special about Michael. Then I told him Mike is these and that... He then asked me what was the specific thing that Mike did which made him so special to me. I went blank after hearing this question. I panicked and thought what was the best answer (yes honey shame on me haha!). I told the consul that I am sorry and its just that I was so nervous that I cant think straight! He smiled and said Relax! Am not gonna bite you I felt it was like an eternity after I thought of the best answer. I honestly answered that of all the guys I met online Mike was the only one who never ever asked me to stand up in front of the web camera before we met in person. I told him many online just want a horny chat and that I found it rude before to be asked to stand up on cam. He gave me a nod and the asked what is my plan when I get to the US. I told him of course I am going to marry Michael and he asked where will we marry. I replied that in Las Vegas, he raised his eyebrows and asked why? I told him that Mikes dad suggested it since my family wont be there to attend and so Mike and I can go straight to our honeymoon and to CA to visit some old friends there. The consul laughed hard! As in! LOL! He then asked what are the names of Mikes friends in CA. I told him I cannot remember the names of his friends there and that he had just mentioned them to me once. I told him Mike was born there and that he had not seen them for over 10 years. He just gave me a nod then asked me what Mike does for a living. Then he asked me who are Mikes best friends. I said I am his best friend but his close friends in the US are some of his co-workers (I enumerated their names). Then he smiled and told me that I can go back to my seat, relax and wait for my number to be called again for final processing of the visa. I tried to look for the green and white striped card. Cant tell if it was green and white but it was certainly NOT pink LOL! I thought it was blue-violet. Oh well sometimes I am color blind and to think I had 20/20 vision result at St. Lukes a week ago!!! LOL!

I went back to my seat & chatted with the other applicants there. I told them the consul did not say if I am approved or what. A petitioner who was with his fiancie whom I had been talking to since in line to Window X told me that if the consul said I relax and that he did not say I got denied then I am approved! I was really thinking positive and was really feeling it! Then about 5 seconds after I sat down my number flashed again, Window 35! It was so fast! I was called ahead of those who had interviews with the other consuls first. At Window 35 the Filipino staff smiled and said my visa is approved and that it will be delivered soon. ALL the emails/snail mails, pictures, copy of our bank account and receipts and my SSS ID were returned to me. I was sooooooooo overwhelmed with happiness. I thanked him and took all my stuff and I went back to my seat where I was greeted with congrats and smiles. They knew I got approved because my smile was so wiiiiiiiiiiide as I was approaching them. In my seat, I was trembling, some of my stuff fell down the floor and I was smiling and laughing while talking to them. Another K-visa applicant who is in her 40s smiled at me and told me I looked sooooooooooooo happy! Yes I was and still VERY HAPPY! Then I went out of the embassy, turned on my phone and called my baby Michael!!! I originally planned to kid Mike and prolong his agony but as soon as I heard his voice I couldnt stop myself telling him the great news! LOL!

God is so good! Many thanks to each and everyone for all the info and support!

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Missus May

It's 11 pm as of this writing and I have been giddy since I got out of the Embassy early this morning. It took a successful interview (Whew! Thank God!) and Joey's euphoric voice to get Misha into the groove AGAIN for Bette Midler's classic tune "Do You Want To Dance?", haha! The Pinays and yes, the Pinoys as well who have "been there and done that" so-to-speak, am sure, KNOW THIS LINGERING FEEL-GOOD EXPERIENCE. By the way, I didn't know how to react to seeing a lot of Pinoy K-Visa Applicants!

Thanks to the thoughtfulness and prayers of our well-wishers. Mwah!

Before I present my Interview account, let me just get this out of the way. To facilitate your reading, below is my profile (including a bit of Joey's) which aims to establish my perspective on the K-Visa experience and the basis for the kind of documents we presented:

o On-line meeting

o One-time visit only (1 week)

o K-1 Category

o Petition filed at the Texas Service Center: June 23, 2003

o Used a Congressman to aid our NOA2 (Intervention)

o NOA1-NOA2 waiting period: 7 months

o No RFE

o Joey: age 37; married once and finally divorced 4.5 years ago; has custody of 11-year old only-child therefore household size for Affidavit Of Support use is 3; he holds 2 jobs

o Misha: age 33; never-been married; never had kids; no work experience abroad; no adverse or serious medical history; no derogatory record (source: NBI)

The following discusses my Interview:

* Arriving at 4 am allowed me to breezily get out of the Embassy at 8:50 am. Grin. By the way, a must-have while waiting outside the Embassy building or a must-apply on skin before going to the place: insect repellent lotion, lol. Right Ria?

A. 4 am: We start cueing up as we enter the Embassy at 6 am, on our way to WINDOW X. Outside the Embassy building, the lady Vendor assigns numbers to the arriving ladies which we diligently follow until we reach inside.

B. 6:30 am: WINDOW X opens to serve us as we turn-over our respective ORIGINAL Appointment Letters. We are then given our respective numbered-stubs (don't lose) which is synchronized with the Electronic Numbering Board--- highly visible and buzzer audible, you can't miss your turn.

C. We anticipate our respective numbers to be shown. Numbers randomly flash by the way, e.g. jumping from 4 to 7, skipping 5 & 6. No big deal because you soon get your turn anyway. Somehow it was keeping us on our toes, eliciting pockets of jolts and laughter due to the element of surprise it gives, lol. I swear, we girls (and guys) were so nervous that we just had to resort to this cheesy amusement as our momentary escape, haha!

D. You deal with the Pinoy Interviewer first who pre-screens for the Consul your documents. He asks for more pictures from me (as if the 8 pictures with captions and 8 more with captions in the Petition weren't enough to establish our meeting/relationship), but I willingly oblige 10 more. Later I would find out that it's perfunctory to request for more pics from us, so no need to worry.

He then notes Joey's 2003 ITR, not minding much the current jobs/combined salaries. He then tells me that Joey's AOS looks good. Upon my clarification, he informs me that for K-1, they follow the 100% poverty guideline and apply it to the 2003 ITR NOT the current/2004 annual gross salary as the main basis for discretion/approval. (This was later confirmed by the Consul but he scrutinized Joey's current financial picture just as well, hehe). Meanwhile, peeking through the glass window, I am pleased at the sight of our intact/complete Petition kit (Joey's handiwork). I have heard of missing documents from some of the the Petition kits when these have reached Manila.

He then scribbles notes on his pad paper regarding my educational attainment, career line, and the above-mentioned profile, and his positive assessment of our case (I saw him write my case number and beside it "OK"). While attaching this precious paper to my file, he finally thanks me for my time and completeness of documents and that I will be called for the final interview shortly. A sigh of relief! A very nice man to deal with indeed!

E. In a few minutes, my number flashes again signaling me to courageously face the "mother" of all interview hurdles in the whole visa exercise. Little do I know that Cubicle No. 30 would be housing one of the most pleasant and no non-sense people I've dealt with--- my Consul-Interviewer. He is a big guy with salt and pepper hair--- 50 something I surmise, pleasant-looking actually. As I sit down and greet him back, he starts studying my birth certificate on SECPA, baptismal certificate (so it's good to have this), E-VAF, my bio sheet (G325A), our photos (which he admits to liking). He has the petition side-by-side the documents which I submitted to St. Luke's. He asks me about Joey's jobs, our meeting, and Joey's character/personal background while scrutinizing and going back and forth the I-129F Form, Joey's bio sheet, 2003 ITR, Joey's AOS cover letter, Form I-130, employment letters, and sample pay stubs. So I answer calmly and focused while he straddles between listening to me intently and flipping the pages, lol. Then he remembers to have me raise my right hand and be put under oath (an SOP thing).

Afterwhich, he candidly asks me about the rather "short courtship" and that Joey came over "just" once to which I responded with earnest reasons to his satisfaction. So one thing led to another with the Consul successfully making me open up about my experience and ideas on the following: my handling of our long-distance relationship; my ability to judge Joey's character; my vision of my relationship with Abbey, his daughter; the importance of our respective families' support; handling the difference of our religions (I remember talking briefly about ecumenism, and tolerance and respect, lol); what a typical conversation with Joey is like; the significance of age and maturity level in knowing what I want and thus, arriving at common goals with Joey; my education and previous jobs and if I were to continue working in America, where would my career stand in our marriage, etc. In other words, he really made me explain as TERSELY as possible the essence of what I am getting into. Heavy stuff but I guess he really needed to find out about my personality, and to a more substantial degree, my consistency, credibility, finally arriving at his assessment of my character in one sweep.

FRANKLY, his conduct of the interview was far from the traditional BIODATA-TYPE. The Consul really twisted my arm and challenged me to "market"/"sell" myself to the US GOVERNMENT. Finally, as he reaches for the much-talked about "positive sign", the green and white striped paper (sticker?), he similingly says and I remember it well... "I am happy with this interview and I will grant your Visa. Congratulations and I hope you stay happy with Joey." I think my parting shot was to the effect that I enjoyed and learned a lot from his interview (after all, he shared his wisdom on the topics discussed--- very fatherly) and thanked him for allowing me to join Joey. I think his interview took 20 or so minutes.

F. For the last time, I go back to my sit and a little later my number flashes again prompting me to go to the Window where the Filipina personnel would be getting my numbered-stub and returning my documents, as follows: communication materials (chats, emails, snail mails, phone bills), western union receipts, Joey's pay slips, and the 10 additional photos just provided. The rest are US Government property, lol. She then tells me to wait for my Visa to be delivered in a week and pay the delivery fee to the FEDEX guy.

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